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Power PMAC Motion Controller - Adaptive Control Feature

This video demonstrates the Power Geo Brick and some of the most advanced servo control features Power PMAC offers.


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A return to 'Made in America': Why manufacturing is making a comeback


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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Jason Brickner, Regional Sale Manager

Jason Brickner  

This month Regional Sales Manager,Jason Brickner, tells us about himself including how he had the opportunity to sing to a 'Future First Lady".



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Parker White Paper

Developing Positioning Systems for Pathology Scanners  

Pathology Scanner

Scanner products typically require unique positioning specifications, which are not available with off-the-shelf products. The requirements often include tight geometrical constraints, high accuracy, high smoothness of motion, and long life. 


In addition they require high product consistency for high-volume manufacturing at a global competitive cost. A new infrastructure for effective pathological scanner development does fit custom needs. 


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Schneider Electric - Lexium MDrive
Simplifying machine building with compact integrated motors
Closed loop hMTechnology blends stepper and servo motor benefits, providing real time closed loop control, eliminating loss of synchronization.  Within the same compact integrated package Lexium MDrive products deliver enhanced motor performance including higher torque from smaller motors for economic efficiency.
hMTechnology's variable current control results in lower energy consumption and cooler operating temperatures.
  • Delivering smooth operation at low speed
  • High starting torque
  • Torque mode
  • Protection against over voltage and DC switching
  • Isolated communication and I/O


Parker Factory Display 3.0 

Delivering critical message to factory floor


PFD offers unprecedented flexibility and impact for delivering critical messages to associates on the factory floor.  Whether presenting Andon displays, lean metrics, production status, OEE data, safety policies or employee announcements, the Parker Factory Display is much more than a "scoreboard" that simply displays text. PFD 3.0


The next generation of the Parker Factory Display (PFD) visualization system comes with a new controller-only option, factory display options up to 55" for primary and secondary units and version 3.0 of the PFD software, which is equipped with Windows XP and an 80 GB SSD, plus two Ethernet ports.  These also come with an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) driver to help users connect to virtually any database.


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Universal Robots UR10 - Mobile Robot Solution
6 Axis Industrial Robot Arm
Universal Robots are flexible, light weight and user friendly 6 axis industrial robots. They are developed specifically for small and medium enterprises, which has the need for flexible and effective automation that can provide them fast return on investments.  With a weight of only 25 kilos the UR10 can easily be moved around in the production and used in many different instances.  The UR10 has a working radius of 1300 mm/51.2 in and can handle a payload of 10 kg (22 lbs).
With the user friendly software, the robotic arm can be easily and quickly programmed to perform new tasks.  As Universal Robots' robotic arms are in compliance with the ISO standard for collaborative robots 10218-1:2006, they are therefore able to operate without the need to install safety fences around them.


Delta Tau - GEO Brick Drive
Scalable automation controller
The Geo Brick Drive is a scaleable automation controller combining the intelligence and capability of the Turbo PMAC2 motion controller with the latest IGBT-based drive technology in one, compact 4, 6, or 8 axis smart servo drive package.  The flexible nature of the Turbo PMAC2 enables the Geo Brick to drive brush, brushless or AC induction motors with unsurpassed pure digital DSP performance.
Geo Brick Drive The Geo Brick Drive has the ability to store programs locally and execute based on inputs, Ethernet or high-speed USB 2.0-based communication for applications that require only I/O-driven smart servo control, where the motion is coordinated by machine controller, such a PLC.
Additionally the Geo Brick Drive can provide complete machine control with PLC functionality, motion control, extensible I/O via Modbus TCP master, and HMI terminal via Modbus TCP slave or even a PC-based HMI package connected via USB 2.0 or Ethernet.


Sick Incremental Programmable Encoders

Reduce machine down time & save on inventory costs

Sick's CoreTech technology enables incremental encoders that allow users to easily program the resolution anywhere between 1 and 8,192 ppr.  In addition the width of the zero pulse can be freely programmed by the customer, permitting tailor-made solutions for almost every application while reducing stock level requirements of multiple models. Programmable encoders
  • Connector of cable outlet
  • Protection class up to IP66
  • Electircal interfaces TTL and HTL Linedrivers
  • Zero-Pulse-Teach remotely via signal line


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