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Olympus Controls'  NEW Web Site Unveiled in 2014
Continuously adding New Technologies and Resources

Earlier this year Olympus Controls introduced our new web site to provide our customers the latest technology to design new and improved machines, to help them control production costs, to improve product quality.


As we discover new technologies and solutions, we include these resources to our site so that Olympus Controls can continue to be the first automation solutions provider our clients contact.

New Way Launches Air Turn Technology
New Way logo Enabling non-contact handling of flexible films

New Way launches their latest concept, enabling flexible films to float over non-turning "Air Turns" rather than contact rollers.


New Way's porous carbon surface features millions of sub-mircon sized holes, which enable you to maintain a thin but robust air film across the bearing surface, preventing contact with your flexible substrate. The film floats on stationary rollers on a frictionless air bearing. Utilizing a radial air bearing to drive and position the film while controlling the web tension to a fraction of a gram.


Air Bearing Viscous Shear Enables Other Non-Contact Performance Characteristics for Flexible Film Processing.


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Lexium MDrive EtherNET/IP
Industrial Ethernet motion control solution

Lexium MDrive Ethernet products feature an integrated motor, driver and Ethernet control interface to network with common EtherNet/IP components and PLCs.   EtherNet/IP is the most widely used industrial Ethernet solution for factory automation. Developed by Rockwell Automation, and managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), EtherNet/IP provides a complete set of services and messages for: control, synchronization, safety, motion and data exchange


Lexium MDrive products offer interchangeable ease to system designers. Each product size has one common product envelope. So choosing different communication protocols does not change the product footprint.  NEMA motor sizes: 17, 23 & 34 (42, 57 & 85 mm).

Compact Wheel Drives for Electric Vehicles
Parker Logo
The ideal solution for battery-operated vehicles


The Servo Wheel™ combines a brushless dc motor with planetary gears in a lightweight, aluminum housing to provide a compact solution for vehicle control. The Power Wheel''s unique design makes system integration easy. You no longer have to purchase the motor, gearhead, wheel, electronics and bracket from different sources. Parker Bayside does all of the work for you. From component sourcing to actual assembly, Parker Bayside engineers designed the Power Wheel with your application in mind.

Brushless servo motor provides efficient, maintenance-free power to wheel.  It's dual stage planetary gear design delivers high torque in a compact package.  Parker Bayside''s NEW Servo Wheel Drive System features state-of-the-art technology to provide motion for small, battery-powered, electric vehicles including:
  • Automated Cleaning Equipment 
  • Robotic/Material Handling Equipment 
  • Healthcare Equipment 
  • AGV''s
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