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What does Olympus Controls make?

What does Olympus Controls Make?

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The Duel: Timo Boll vs. KUKA Robot
The Duel:
Timo Boll vs. 6-Axis Robot

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Employee Spotlight:  Trisha Wesolowski


This month we meet Trisha, a self proclaimed 'Customer Service Rockstar"! 


She had no problem sharing some interesting facts about herself including her latest hair color.


read more about Trisha

Delta Tau Power PMAC
The world's most flexible and powerful motion controller for high-end applications 


The Power PMAC is a motion controller and computer rolled up in one. This multi-tasking machines gives you the cost effective of controlling different machines with one product.  With its advanced servo and kinematic algorithms, the Power PMAC allows you to be more competitive and profitable.


Power PMAC includes five built-in control algorithms as well as many other sophisticated features including; automatic or manual tuning  of all motors' current loops and servo loops as well as position, torque, and backlash compensation.

  • 800MHz and 1.0GHz CPU Speed
  • Full 32/64 bit architecture
  • 1GB or 2GB DDRAM active memory with error correction
  • 256 Axes Maximum

I-Force Ironless Linear Motors
Parker LogoUltra-high performance, zero cogging  
Parker I-Force Ironless Linear Motors offer high forces and rapid accelerations in a compact package. With forces ranging from 24.5 N (5.5 lbf) to 878.6 N (197.5 lbf) continuous up to 108.5 N (24.5 lbf) to 3928 N (883 lbf) peak, the I-Force family offers a superior combination of performance and size.
NEW 2200 Series SmartFlex Conveyor
Dorner Logo Transfer small parts seamlessly and efficiently 

The 2200 Series SmartFlex flexible chain conveyor platform excels at small-part handling, thanks to its power transfer features that smoothly transfers parts as small as 3" diameter on and off the conveyor for improved performance.


The 2200 Series SmartFlex is a high-performance, flexible, modular chain conveyor that can be configured to wrap around machinery and equipment in the packaging, food, medical and assembly industries.


What makes the 2200 Series SmartFlex different from competing models is that Dorner has removed all the guesswork commonly associated with specifying and ordering a flexible chain conveyor. Dorner provides all the engineering tools and finished assemblies, enabling customers to build complete 2200 Series SmartFlex conveyor assemblies to their exact layout dimensions and view it in 3D within minutes


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Gocator 3100 Smart Sensors
Snapshot sensors inspect multiple features
Introducing the industry's first all-in-one smart snapshot sensor. Gocator simplifies assembly feature inspection with powerful 3D visualization, built-in measurement tools, and real-time control decision capabilities so you can focus on quality results.


Gocator smart snapshot sensors combine 3D point cloud data acquisition, measurement tools, and control decision capabilities in a single package for powerful assembly feature inspection. Snapshot sensors inspect multiple features of parts such as fasteners, holes, slots, studs, and panel gap and flush in just one scan at a higher level of simplicity than standard industry solutions. This inspection solution provides assurance that consistent product quality levels are met during final product assembly and is ideal for robotic or stationary inspection stations.

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