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Danny Macaskill: The Ridge
Danny Macaskill: The Ridge


Reshoring or Offshoring: U.S. Manufacturing Forecast 2015 - 2016
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Employee Spotlight:  Xiao Chan


Quality Engineer, Xiao Chan spends his time working on getting Olympus Controls ISO 9001 certified.  But find out what he does in his spare time.



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New Way Launches Air Turn Technology
New Way logo Enabling non-contact handling of flexible films

New Way launches their latest concept, enabling flexible films to float over non-turning "Air Turns" rather than contact rollers.


New Way's porous carbon surface features millions of sub-mircon sized holes, which enable you to maintain a thin but robust air film across the bearing surface, preventing contact with your flexible substrate. The film floats on stationary rollers on a frictionless air bearing. Utilizing a radial air bearing to drive and position the film while controlling the web tension to a fraction of a gram.


Air Bearing Viscous Shear Enables Other Non-Contact Performance Characteristics for Flexible Film Processing.


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Programmable 3-Finger Adaptive Robot Gripper
Grip It All!

3 finger gripper Designed for applications dealing with a wide variety of parts, the 3-finger adaptive robot gripper represents a solution to improve process flexibility and consistency. 

This robotic gripper gives "hand-like" capabilities to robot arms in advanced robotic applications and industrial automation.
  • 3 mechanically intelligent fingers 
  • Automatically adapts to any object
  • Each finger is independent
  • Simple open/close command
  • Speed and Force control features
  • Partial open/close feature speeds up grasping cycle

New Class 6 Industrial Ethernet SmartMotors
Animatics Logo
Industrial dual port Ethernet SmartMotors

These new Class 6 SmartMotors have a new powerful processor that operates at nearly twice the processor speed of Class 5. The PID rate is fixed at 62.5useconds with 64K User program memory (twice that of prior SmartMotors) and larger Cam point memory space for cam tables to >3K points.


These SmartMotors are able to support Standard Industrial Ethernet protocols including: EtherCATand PROFINET. Able to support both standard and high pole count commutation, these products deliver fully closed-loop PID control. Class 6 also features a dedicated high current brake output control.


  • Dual port Ethernet -- No switch or hubs required 
  • Firmware is field-configurable to EtherCAT or PROFINET
  • 62 microsecond PID Update rate in the smallest package on the market
  • Available in both Standard and High Pole Count Servo
  • High Pole Count units may eliminate need for gearhead

Parker Multi Axis Gantry Systems
Parker Logo
Standardized configurations reduces costs and lead times

Gantry Robot Systems offer significant advantages over articulated arm robots for high a speed automation. 


Parker's seven standard system configurations are designed to satisfy the vast majority of gantry robot applications. Standardizing on these configurations, has simplified sizing and selection, shortened lead times, and reduced costs.


Utilization of these pre-engineered systems enables the user to redirect scarce engineering resources from motion system design to machine or process functionality.


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