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Employee Spotlight: Cara Kuffler, Customer Service

Cara Keeton  

Learn more about Northwest Division Customer Service Rep, Cara Kuffler as she reluctantly shares information about her first job ever.



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Lexium MDrive
Closed-loop hMT technology blends stepper and servo motor benefits
Within the same compact integrated package Lexium MDrive products deliver enhanced motor performance including higher torque from smaller motors for economic efficiency.  hMT technology's variable current control results in lower energy consumption and cooler operating temperatures.
hMT Technology
In-Sight 7010 Vision System
Entry level vision system straight out of the box  
With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications.  Every aspect of the
In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before.
In-Sight 7010
Powerful new vision tools
  • Autofocus
  • Integrated lighting and lens
  • Faster image capture
  • Communicate directly with any PLC or robot controller
RC8 Robot Controller
World's smallest high performance 8-axis controller  RC8 controller
The RC8's compact size greatly improves the freedom of layout, installing almost anywhere.  Its advanced functions and usability greatly improves ease of use.  Improved GUI reduce time required to implement a robot.  The high-speed RC8 controller can communicate with over a hundred different types of devices using Denso's ORiN open-resource interface networking system.
  • Communicates with over 100 different types of devices
  • Easy-to-use graphic user interface
  • 60% size reduction compared to the current RC7
Maintenance Free Linear Guides
Keeping linear motion components lubricated - so you don't have toC Lube
Under-lubricated guides can wear excessively, which leads to performance problems and premature failure.  IKO's proprietary C-Lube elements have an open porous structure that are impregnated with large amount of oil.  C-Lube elements are formed into either a plate or sleeve shape and integarted into the bearing's slider.  They then release the impregnated oil slowly through direct, continual contact with the linear guide's internal rolling elements.
Thanks to on-going lubrication, C-Lube linear guides provide maintenance free operation for 20,000km or five years.  In practice, that maintenance free term often equates to the entire application life.
Registration Sensors
Reliable detection and differentiation of contrast, colors, flourescent materials and more
SICK offers the most comprehensive range of registration sensors on the market and is a pioneer in sensing technology.
SICK Contrast sensors Contrast Sensors
SICK contrast sensors detect minimum contrast levels at maximum speeds, such as print marks on foil, packaging and print products. 

SICK Colro sensors Color Sensors
If color is the most critical factor for precise detection, checking and sorting, the SICK color sensors are the right choice.

Luminescence Sensors Luminescence sensors
Luminescence sensors react to luminescent pigments, which are activated by the UV light source in the sensor.

Array sensor Array Sensors
The array sensor operates according to the scanning principle.  It detect even the slightest grey value differences within the field of view.

Fork Sensors Fork Sensor
These sensors combine the sender and receiver in a single housing.  The distance between them is fixed, defined by the housing shape, this ensures very reliable detection.

Power PMAC Etherlite Controller
Flexible and powerful motion controller


Delta Tau's Power PMAC Etherlite improves your cost effectiveness.  The Etherlite controller handles EtherCat and Macro servo drives in any combination of numbers up to 256 fully coordinated with easy implementation and maximum control and information.  We also have a wide range of EtherCat amplifiers or Macro Amplifiers for clients to choose and work with. 


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