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Parker LCR Actuator and Ion Stepper Drive
Parker LCR Actuator and 
Ion Stepper Drive

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World's 10 most expensive engineering projects
World's 10 most expensive engineering projects


Toy maker to bring Lincoln Logs production back to US

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Employee Spotlight:  Elizabeth Stevens


You know that new voice on the other end of the phone when you call Olympus Controls.  Well that's Elizabeth and if you read this month's Employee Spotlight, you'll know a bit more about the person behind that welcoming voice.



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Parker LCR Series Positioner
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Light capacity rodless miniature linear positioners


LCR Series miniature linear positioners for life science automation, laboratory automation, pneumatic replacement offers users unmatched flexibility in a small footprint linear actuator. 


The LCR fine lead screw offers higher resolution and higher thrust with lower motor torque. The LCR high lead screw provides users with a higher speed solution and screw drive positioning capabilities. An alternative to our screw driven options the LCR belt drive options is perfect for high speed motion or long travel (up to 1m) applications. Pairing these drive technologies with the different bearing designs (square rail or glider bushing), the LCR offers a complete miniature linear positioner with a sealed body design.

  • 22, 30, and 45 mm frame sizes
  • Stepper or servo motor options
  • Integrated drive option

SmartFlex Pallet System
Dorner Logo Flexible conveyors with pallets for product routing and control

Dorner introduces new Pallet System Components for use on its 2200 SmartFlex� flexible chain conveyor platform that provides accurate positioning and routing of parts for assembly, robotic and inspection applications. The components, sold as completed assemblies or as kits, allow users to implement easy design changes to their conveyor systems, and offer versatile layout flexibility.

  • Accurate positioning and routing
  • Ideal for assembly processes or inspection
  • Components sold as kits to allow for easy design changes and layout flexibility
  • Divert, Merge, and Merge & Divert Kits available
  • Lift & Locate stations.


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New 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper
Stronger, faster and easier to install and program with Universal Robots!

Nearly two times stronger and 50% faster, the New 2-Finger 85 has been designed for high-mix applications. It has also been designed to make installation and programming on Universal Robots easy and accessible to everyone, and by eliminating the external controller for Universal Robots, it also reduces the price.

By using this single programmable robot gripper to handle all your parts, you eliminate changeovers and there's no need to design, fabricate and maintain a lot of custom made tools.

3 Gripping modes: Parallel, encompassing, and internal grip

Powerful interface controls; position, speed, and force while providing force detection

Detect Difficult Objects Up To 15mm Away
Sick Logo
See not only black objects, but also those that are nearly invisible


Sick W2S-2 Sub-miniature Photoelectric Sensor is the fastest and most intelligent sub-miniature photoelectric sensor on the market. It is the only one of its kind capable of detecting objects up 150 mm away. It offers all the benefits of fiber-optic sensors without all the costs.  Additionally, this sensor offers a "Smart Sensor Solution" feature that can take over timer, counter, logic and diagnostic control tasks formerly done only by the PLC.

Even things "not graspable" are now detected reliably: Infrablack object with only 1 % diffuse light reflection can be detected dependably at a range of up to 50 mm.

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