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The Future of Customized Fab-Grade 3D Printing
The Future of Customized Fab-Grade 3D Printing
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Employee Spotlight:  Ian Knox


Sales Engineer, Ian Knox, is well traveled having looped the globe an estimated 6 times.  He's actually spent time both inside and outside of air planes.



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Lexium MDrive EtherNET/IP
Industrial Ethernet motion control solution    

Lexium MDrive Ethernet products feature an integrated motor, driver and Ethernet control interface to network with common EtherNet/IP components and PLCs.   EtherNet/IP is the most widely used industrial Ethernet solution for factory automation. Developed by Rockwell Automation, and managed by the Open DeviceNet Vendors Association (ODVA), EtherNet/IP provides a complete set of services and messages for: control, synchronization, safety, motion and data exchange


Lexium MDrive products offer interchangeable ease to system designers. Each product size has one common product envelope. So choosing different communication protocols does not change the product footprint.  NEMA motor sizes: 17, 23 & 34 (42, 57 & 85 mm).


DataMan 8050X with 2DMax+
Cognex Logo Designed to decode challenging 2D Direct Part Mark codes 

DataMan 8050X handheld barcode readers with 2DMax+ is designed to decode challenging 2D Direct Part Mark codes with near/far integrated LED illumination.


Though Data Matrix codes have built-in error correction, "no-reads" can still occur when codes are incomplete. 2DMax+ barcode software can read Data Matrix codes even when critical elements of the codes are missing. 2DMax+ can also locate and decode Data Matrix codes that are overexposed or underexposed, without requiring multiple retries. This improves throughput, speed and overall reliability.

  • Corded and wireless options
  • Integrated liquid lens technology for maximum application flexibility and depth-of-field
  • Modular communications support RS-232/USB, Industrial Ethernet and wireless
  • Rugged ergonomic design for the demanding factory floor environment


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High Power Ring Lights & Dome Lights
"Bright, Uniform, Easy to Use"

CCS America introduces two new high powered machine vision lighting families, providing optional lighting through a rich lineup of sizes and LED colors.  This next generation of lights include several enhancements including: 

  • Increased brightness achieving higher output
  • Additional sizes and wavelength variations
  • Expandabliity through a newly designed bracket
  • Curved type diffusion plate on large ring lights
  • Selection of camera-side aperture of the dome light


The HPD2 Series of high power dome lights uniformly radiate the entire surface of curved glossy workpieces without creating shadows. 

The HPR2 Series of high power ring lights achieve uniform illumination through diffused light.  They are ideal for applications where the entire workpiece must be illuminated evenly.
SYNCH IT Accurate Positioning
LSM motors match the speed and position of external systems
SYNC IT allows MagneMotion's linear synchronous motors to synch to an external system accurately matching speed in position. Sections of a system are designated for SYNC IT control allowing the end user to control the motion profile of a vehicle within that zone. SYNCH IT allows MM LITE to precisely match puck speed and position to an external axis of control, accurately synchronizing motion with robots, fill heads and offline processes for increased throughput.


SYNCH IT is ideal for demanding applications as well as laboratory automation, filling, medical device manufacturing and packaging applications.

  • Vehicle motion coordinated to an external system
  • Vehicle motion coordinated with vehicles on different MagneMotion paths or systems
  • Ability to use PLC (Allen-Bradley) supplied motion profiles and implement elaborate movement profiles such as jerk control
  • Easily implement additional vehicle to vehicle constraints and conditions
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