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True to the spirit of PB Inc's mission of "raising the barn" together, we are sending you a call out to help Common Hands Farm Project, longtime farmer vendor at the Philmont Farmers' Market, meet their CSA shares goal. 
Dan and Tess have 10 CSA shares offered this month to supporters and shoppers at our market.  We hope this will be of interest to you!
Why does this make sense?  Because buying a CSA share with Common Hands Farm Project does lots of things all at the same time with one CSA share purchase!
  • It significantly helps Common Hands finance the seeding and planting of their farm located on 23B in Claverack for the 2013 season
  • It supports local farming
  • It supports the Philmont Farmers' Market as a weekly pick up venue for CSA which is good for other vendors and market activity
  • It brings you to our market which is always good
  • It puts a face to food by talking with Dan & Tess every Sunday about the food you would be eating!
  • It supports our market's Free vegetable EBT choice table donated by Common Hands Farm Project every week - thank you guys!
  • You're not only buying food but buying into the seasonal journey
  • You're buying into food grown with love and a farm full of creativity
  • And because, if you can support a CSA farm, it's the right thing to do in Columbia County!
Here's a sampling of Common Hands Farm Project at the Philmont Farmers' Market since 2010.
Common Hands Farm Project
 2010 planting beds - Where they started and continue creating beautiful landscapes where they farm the land
Common Hands - fall carrots2011 A visual treat of freshly harvested vegetables for market & CSA from Common Hands Farm Project 
Tess Parker - Common Hands Farm
Tess harvesting with love and care for the market and CSA shares in 2012 - she's called the Goddess of farming by some I've heard!
fresh zucchini
Beautiful and fun displays by Common Hands Farm Project at the Philmont Farmers' Market every week! 2011
garlic scapes
2010 - harvest of scapes
Common Hands Farm Project 
Common Hands Farm - veg wash house
2012. Our market manager visiting the produce wash station at Common Hands Farm Project 
 A letter from Dan & Tess to the community
Common Hands Farm is in need of your support, and your support pays back with fresh produce each week delivered straight to the Philmont Market.

For those of you who already shop frequently at our stand, this is a great deal for you, because not much would change, as a member you can now even pick and choose what you would like to eat any given week! Sign up for our new Local Flex CSA Farm Stand Share, and take your weekly pick of 7 types of produce! Thursday-Sunday at any of our farm stands within 10 miles of Hudson no matter what! Only $550.00 for the whole season! and $325 for every other week. If its too much for you to afford up front, you can pay in two payments. Hudson/Chatham/Philmont folks this is such a good deal! sign up now at www.commonhandscsa.com or call us at 518 929 7544 with any questions

Unforeseen circumstances have made our 2013 CSA memberships very important this year. Our expenses have become somewhat greater than we had planned for this year slightly compromising our ability to resume our operations to their proper capacity, and are therefore much more dependent on the dedication and support of the community in pursuing a lifestyle dedicated to eating fresh and local all the time. We are asking for your help at a time of need; the early spring when most of our pre season expenses occur. We currently have a goal of 15 more local memberships this month, including some late returning signups. This is totally do-able, and if we can do this we can cover our initial costs and its all smooth sailing from there.

Now that we have started planting for the season, it helps to have as much community support as possible. If this is something for you, then don't wait, help us launch another successful season of tasty fresh vegetables for the community!

Thank you so much for your support. It affects us immensely

Dan and Tess

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