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Universal Robots Double Production Output at Tegra Medical
Universal Robots Double Production Output at Tegra Medical

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24 of the Most Mesmerizing Machines
24 of the Most Mesmerizing Machines

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Employee Spotlight - Kevin Collins

Our newest employee, Kevin Collins, wasn't fishing around for a new job when our VP of Operations came across him and was so impressed with his service she offered him a job. 
The rest is history.

UR5 Robot
A highly flexible robot arm

The lightweight, flexible and collaborative industrial robot - UR5 - from Universal Robots lets you automate repetitive and dangerous tasks with payloads of up to 5 kg. The UR5 is ideal to optimize low-weight collaborative processes, such as: picking, placing and testing.
With a working radius of up to 850mm, the UR5 collaborative robot puts everything within reach, freeing up your employees' time to add value to other stages of the production.

The UR5 from Universal Robots is very easy to program, offers fast set up, is collaborative and safe, and like our other collaborative robots, offers one of the fastest payback times in the industry.

Programmable, integrated servo motors

SmartMotor is a highly programmable, integrated servo motor system that is integrated with a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and IOs. 
SmartMotor is an easily programmable servo motor without the separation of a cabinet of controls and circuits and with the independence of a drive, amplifier and encoder all in one compact package. 
Available with Combitronic, the Parallel processing system which allows any motor's program to read from, write to, or control any other motor simply by tagging a local variable or command with the other motor's CAN address. All SmartMotor™ units become one multi-tasking, data-sharing system without writing a single line of communications code or requiring detailed knowledge of the CAN protocol.

Digital servo drive for brushless/brush

Accelnet is a high-performance, DC powered amplifier for position, velocity (using encoder, Halls, or BEMF), and torque control of brushless and brush motors. It can operate as a distributed drive using the CANopen or DeviceNet protocols, or as a stand-alone drive accepting analog or digital commands from an external motion controller.
In stand-alone mode, current and velocity modes accept digital 50% PWM or PWM/polarity inputs as well as �10V analog. In position mode inputs can be incremental position commands from step-motor controllers, analog �10V, or A/B quadrature commands from a master-encoder. Pulse to position ratio is programmable for electronic gearing.

Thor™ VM3
Vehicle-mount computer 

Designed for use in the toughest distribution center environments, manufacturing facilities and freight operations, the Thor VM3 is the industry's most capable full-size vehicle-mounted mobile computer, delivering unmatched operational efficiencies.
The Thor VM3 computer offers breakthrough features designed to eliminate downtime and maximize capital investment for the enterprise. The Smart Dock feature delivers immediate savings on support and maintenance costs while maximizing efficiency by enabling users to dynamically shift computers as vehicles fail or workload changes. Incorporating a field-replaceable front panel allows enterprises to minimize investments in spare costs by substituting spare front panels for spare computers and saves valuable time and maintenance costs by leveraging in-house support staff to service the most common breaking point.