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Gocator 2320 Small Part 3D Inspection
Gocator 2320 Small Part 3D Inspection

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Employee Spotlight: Jordan Schwarz
Did you know that Jordan has a double major in Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering and a minor in Computer Engineering?
Or that he is from the hometown of the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company?  See what else you could learn about Jordan...

read more about Jordan
2-Finger 140mm Adaptive Gripper
Wide stroke and advanced controls   
Robotiq releases the 2-Finger 140mm Adaptive Robot Gripper, a large stroke electric gripper with advanced control features. It is able to detect that a part has been picked, as well as pick soft, fragile or deformable parts without crushing them while maintaining a safe grip when the robot is moving.

The new Gripper comes with a 140 mm programmable stroke and a 2 kg payload, ideal for high-mix pick and place operations for various industries such as electronics, consumer goods and logistics.

The Smartest 3D Sensor for Small Part Inspection
Electronics manufacturers need reliable, repeatable inspection results
The Gocator 2320 overcomes all your inspection, automation and quality control challenges with its simple integration, single package industrial design, and real-time deterministic performance. Plus, the 2320's all-in-one scan, measurement and control capability delivers accurate and repeatable results on small electronics parts of any size, shape, or material.

The Gocator 2320 produces repeatable results under high production volume on your electronics assembly line. It can easily achieve outstanding Z repeatability under 5um and X resolution under 20um for non-contact scans of even the smallest, most complex parts. The Gocator 2320 has a 67% larger field-of-view than Keyence's LJ-V7060. And, when using an LMI Master Hub, you can automatically network anywhere from 2 to 24 sensors for an even larger field-of-view, without ever sacrificing the quality of your scan result

VP-G Ultracompact Articulated Robot
Slim and compact for a broad range of applications
The ultracompact VP-Series six-axis articulated robots offer the highest speed and repeatability in their class. Their small footprint of only 160 x 160 mm (200 mm dia. for the aseptic models) saves valuable facility space and makes integration easy, yet despite their size, they have a large payload capacity. In addition, their highly efficient motors use a maximum of only 80 W of power each, and all motors combined use a maximum of only 300 W, resulting in significant energy savings. The VP-Series robots are ANSI and CE compliant, making them suitable for global deployment.
  • Excellent repeatability of �0.02 mm
  • Payloads up to 3 kg z 430-mm reach
  • Ultracompact design, with space-saving footprint 
  • Floor- or ceiling-mount, with no special hardware needed
TE Precision Positioning Table
Cost effective packaging application solution  
For packaging applications that need a compact, cost effective motion stage, IKO has introduced the new TE Precision Positioning TableThe positioning table's main components are made from high strength aluminum alloy and feature a slide table inside a U-shaped bed.

The TE Precision Positioning table has a low cross sectional height of 26mm for TE50B, 33mm for TE60B and 46mm for TE86B. Sensors can be directly installed on an integrated sensor rail, which contributes to the table's small size. The best repeatability is � 0.002 millimeters and the positioning accuracy is as good as 0.035 mm. The TE table can be easily customized to meet different application requirements.

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