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G6 Global Sensor
G6 Global Sensor from SICK detects all kind of objects
G6 Global Sensor from SICK detects all kind of objects


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LEGO Great Ball Contraption
LEGO Great Ball Contraption



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Outsourcing Failures Now in Top 3 as Causes of Supply Chain Disruption


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Employee Spotlight: Vern Miller, Gulf Divisional Manager (interim)

Vern Miller  

Do you remember when gas stations attendants washed your windshield and checked the oil?  


Vern Miller does.



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DataMan 302 Solar ID Code Reader

High read rates with flexible optics and lighting for all solar traceability applications


Cognex DataMan´┐Ż 302 barcode reader with integrated blue illumination is now available for solar PV wafer traceability initiatives. The high resolution (1280x1024 pixels) image-based ID reader is ideal for decoding the challenging laser marked ECC-200 Data Matrix codes on PV wafers that comply with the SEMI PV29-0212 industry standard. The new DataMan solar reader can also be used to read DPM (Direct Part Mark) codes on PV wafers or thin-film glass panels making it the most versatile reader for the entire solar industry.DataMan 302  


  • Unmatched read rate performance
  • Decode multiple codes within in one image presented at any angle
  • 2DMax+™ algorithm can handle variations in marking, damaged Data Matrix clocking or timing patterns and codes further degraded during the harsh manufacturing process
  • Flexible lighting and optics


The blue lighting module allows you to create the best possible lighting for reading marks on blue PV wafers ensuring the highest read rates of DPM codes

Flexible lens options-C-Mount lens, S-Mount or a variable focus liquid lens provides maximum depth of field flexibility to ensure one reader model can be used for robotic presentation scanning (at high speeds), within confined spaces, as well as for decoding small marks within large fields of view (FOV)


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Parker's Flange-face Mounting

Eliminate the middleman!


Now offered as a standard option, the flange-face mounting on the PX and RX Stealth gearheads offers a number of advantages:

  Flange-face Mounting Gearheads

  • Allows a customer to directly mount to the gearhead's rotating shaft.  
  • Improves the torsional rigidity of the system which in turn allows for easier tuning of the servo and improved dynamic response.  
  • Overall envelope size of the assembly is reduced by this type of mounting configuration
SICK's G6 Global Sensors 

Exceptional Background Suppression and Extended Range


Get exceptional background suppression at an extended range with the new G6 sensor. The G6 has a custom ASIC chip that contains proprietary technology, enabling it to also easily detect multi-colored/shiny objects. It also features a PinPoint LED, which provides high immunity to ambient light, and cross talk immunity. SICK G6 Sensors


  • SICK ASIC chip for suppression of ambient light and cross talk
  • Adjustable background suppression
  • PinPoint LED for a precise & highly visible light spot
  • Passive area management
  • Bigger potentiometer for easy adjustment


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Rotary Indexing Table
Precise motor-driven rotary positioning


The 200RT Series of rotary tables from Parker are designed for precise motor-driven rotary positioning and indexing. These tables are designed to function independently or in conjunction with linear tables used for precision automation applications. Their low profile design minimizes stack height in multi-axis configurations and enables them to fit in many places where other motorized rotary devices cannot. 200RT Rotary Table


 Models are available in 5, 6, 8, 10, or 12 inch diameters and are offered with four gear ratios making it convenient to match size, speed, and load requirements.


  • Highly repeatable indexing (12 arc sec.)
  • Load capacities to 100 lbs.
  • 360 degrees continuous travel
  • Performance tested worm gear drive
  • Selectable table sizes and drive ratio
  • Dual race angular contact support bearing


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Helical Beam Coupling
Satisfy torque, flexibility, and stiffness requirements


Machined springs provide precise linear deflection rates because virtually all residual stresses are eliminated.


Helical Beam Coupling Helical curved beam coupling's™ spiral cuts accommodate angular and parallel misalignment, axial motion, and system vibrations.  One-piece couplings that incorporate multiple machined spiral cuts are commonly called helical-beam or material flexing couplings.  In high-speed applications designers must not only satisfy torque, flexibility, and stiffness requirements, but they also must consider resonance.


When used within design limits, helical-beam couplings also display extraordinary long fatigue life.


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R325P Single Axis Stepper Motor Drive
Compact, powerful, & cost effective
Combining compact size with high performance, the R325P can be utilized with stepper motors of many shapes and sizes.
R325P Stepper Drive Module


LIN Engineering's R325P microstepping driver is capable of output currents ranging from 0.3 to 3.0 amps peak while handling +12 to 48VDC of input voltage. With selectable step resolutions from Full stepping to 256x microstepping, the R325P stepper driver is capable of stepping a typical 1.8 degree motor over 51,000 steps per revolution! The R325P also boasts current reduction capability with adjustable current and timeout settings and three optically isolated inputs and one optically isolated control output that can be used for step, direction, disable/enable, and fault detection.


One of the biggest advantages of the R325P is its ease of use; with on-board DIP switches, there is no need to connect this device to a computer making set-up quick and simple.


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