Monthly e-newsletter - July 2015


I've now been here more than five months and I'd like to thank everyone for helping me feel welcome and for providing your insight and perspective on a variety of issues. 


I've heard feedback about how you feel about everything from our website, worship schedule, grounds maintenance, hospitality efforts, specific events and a host of other important issues.  I'm glad congregants feel comfortable reaching out to me. I always welcome your input.


I invite you to contact me anytime with questions or comments about anything that is most important to you.

Warm regards, Dr. Laura Bernstein, Executive Director   

Building Community
Going Green at TBE
Performing mitzvot is a cornerstone of Reform Judaism. One of the most important mitzvot we can perform is caring for our planet. The newly formed Green Team, a subcommittee of the Building Property & Grounds Committee, will focus on reducing the Temple's carbon footprint and becoming a more sustainable congregation.
If you're interested in helping to build a greener TBE please attend the Green Team kickoff meeting on July 13 at 7:00pm. For more information or to RSVP, contact our Executive Director. 
Hanna Markiewitz: Judaism Travels

Hanna Markiewitz, daughter of congregants Robert and Kelly Markiewitz, has been traveling around the world, contributing interesting insights on her blog, Gringa Girl. In the past four years she has spent Passover in three different countries. As we reflect on preparation in advance of the high holidays, Johanna reminds us that our home is where our hearts are. Read more about her adventures here

From the blog... This was the setup of the seder as people were just beginning to file into the building. The whole bottom floor was filled, the balcony was packed and I was in a back room connected by windows to the room below with at least 100 more people.
Making a Difference
Thanks to Jered Mond, TBE's very own FOOD DUDE

One of the key components of Relational Judaism is building community, which is best accomplished around a good meal. For this reason we thank Jered Mond, TBE's Food and Beverage Director. From preparing beautiful and delicious preneg, oneg and special event spreads, to keeping staff fed and focused in meetings. He even provides Goldfish crackers to tide over early arrivals on Friday night Shabbat! Jered works tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make every event special through food. 
Gratitude for Gifts

Sacred Giving: It's in our hearts. It's in our hands.

In Jewish celebration, few moments are as joyous as the chair dance. Now imagine you are the person in the chair, being supported and lifted up by your loved ones. In the same way, you are supported and lifted up by your congregation during all of life's milestones and adventures.


In this spirit, we invite you to join all Temple Beth El members in making your annual Sacred Gift commitment.

If you did not receive your Sacred Giving packet in the mail, please contact the Director of Congregational Engagement Director of Congregational Engagement.


We thank you in advance for your 2015-2016 commitment. 

The Schloss Fund & Summer Lecture


Happy Schloss

Marc Silverman's uncle, Simeon Archibald "Happy" Schloss, Jr., was a founder of Temple Beth El. Years ago, Marc and Mattye Silverman established the Schloss Fund in his memory and subsequently the Schloss Summer Lecture. 


This year's lecture will take place Friday, July 17. Following Shabbat services guest speaker, Gil Tamary, will discuss "A New Israeli Knesset - What does it mean for Israel? What does it mean for us?" 


Donations to this fund enable Temple to host thought provoking, interesting lectures each summer. Thank you Marc and Mattye for your commitment to bring current issues to Temple Beth El each summer!  

Giving in Their Own Words: Marc and Laura Lewin

We joined Temple Beth El in 2001 soon after moving to Charlotte. Since then, the temple has enriched our lives. 


Within a short time, we gained a strong sense of connection with Charlotte's Jewish community and met some of our closest friends.  We have taken part in so many classes, workshops, youth groups, Kallot and most recently celebrated our second family b'nei mitzvah. 

We sincerely want the temple to continue to thrive for our family long after we are gone. For this reason, we decided to include Temple Beth El in our long term estate planning.


Thanks to the Lewins for their gift. Read more on the TBE website to learn more about planned giving.

In This Issue
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Featured Events:

Schloss Summer Lecture

Friday, July 17 starting at 7:15pm

Tisha B'Av Program

Sunday, July 26 starting at 2pm 

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Wildacres Retreat
Join us Labor Day Weekend for the Wildacres Retreat!
Each year we escape to the mountains, where we eat, drink, learn, play, pray, and eat some more. Reservation and a deposit is required. Learn more online.
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TBE in Pictures:
Viva Klesmer!

 S.P.I.C.E. hosted Viva Klesmer in June. 

Photos from Israel:
Rabbi Jonathan and a group from Temple Beth El are visiting Israel. We have been following them on Facebook. Have you?
Congregants on a Jeep touring Golan Heights.
Modern Jerusalem
Clergy Message: Making Temple Beth El a "Blue Zone"
by Cantor Mary Thomas

I recently came across this 2012 New York Times Magazine article about Blue Zones, where people have remarkable longevity and relatively little disease.


Blue Zone residents live incredibly full and independent lives well into their 90s and beyond. They have room for casual social interactions every day. They take naps. They rarely rely on watches. They walk places. Lunch or supper were
are always shared and leisurely enough to often involve a moderate consumption of homemade wine. Life, it seems, is just not about work. They work, but life, living, community, sharing are simply more important. 


What if we lived in a world where your community simply accepted you, if you always fit, if everyone was working toward the same goals? If you felt free and empowered to shape the world around you to fit?  Read more here.

RABBI SEARCH: The latest update
The 14 members of the rabbinic search committee have been meeting regularly with a great deal of progress to show for our efforts. Our opening was posted the first week in June and several excellent candidates have responded so far. Check out TBE Inside News on our website for all updates from the Search Committee.