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DENSO Robotics - New VS-Series Robots
  The new DENSO VS-Series six-axis articulated robots are the world's fastest and most precise in their class


"That's Cool" 
Who needs a mountain bike?
Who needs a mountain bike?
  Martyn Ashton looked to get his ultimate ride out of the awesome Pinarello Dogma 2 road bike.



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As lure of China's cheap labor dims, more jobs may be returning to U.S.


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OC3DWe have Solid Models available to download for many of the products we sell.             

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Employee Spotlight: Bruce Hagerty, Senior Engineer
Bruce Hagerty

"I have a ton of advise that I would give younger me, if I felt like younger me would listen to older me."  

Stealth MultiDrive Gearheads

Features Stealth� helical design


Stealth�  MultiDrive (MD) offers three different output options for true flexibility. MultiDrive models include low-ratio, dual-shaft and hollow-shaft options in a compact, right angle package. With 5 frame sizes and multiple ratios to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a Stealth� MultiDrive to fit your servo motor application.

MultiDrive Stealth Gearheads

  • MultiDrive™ features Stealth� helical gearing for high torque, high accuracy and quiet operation in a compact, right-angle package.
  • Low Backlash - Standard as low as 8 arc minutes and 4 arc minutes optional
  • Space Saving - compact, right-angle design saves space in many applications
  • Smooth, Quiet Operation and Long Life - hardened, precision spiral bevel gears ensure quiet operation
  • Quick, Error-Free Mounting to any servo or stepper motor using Parker Bayside's patented ServoMount� design 

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 "Making Monsters"

Parker helps produce Spooktacular effects 

As seen on the Travel Channel's "Making Monsters" on Sunday, October 21st. 

Scary skeletons. Monstrous masks. Bloodthirsty bats. They're all part of the haunt industry, which creates decorations and props for haunted houses and other creepy-themed attractions around the world. One of Parker's customers not only specializes in this market, but they've got their own reality show on the Travel Channel. 



Join Parker product experts Aaron Wilson and John Lin as they help Distortions Unlimited use ACR9000 controller technology to create frightfully realistic animatronics that are to die for.


The ACR family is one of the highest-performing motion controller families on the market today. This high processing power enables the control of coordinated motion for up to eight axis.

VS-Series Six-axis Articulated Robots 

The world's fastest and most precise in their class


The VS-Series features ultraslim arms to facilitate integration and an optional bottom-side cable connection that saves valuable floor space. The robots can be mounted on the floor, ceiling or wall with no special hardware needed.  

VS Robot  

The 6 axis VS-Series robots combine high speed and repeatability with powerful load-handling capability. They have a 5 kg maximum payload capacity and a maximum allowable moment of inertia (0.295 kgm� at J4 and J5, and 0.045 kgm� at J6) 2.5 times greater than conventional robots.


A new internal wiring option allows users to easily connect Gigabit Ethernet devices and servo grippers directly to the flange, preventing cables from becoming tangled or interfering with peripheral equipment. 


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Maximizing Conveyor Throughput
Zero contact, zero wear:The smart solution for conveyor belts


Bulkscan� LMS 511 laser volume flowmeter uses time-of-flight technology for non-contact measurement of volume flow on conveyor belts. Using the multi-echo technology, the Bulkscan LMS511 can combine time-of-flight data with the belt speed to generate a reliable volume flow signal, regardless of the bulk material's properties or weather conditions. 



Aside from calculating total quantities and mass flow, the Bulkscan� LMS511 can monitor the operation of the conveyor belt without coming into physical contact with it and promptly gives warning of any belt slippage. The integrated center-of-gravity calculator can be used to detect uneven loading of the bulk material and avoid excessive belt wear.


  • Maximizes conveyor throughput
  • Reduces maintenance costs by preventing belt slippage
  • Increases conveyor belt service life
  • Reduces loading time
  • Increases efficiency by optimizing belt capacity
You Make the Call   
White Paper: Industrial Ethernet Solutions EtherCAT and Ethernet Powerlink 
You Make the Call        

Fieldbusses have become an integrated component of automation technology. They have been tried and tested and are now widely established. It was fieldbus technology that enabled the wide-scale application of PC-based control systems.


The focus of this paper is to take a look at two of the protocols often employed within automation products:  Ethernet Powerlink and EtherCAT [1].


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