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Animatics Coordinated Motion of Multiple Axes
Animatics Coordinated Motion of Multiple Axes

When the technology artists behind this motorized sculpture needed an integrated and effective way to choreograph the movement of 65 precisely engineered mechanisms, they recruited the help of Animatics' SmartMotor™ solution.


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 "That's Cool" 
Pendulum Waves
Pendulum Waves

Fifteen uncoupled simple pendulums of monotonically increasing lengths dance together to produce visual traveling waves, standing waves, beating, and (seemingly) random motion.

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ReShoring Flag

Re-shoring - jobs are coming back to the U.S.


Carpe Diem article presents the lessons of a Seattle manufacturer featured in the NY Times on re-shoring, says expect a lot more jobs to come back to the U.S. from China .. the factors driving this new trend... 


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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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In-Sight 7010 is the entry level vision system!

The ideal out-of-the-box machine vision solution

AFx60 Encoders

With the unique combination of hardware features and software tools, the In-Sight 7010 is the ideal out-of-the-box solution for many straightforward vision applications. 


In-Sight� 7010 is an entry level vision system developed specifically for inspection tasks where vision sensors are too limited and a standard vision system may not be cost effective. Every aspect of the In-Sight 7010 has been designed to make deploying a vision system easier than ever before:

Autofocus Integrated autofocus

For production situations requiring regular part changes, or applications that require the vision system to be placed in hard-to-reach spaces.

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integrated lighting Integrated illumination
In-Sight 7010 offers integrated, field-replaceable white lighting as well as four specific color lights to highlight particular parts or features.

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Intuitive EasyBuilder� user interface

Power, flexibility and ease-of-use allow you to program solutions for your own vision applications

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New Structure / Innovative Core/ Innovative Encoder
The New Compact A5 Series Servo Motors


The A5 Series Servo Motors features significantly reduced weight and a more compact motor.  The new core design combined with an innovative compact encoder has contributed to a 10% to 25% (1 to 6 kg) reduction in motor weight in the 1 kW and larger class when compared with conventional motors.

A5 Servo Motors  

The new proprietary signal processing technology achieves 1.04 million pulses with a 20-bit incremental encoder. Ensures smoother operation and reduced vibration and ensures accurate positioning in a short time.


The A5 achieves the industry's lowest cogging by minimizing the pulse width by a new design incorporating a 10-pole rotor for the motor and a magnetic field parsing technique. Positioning and stability are greatly improved by the minimal torque variation. This results to improved speed stability and positioning of motor rotation.



Belt-driven actuators for high speed and long strokes
Parker's newest electric actuator offers cost-effective high performance


The OSPE Series (Origa System Plus electromechanical) is developed for reliability, high performance, easy handling and optimized design flexibility.  

Parker OSPE  

The main system carriers are the actuators themselves, consisting of extruded aluminum profiles with double dovetail slots on three sides, providing direct mounting for all modular options.


  • 4 major drive trains, multiple sizes and bearing options
  • 46 unique products to solve industrial motion needs
  • 1000's of standard configurable solutions 


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SICK OD Precision Distance Measurement Sensors
Highly accurate measurement down to sub-micron resolution


OD Precision short range distance sensors are laser sensors, which provide accurate distance measurements for applications that require a high degree of precision. They have a measurement range of up to 1,000 mm. Due to their accuracy, they are especially suited for controlling, sorting and inspection tasks used in quality control processes.

OD Precision


Suitable for non-contact measurement of nearly any object or color of material.  Common applications include measuring dimension, position and shape and machining tolerances.


  • Connects up to 3 sensors to one controller
  • High resolution (0.02 microns)
  • Glass thickness measurement with just one sensor head
  • Non-surface dependent measurement


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e-TORQ Motors Eliminate the Need for Speed Reducers
Extremely high torque, energy efficient, and extraordinary precision


The ironless stator of the e-TORQ motor from Bodine eliminates the iron saturation common to most other types of motors, and allows the motor to run smoothly at extremely low speeds, even when powered by a standard drive.


e-TORQ's high peak torque capability can allow, in certain applications, the elimination of costly gearboxes and reduce the risk of lubricant leaks. For example, a 14-inch e-TORQ motor can deliver more than 200 lb-in. at speeds of up to 1,200 rpm.



When combined with a high performance digital amplifier, a Bodine e-TORQ system becomes an easy-to-set-up, high performance motion control solution. e-TORQ motors can eliminate the need for a planetary gearhead, or other mechanical gear reduction methods.


  • Zero cogging at slow speeds
  • Alternative to planetary gearmotors
  • High torque linearity
  • Multiple windings are possible at any voltages between 24V and 300V.


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