Feel younger as you age
Determination and Perseverance

On this Sunday we give thanks for many many blessings.
Our news this past week has shown us how strong people can be in the face of adversity.

I personally don't think we celebrate enough the daily strength and determination of people around us.

It is there even though it is sometimes invisible to most of us.

The effort we put in to making this world a better place for all mankind needs to begin by looking within.

What have you done for your own health and wellness this past week?  If you've done something, you are to be congratulated. If you've raised your bar, then you deserve extra kudos.

The good that you do for yourself will have a ripple effect with far reaching results.

So this Sunday, I would like to personally recognize people who have made a difference in their own health and wellness and who deserve to be recognized. They are an inspiration to me and I would like to recognize them by giving them an Honorary Red Lantern Award.

They have set goals for themselves and in spite of the setbacks and detours, they have persisted.

When I received the Red Lantern award this year for being the last musher to cross the finish line in the Can Am 30 Sled Dog Race, I was honored to receive it because it symbolizes the determination and perseverance I had in finishing the race. That is the meaning behind the award.

Today, and every Sunday, I would like to single out some people who have set goals for themselves  and who have displayed determination and perseverance on their journey.

Some of them have reached their goals, others are still on their way.

It's all about the journey and never quitting.

Here are a few people who inspired me this week. I hope they do the same for you.


Red Lantern Award

Weight Loss
Kate McNamee and (my husband) Kevin who are on their way to reaching their weight loss goals! Kudos for the great progress being made!!
(I won't divulge how much each lost until they are ready to share that =)
Diane Walsh, a member of the Ocean City Running Club, who ran the Boston Marathon on Monday
came home and then took part in
her first Duathlon in Dover Del. on Saturday and came in 3rd!!!  
Dawn Ehman Marohl and Melanie Martin who realized a dream this week with the Grand Opening of their Hot Yoga Studio in West Ocean City called Yogavibez.
Health and Wellness not only for themselves but for the community!!!



Share the Journey
If you have taken even a small step on your journey to wellness, share it here. Send me an email at thepowerspack@gmail.com . Your progress may inspire others. Let's celebrate our small steps and journey together.  For my impressions on what it meant to receive the Red Lantern Award read my Blog Post:  

All the best in health,

Linda Powers Certified Nutrition Coach and Wellness Consultant