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Skydiving cats
Skydiving cats
  Fur flies over a video of skydiving cats. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the free-falling felines.


DENSO Robotics - Vision-guided robot packages fuses
DENSO Robotics - Vision-guided robot packages fuses

White Paper


Encoder White Paper


Five proven advantages of using programmable encoders in your manufacturing processes.


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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Nikhil Rao, Application Engineer

Nikhil Rao  

This month we spotlight Nikhil Rao, Application Engineer in the Bay Area. 


 Nikhil's philosphy is to "love what you do and passionately pursue what you love".



Find out more about this adventurous bibliophile


Harsh Environment Rated Smartmotor

New Smaller SmartMotor™ Servos Bring Integrated Benefits to Wet Environments


Animatics' new harsh environment-rated SmarttMotor™ servos offer IP65 ratings with the convenience of a smaller frame size, NEMA23 and NEMA34, for compact applications. 


IP65 Smartmotor The sturdy design and thicker motor casing provides protection and durability, and therefore, any factory process using wash-down techniques or wet processing environments can benefit from the easily programmable SmartMotor and its unique features such as Combitronic communication protocol and stand alone linear interpolation.


  • Mil-style connectors
  • IP65 rating (with option to upgrade to IP67)
  • Sturdy design and thicker motor casing
  • 10 points of 24V I/O
  • DeviceNet or CANopen
  • Brake Option Available
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 DataMan 503 - Just point and read

The most challenging applications just got easy 

DataMan�  503 represents an expansion of Cognex's award-winning line of image-based barcode readers for logistics, postal, and retail distribution applications.

The highest read rates. DataMan 503  

  • Unmatched 1-D code reading with proprietary Hotbars™ image-analysis technology.
  • See what the reader sees with performance feedback either live or via FTP image archiving.
  • No moving parts. Higher reliability and longer usable product life.

This premiere technology offers:

  • 120 decodes per second
  • Wide belt coverage
  • Large depth of field
XR Series Robots 

Use up to 40% less valuable factory floor space


The XR-Series four-axis, compact gantry robots feature a ceiling mounted, flexible SCARA robot combined with a long-stroke Cartesian robot. As a result of their highly efficient, integrated design, the XR-Series robots use up to 40% less valuable factory floor space than a conventional SCARA robot. In addition, they can operate in many applications without the need of a conveyor, saving up to 20% in capital-equipment costs. ANSI and CE compliance allows global deployment.

XR Robot  

  • Outstanding speed and repeatability
  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Ceiling or wall mount maximizes work area
  • Fast cycle time of 0.53 sec.
  • Outstanding repeatability of �0.015 mm
  • Long x-axis stroke allows conveyorless operation, reducing equipment investment


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SICK Incremental Encoders
Track motion, position or velocity


Incremental encoders are used when retention of absolute position upon power loss is not required. Fixed count encoders contain a fixed number of lines that produce a corresponding number of pulses per revolution (PPR). 

Incremental Encoders


Some programmable encoder variants from SICK allow from 1 ... 65,536 lines, zero-pulse width and level of output signals programmable by customer.

Programmable encoders can be programmed to any line count in either the field or during production, providing benefits to end users.



Spur Gearheads
Lightweight, Compact and Low Friction


NE NEMA Series 

Lightweight, Compact, Low Frictions, Inline

Parker Bayside''s in-line NEMA gearheads feature a high efficiency spur gear design, in a lightweight, compact package. Designed to mount directly to the face of NEMA-face stepper and servo motors. 

Bayside Gearheads


NEMA gearheads are ideal for applications requiring smooth operation and low starting torque. Ratios from 3:1 to 100:1 (1:1 in right angle version) are available in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 frame sizes.


NR Nema Series 

Lightweight, Compact, Right Angle

The Right Angle version of Parker Bayside''s NEMA gearheads provides smooth operation, low starting Torque and high efficiency in a lightweight, compact package. And with a dual output shaft option, they''re flexible enought to work well in a variety of stepper or servo motor applications. Rations from 1:1 to 100:1 are available in NEMA 23, 34 and 42 Frame sizes. 


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