Monthly e-newsletter - June 2015
We hope you enjoy this e-newsletter, redesigned in response to congregational feedback. This new format is mobile-friendly and links to relevant information on the TBE website. Our hope is the monthly Voice and the weekly Shabbat to Shabbat emails connect you immediately to the information you need most. Look for the new Quarterly Connection mailing this August. Have a great start to the summer!
Building Community
Mitzvah Day Success

"Mitzvah Day is the chance for our Religious School students to put their learning into action" shares Susan Jacobs, our Director of Education.  "Our study of Torah, mitzvot and Jewish values all come into play as we go out into the community to live what we teach.  So many of the projects help our students learn about our neighbors who need a helping hand, a nutritious meal, words of comfort or a visit, and support.  We are proud of our families who help to heal the world through Tikkun Olam."  Lisa Moreland, chair of this year's Mitzvah Day shared what she liked most about the event: "Seeing the TBE community come together to work as one big group for the greater good was fantastic!  So many working hands and helpful hearts!  We as a Temple shone bright on Mitzvah Day!"


This year we had over 500 people participate in 28 projects. We prepared 250 lunches for the Salvation Army (up from 75) and made 300 more Sterling summer fun bags to meet the school's demand. 


Check out the Charlotte Observer article, and remember you can make any day Mitzvah Day; visit the Action & Justice section of our website for volunteer opportunities.

TBE helps children at Alexander Youth Center
Congratulations Confirmation Class 2015

TBE proudly confirmed 29 of our tenth grade students on Friday, May 22. That evening we also presented Rachael Davis and C.J. Torcellini with the 2015 Michelle Miller Award. To learn more about all of these upstanding young men and women, read the article on our website

Making a Difference
Thanks to Lisa Moreland: Mitzvah Day Mastermind
Thanks to Lisa Moreland who spent countless hours organizing service projects associated with Mitzvah Day. Thanks also to Tara Benson (donation solicitation), Marissa Brooks(Religious School coordinator) and co-chair Janna Stein.
Tamar Myers receives "Lamed Vavnik" Award

Congratulations to Tamar Myers who received the 2015 Temple Beth El WRJ/Sisterhood "Lamed Vavnik" Award.  A WRJ/SIsterhood "Lamed Vavnik" is a woman who sustains the Temple Beth El community through her

 unassuming dedication, goodness, perseverance, and faith. A talented artist and gardener, Myers is quick with a smile and gives her talent freely. Learn more about her in the upcoming Quarterly Connection, hitting mailboxes later this summer.   

Gratitude for Gifts

The Locke Family Conversion Fund

Fred Locke, a long time Temple Beth El member, has established the Locke Family Conversion Fund in memory of his wife, Leslie, who died two years ago. Fred, who converted prior to their marriage, has always felt his learning about Judaism and becoming Jewish was one of the most important things he has done. Fred felt supporting others on the path to becoming Jewish would be a wonderful tribute to Leslie. For ways to honor the memory of those you love, learn more about Funds & Endowments. 

Creating a Legacy: Neil and Carol Sandler
We recognize Neil and Carol Sandler, who have planned to leave gifts to TBE as part of our Create a Jewish Legacy (CJL) program. Learn more about planned giving.
Giving in Her Own Words: Susan Bogarad

Gary and I were an Interfaith couple when we were married. We relocated back to Charlotte in 1992 and we decided to attend services initially in Temple Beth El in early 1994...

As we prepared for each of the children's B'nei Mitzvah, I became very interested in Judaism, history and traditions. Eventually I became a Jew by choice... Gary and I want to give back to future generations. We knew we could do our part by being part of the CJL program.


How did Susan's faith grow? What influenced her decision to give? Read more of Susan's story in her own words.

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Clergy Message: Summer and Celebrating a New Beth El Sacred Space
by Rabbi Judy Schindler
Summer offers us additional gateways to spirituality. Reb Nachman, my favorite Chasidic Rabbi and mystic, found God in the sanctuary of nature. He taught that we should pray to God by going on daily walks through fields and forests.

Reb Nachman prayed: God, grant me the ability to be alone; may it be my custom to go outdoors each day among the trees and grass - among all growing things and there may I be alone, and enter into prayer, to talk with God. And may all the foliage of the field - all grasses, trees, and plants - awake at my coming, to send the powers of their life into the words of my prayer.

Pavilion Under Construction
Donna Levin, of blessed memory, loved this text of Reb Nachman's prayer set to Debbie Friedman's music. She'd listen to just a couple of words sung by Cantor Bernard and tears would come streaming down her face. "It makes me think of my immortality," Donna would say, "It prepares me."  More... 
The Results are In!
Congregational Survey Complete
In early 2015, a Transition Task Team was created to begin evaluating our congregation's future rabbinic needs. As part of this process a congregational survey was conducted.  As with many surveys, the results show trends and provide fodder for additional exploration. Want to see how we did? Check the website!