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Employee Spotlight:  Nick Armenta


Nick is an Automation Engineer in the Gulf Region and he has more energy than most people, "jumping and dancing for 10 hours a day for three days straight".  


Find out more about Nick in this month's Employee Spotlight.


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Achieve Flexible and Adaptive Gripping
Utilizing granular jamming technology to grip and release objects

VERSABALL� Grippers utilize Empire's proprietary granular jamming technology to achieve flexible and adaptive gripping through rapid hardness modulation. VERSABALL grippers are
extremely flexible robotic end-effectors that leverage the jamming phase transition of granular materials. Across a broad range of applications, enabling secure grasping and manipulation of widely varying objects with a single inexpensive tool. 

A VERSABALL� Gripper leverages the phenomenon of granular jamming by encasing a granular material in a flexible balloon membrane and controlling the internal air pressure. 
Once an object is gripped, the vacuum inside the gripper seals so the object can be transferred without additional expenditure of energy.
Safety Laser Scanners Help AGVs Navigate Safely
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Higher production rates lead aircraft builders to deploy more AGVs to boost factory output  

New automation solutions have aerospace production humming, with automated-guided vehicles (AGVs) helping aerospace and defense builders meet demanding production schedules for delivery of new commercial and military aircraft.


Sick's S300 Mini safety laser scanners enable automation AGVs to efficiently, safely, and autonomously accomplish synchronized line moves of tool and aircraft assemblies through various stations. These AGV transport systems accomplish this task without human intervention, while interfacing with critical safety interlocks associated with each process station as well as handling unexpected interference.

The S300 Mini has an impressive ultra-compact design ensuring it can fit easily into any vehicle design. Strong performance with up to 16 triple field sets to provide the ultimate in flexibility.
  The triple field function enables a protective field and two warning fields to be operated at the same time. This minimizes downtimes and brake wear.


Industry's First All-in-One Smart Snapshot Sensor
Powerful assembly feature inspection in a single package

Inline inspection can make a big difference in production quality and line efficiency. Gocator's compact size and rugged housing makes integration simple to deliver results in various phases of production. The built-in measurement tools provide essential feedback for assembly and quality control processes that ensure a well-built final product.

The Gocator 3110 simplifies automated non-contact inspection using blue LED projection and stereo scanning technology. Gocator simplifies assembly feature inspection with powerful 3D visualization, built-in measurement tools, and real-time control decision capabilities so you can focus on quality results. The Gocator 3110 was designed to acquire full field scans quickly to inspect multiple features of parts with full 3D visualization.

  • Scan cycle of 5 Hz 
  • Near field of view of 60 x 105 mm, a far field of view of 90 x 160 mm
  • GigE interface
  • Measurement accuracy of +/- 50 �m
Robust M12 Interface for Integrated Motors
Lexium MDrive with M12 circular connectors now available 

The compact, robust Lexium MDrive product package is even more industrialized with the introduction of standard M12 connectors.
Circular industrial connectors in standard M12 configurations provide a robust, durable interface for demanding applications.


The circular connectors are currently available with programmable motion control RS-422/485 communications in 2 NEMA motor sizes: 23 & 34. 

Lexium MDrive high torque step motors are integrated with drives from 12 up to 70 VDC, controller, I/O, and internal encoder. And their closed loop performance can replace servos in lower speed applications, without the high cost and complexity of servomotors.


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