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Dear Friends,


An exhibition of published photographs and books documenting gardens, landscapes, architecture, and sanctuaries by world renowned photographer, Mick Hales, a long time resident of Philmont.  


Mick Hales
Garden - Mick Hales

Mick Hales was born in England and spent his childhood in Devon, England, Pakistan and Nigeria. He studied photography at the London College of Printing and published his first book, Secret Landscapes in 1980 with Wynford Vaughan-Thomas. 

In 1983 he moved to New York and began photographing gardens for House and Garden magazine, with Francois De La Renta and Denise Otis. Since then he has published 35 books and over 250 magazine articles.

His photography is particularly gifted in conveying the feeling of a place or object and has been used for gardens, interiors, architecture, food and flower arrangements. 
 Staircase - Mick Hales
  Landscape - Mick Hales
This season's exhibitions by local artists are thematically curated to expand the community discussion on the ideas to restore and conserve the abundance of natural resources in Philmont, including land conservation, water restoration at Summit Reservoir, protecting the watershed, enjoying wildlife habitats, creating habitats, creating natural trails, growing village gardens and parks, supporting local farming, gaining food security, and developing renewable energy resource opportunities.

Mick Hales
An exhibit of
photographs and published books

Saturday & Sunday

Oct 20-21

Saturday & Sunday

Nov 3-4

Nov 10-11


11am to 3pm





November 4

2pm - 4pm




My wife Christine and I came to Philmont in 1999 and have watched the village grow in many positive ways. We are grateful to the many people who are working to bring the life back into Philmont, which was heavily hit with the demise of the textile mills and the great fire, as well as other economic circumstances has been struggling to survive for quite some time. We hope to make a difference by ministering to and blessing residents on a one to one basis and through our educational programs. 

We are both artists as well as ordained Christian ministers and think that Philmont has an ideal village design and love living here although our work often takes us to different places.  
Our vision is to continue our Kingdom School of ministry which is currently being held in Albany and combine it with an art center for art classes, iconography classes and a space for Christian healing ministry. We are considering possibly bringing some part of it to Philmont for the next school year. I currently hold a bible study in the library on Sunday evenings which is open to the public and continue to work as a free lance photographer.
 My books are available through Amazon.com and recently published articles in NYC&G are out now featuring articles on Chatham and Hudson.
October 2012



This exhibition is made possible (in part) with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered through the Community Arts Grants Fund in Columbia County by the Greene County Council on the Arts.           
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Philmont Beautification, Inc. is a grass-roots non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to community developement in the spirit of a traditional barn raising 

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