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Parker servo motor helps propel Brammo to first place at the TTXGP World Championship.  

Here is the motor peak power progression from the 2010 bike (MPP1904 - 80 hp) to the 2011 bike (MPT2105 - 132 hp) and finally to the 2012 bike (GVM2105 - 190 hp).  

"That's Cool" 
Ultimate playground; l'Autodrome, France
Way to crazy!!



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Outsourcing Failures Now in Top 3 as Causes of Supply Chain Disruption


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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Dave Kennedy, Senior Automation Sales Engineer
Dave Kennedy

Now's your chance to learn a little more about Dave, who has been at Olympus for over 10 years.  

AC Variable Speed Drives 1 - 25HP

AC350V Exceptional control of Pump, fan and general purpose applications


The AC30V industrial drive has been specifically designed to provide users with exceptional levels of control for pumps, fans and general purpose applications. The new AC30V series combines ease-of-use with high levels of control for a wide range of applications where reliable, accurate motor speed control are key requirements. Offered in three frame sizes that cover a power range of 1 HP through 25 HP


It's flexible and highly modular construction enables a wide range of communications and I/O modules to be easily added as required. . The AC30V series can be mounted as either an IP20 backplate or through-panel drive.



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 Handheld Code Reader with Mobile Computer

Industry-leading DataMan� DPM (direct part mark) reading technology is now available on a mobile computer 
DataMan 9500
The DataMan 9500 mobile computer was specifically designed for the rugged conditions of the factory floor yet is small and lightweight enough to fit comfortably in the hand with easy-to-use ergonomic controls.


This industrial-grade mobile computer is ideal for reading DPM (direct part mark) codes in applications where operators need to read and view code data but cannot be stationed at a terminal or PC.  Mobile code reading applications include subassembly rework, repair/maintenance, inventory management, process tracking and more!


  • 2DMax™ and 1DMax™ technology has set the industry standard for code reading.  
  • UltraLight� integrated illumination provides different types of lighting techniques used for reading DPM codes.  
  • Liquid lens variable focus technology enables a single reader to decode DPM marks close up, or barcodes from a distance.  
  • Wi-Fi Communications connects directly to factory networks via 802.11 a/b/g protocols on 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for real-time wireless communication.
Positioning and Control of FPD Glass 

New Way Announces Assignment of Patent for Positioning and Control of FPD Glass


New Way� Air Bearings, the world's largest independent manufacturer of porous media air bearing products, announced that is has acquired ownership of US patent #6781684, titled 'Workpiece Levitation Using Alternating Positive and Negative Pressure Flows'.  


This patent  adds to New Way's intellectual property in the field of handling and control of thin substrates, particularly in the area of optical inspection of flat panel displays (FPDs).

Air Bearings  

New Way provides a line of scalable, modular solutions for the non-contact handling of glass is critical to the Flat Panel Display (FPD) and Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panel manufacturing processes.


  • Air Bushings - Designed based on round shaft guides these components run on standard precision steel shafting.
  • Air Bars - New Way offers a line of modular air bearing components specifically designed to meet the non-contact glass-handling requirements of the Flat Panel Display and Solar Module manufacturing processes.
  • Air Bearings - The ideal components for building frictionless linear motion.
  • Radial Air Bearings - The ideal components for building frictionless rotary motion,in either concave or convex configurations.


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EtherCAT Digital Drives
Copley Controls Digital Drives with EtherCAT Communications


EtherCAT Drives

Offering both servo & stepper drives in efficient, high power-density module and panel-mount packages, Copley has the solution for your EtherCAT system. DC as well as AC-powered drives are available in the 100W - 6kW power range. 2-axis drives significantly reduce cost per node. A comprehensive set of motor feedbackinterfaces is standard. All drives feature high resolution A/D converters for optimal current control as well as fast, hardware-based position capture and setpoint trigger outputs.

EtherCAT is the open real-time Ethernet network that sets new standards for real-time performance and topology flexibility.  EtherCAT reaches new dimensions in network performance, for example; communication with 100 servo axes only takes 100 �s. During this time, all axes are provided with set values and control data and report their actual position and status.


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