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Parker LCR Actuator and Ion Stepper Drive
Parker LCR Actuator and Ion Stepper Drive

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Universal Robots Newest Invention - UR3
The world's most flexible, light-weight table-top robot to work alongside humans
The ultra flexible Universal Robots UR3 delivers high-precision accuracy for smaller production environments. The UR3 can modulate payloads of up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs).
Designed for shorter reach environments, the UR3 has a reach radius of 500 mm (19.7 in) - allowing it to be deployed in tight spaces and add value to virtually any production environment. 
The UR3 also has InfiniteSpin on the last joint, allowing you to use it for screwing tasks without having to add additional devices. Being easy to program and easy to switch between tasks to meet agile manufacturing needs combined with a $23,000 price means that the UR3 has a low total cost of ownership low and fast payback period.

Parker LCR Series Positioner
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Light capacity rodless miniature linear positioners 
LCR Series miniature linear positioners for life science automation, laboratory automation, pneumatic replacement offers users unmatched flexibility in a small footprint linear actuator. 
The LCR fine lead screw offers higher resolution and higher thrust with lower motor torque. The LCR high lead screw provides users with a higher speed solution and screw drive positioning capabilities. An alternative to our screw driven options the LCR belt drive options is perfect for high speed motion or long travel (up to 1m) applications. Pairing these drive technologies with the different bearing designs (square rail or glider bushing), the LCR offers a complete miniature linear positioner with a sealed body design.
  • 22, 30, and 45 mm frame sizes
  • Stepper or servo motor options
  • Integrated drive option
In-Sight 5705 5 Megapixel Vision Systems
Cognex Logo
World's fastest stand-alone 5MP vision systems
The In-Sight 5705 series offers high performance with high resolution making it the fastest 5MP self contained vision system in the world. The In-Sight 5705 color is the only standalone 5 MP color vision system in the world! Both systems support Gigabit Ethernet and the new blazing fast PatMax´┐Ż Redline™ tool.
The In-Sight 5705 series' dramatic speed increase reduces cycle times or allows more time for running more detailed inspections. Like all In-Sight vision systems, these 5MP models are conveniently set up with In-Sight Explorer software.

In-Sight 5705C true 24-bit color processing provides True Color Filtering and easy-to-use Color ID and Color Extraction tools make color inspections easier than ever

The Smartest 3D Sensor for Small Part Inspection
Electronics manufacturers need reliable, repeatable inspection results
The Gocator 2320 overcomes all your inspection, automation and quality control challenges with its simple integration, single package industrial design, and real-time deterministic performance. Plus, the 2320's all-in-one scan, measurement and control capability delivers accurate and repeatable results on small electronics parts of any size, shape, or material.

The Gocator 2320 produces repeatable results under high production volume on your electronics assembly line. It can easily achieve outstanding Z repeatability under 5um and X resolution under 20um for non-contact scans of even the smallest, most complex parts. The Gocator 2320 has a 67% larger field-of-view than Keyence's LJ-V7060. And, when using an LMI Master Hub, you can automatically network anywhere from 2 to 24 sensors for an even larger field-of-view, without ever sacrificing the quality of your scan results

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