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Universal Robots Double Production Output at Tegra Medical
Universal Robots Double Production Output at Tegra Medical

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Sam Reynolds Rampage Run 2015
Sam Reynolds Rampage Run 2015


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Sick's AFX60 Encoders with Ethernet can do it all!
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Dual-port Industrial Ethernet encoders provide EtherNet/IP, PROFINET RT and EtherCAT connectivity
The singleturn AFS60 and the multiturn AFM60 feature an embedded switch functionality that reduces external switching components and re-routes data when cable breaks in the network are detected. 

The AFS60 and AFM60 have superior diagnostic functions, including temperature and acceleration monitoring, and a durable metal code disc that is resistant to shock and high temperatures. These absolute encoders also include a customizable resolution for customer-specific applications using resolution scaling or endless shaft functionality.

Vacuum Rated Stepper Motors
Motors that survive
Ordinary vacuum rated stepper motors cannot operate for long at pressures lower than 10-4 Torr. Empire Magnetics Standard Grade Vacuum Rated Stepper Motors are constructed to allow extended operation at pressures as low as 10-7Torr without a sacrifice in motor performance.

Some vacuum applications cannot tolerate contamination by motor outgassing products. To accommodate a range of motor cleanness requirements, Empire Magnetics provides three grades of vacuum rated stepping motors in the full range of environmental motor sizes.

Vertical Belt Technology - VBT
Dorner Logo AquaPruf Sanitary Vertical Belt Conveyors
This vertical belt technology is used for elevating bulk products like vegetables and fruits, popcorn, grains and nuts, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and small packages. As a sanitary, vertical conveyor belt system, it's ideal for food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries, and all sanitary environments as it carries out a wide range of applications.

The FDA approved belting and plastic components in our AquaPruf VBT series is built for steep and vertical inclines, as well as bulk material handling, food process, and as a washdown conveyor, is easy to clean.

Class 6 EtherNet/IP™ SmartMotor™
High-performance, cost-effective solution for your EtherNet/IP™ applications 
The EtherNet/IP™ product represents the next step in the evolution of the Class 6 integrated motor design, which includes PROFINET™ and EtherCAT™ versions, and further extends the robust Industrial Ethernet SmartMotor™ feature list with EtherNet/IP™ Position Controller capability. Additionally, the EtherNet/IP™ motor includes specific Add-On Instructions for use with Allen Bradley PLCs, which will reduce development and implementation time, and improve speed-to-market.
  • Access to unique SmartMotor™ commands and parameters 
  • Improved uptime with optional redundant cabling through Device Level Ring
  • Optimal performance ensured through Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Simplified, modular programming through Add-On Instructions (AOIs)
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