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Insane Domino Tricks!


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Employee Spotlight: Brandon Cobb
This wilderness camper and self-proclaimed BBQ Pitmaster traveled over 2,000 miles for love.  
And how did it turn out?

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Parker Automation Controller (PAC)
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Integrated machine control, multi-axis motion & visualization
Designed for the global machine market, the Parker Automation Controller (PAC) combines advanced logic, signal handling, multi-axis motion, and visualization into one performance-driven solution.  PAC I/O connects directly to the controller with a variety of 
modules for digital, analog, and temperature signals, high-speed counters, and stepper and DC motor control.
  • IEC61131-3 Programming (LD, ST, CFC, FBD, SFC, IL)
  • PLC Open Motion Control (Parts I & II)
  • CNC Programming/Editor Conforming to DIN66025
  • Embedded Web-visualization
  • High-speed EtherCAT for Motion and I/O
  • Local and Remote I/O
  • OPC Server, Modbus TCP, EtherCAT, and Dual LANs as Standard
  • Ethernet/IP, Profinet, and Profibus Options
XFC Extreme Force Electric Cylinder
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Hydraulic cylinder electrical replacement
The XFC Electric Cylinder is designed to provide machine builders a high force electromechanical solution for typical hydraulic applications.  The XFC offers long life, minimal maintenance, low operating costs, and structural rigidity.

This high thrust electric cylinder featuring roller screw drive technology.  All the benefits of electromechanical control and cleanliness combined with the structural rigidity and durability of a traditional hydraulic tie rod cylinder.  The XFC achieves far greater thrust capacities than typical electric cylinders; a maximum thrust up to 356,000N (80,000lbs).

EX Series Explosion-proof Servo Motors
Parker Logo Permanent magnet servomotors for hazardous environments
The EX Series from Parker SSD is a range of permanent magnet servo motors designed for use in explosive atmospheres.  Featuring robust explosion-proof housings, EX motors are capable of bearing internal explosions with no risk of propagation to the neighboring environment.
EX servo motors provide high acceleration/deceleration capabilities, and high torque output over a wide speed range.  Various winding variants and numerous options are available to offer maximum flexibility.
  • CE or UL versions available 
  • High dynamic performance
  • Compactness and robustness
  • No maintenance
Zatar Business Intelligence Software
Providing loT business analytics and more
Zatar helps businesses focus on developing rich IoT applications that solve complex project challenges. From in-house applications to full IoT solutions built in tandem with others. They provide a standards-based approach to connectivity and control of devices along with open APIs to create apps, onboard devices and enable collaboration.

Zatar allows you to easily COLLABORATE with other enterprise applications and quickly REATEmeaningful solutions that can be CONTROLLED with a wide variety of tools to help optimize efficiency and improve customer experiences.

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