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December 2015
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Congratulations to those certified at the November 2015 meeting in Decatur, GA. 

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2016 Invoices Mailed

Invoices for 2016 member and center dues have been mailed. Please let the national office know if you have not received an invoice by December 14th at

Gratitude Flows
By David C Johnson, ACPE President
David Johnson 2x3

I am writing this article after my 65th birthday, the November ACPE Board meeting and before our national Thanksgiving holiday. As I write I am full of gratitude. I am aware as are most of us, that there are problems in the world where terrorism continues to disrupt many Individuals' daily lives; where racism, sexuality and class biases and hate still rule the day for many; and where hunger, poverty, death and dying touch many of the folks we and our students come into contact with every day. It is enough for one to become angry, depressed, pessimistic, addicted, or apathetic. I am not. Gratitude flows from my heart because in the midst of all the negative news that comes our way, love still overcomes.
At the ACPE Board meeting many reports were received and votes taken and the business of the association was pushed along. If that is all you focus on, then you would miss the glue that binds us together and invites us to grow. Certification certified and aspirants cried: some in celebration, others in anguish. All with a desire to serve in a cause that has been meaningful to them. Accreditation accredited and made sure that each center reviewed was offering a quality product in our name. Standards visioned the future and attempted to understand what is needed beyond the 2016 Standards manual. The Distinguished Service Award was reviewed and selected. The Foundation reported on money given by the membership and the funding for special projects in needed areas which are served by our membership. From where does this activity flow?
It flows from the gratitude that we carry for the transformation that we have experienced and for the transformation that we hope generations into the future will experience. It flows from the knowledge that small actions can have huge impact. It flows from the hope that healing will come to a hurting world, as we go about our work, offer prayers and dream. As Dennis Kenney is fond of saying, "where else can you gather a Jew, Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, and others in a room and have intense personal conversations about their personal belief system and walk out arm and arm?" Only CPE. As chaplains, caregivers, and supervisors, we have the best jobs in the world!
Lastly, my heart flows with gratitude for the work done by the four works groups: international relationships, professional development practice, certification process, and organizational design (see their articles below). They have worked tirelessly to bring to ACPE creativity and a fresh look at how we can do our business as an Association. Their work is not completed but will continue. Their work is a gift of love that will span more than two years. For the first time a work group will move from one president's docket to another. Member and staff input have been vital to bringing us to this point. The change offered provides us an opportunity to expand our horizon. It is not only exciting, it is heartening.
I hope as you read this article, each of you will begin to feel the energy that is moving within ACPE. May it be our contribution to a hurting world in need of love and healing? Gratitude flows from such a wellspring.

Organization Design Work Group

By David Carl, Organizational Design Work Group Chair

The ACPE Organizational Design Work Group (ODWG) has been in listening mode for the first months of our task. We have been engaged in two processes to invite ACPE members to comment on the opportunities, challenges, hopes and concerns of our association: 1) for six weeks in August-September 2015 the membership was sent weekly questions and invited to respond on a digital discussion board (at the end of that process the questions were refined based on the membership feedback which can be viewed in the online ACPE Exchange); and 2) during September-October 2015 each regional meeting included a facilitated process addressing eight questions. At each region members divided into smaller discussion groups, completed a form listing the questions, and debriefed with the facilitator. Seventy-five forms were completed representing over 500 participants. These too can be viewed on the online ACPE Exchange.
The ODWG then met with Donna Dunn, our consultant from Tecker, in a day-long meeting at the Fall Leadership Meeting in Atlanta. During this time we began discussing what we have been hearing from the membership and discerning how we could take this feedback forward to our ACPE meeting in Denver. We further engaged other leaders for several hours to reflect on the summary of our findings. We look forward to the Denver meeting when we will engage all the more as a large membership group as to the future of ACPE.

Certification Reform Work Group

By Mary Stewart Hall, Certification Reform Work Group Chair

Becoming a CPE Supervisor is a developmental process. This core belief has guided The Certification Reform Task Force in our work together over the last eighteen months. As such, our conversations focused on how the certification process could reflect this core belief and become more developmental in nature.  Many of you have participated in this conversation as well.  Thank-you for your interest, your commitment, your creativity and your input. In November, we asked the ACPE Board to endorse a more formative, developmental certification process that includes competency assessments, the creation of portfolios, a core curriculum and national cohort groups. The Board endorsed the broad direction we proposed asked us to develop each aspect.  We are excited about the direction and remain committed to creating a certification process that is both rigorous and reflective of a developmental educational process. 

Professional Development Work Group

By Amy Greene, Professional Development Work Group Chair

For the past 18 months, the Professional Development Task Force has been exploring improvements for our collective Peer Review and Continuing Education/Development requirements. We were also given the charge to look at Preparation to Supervise SESs. We quickly determined that supervising future supervisors is decidedly different from supervising Levels I and II, and that we wanted a pathway (for those who have never supervised at that level as well as for those who have) that allowed for significant support and the ongoing maintenance of competence.  We were given the clear edict not to add any layers of certification and we have kept this promise. This clear set of goals immediately led us to a more dynamic approach to Peer Review - involving more accountability and critical feedback - as well as Continuing Education - involving the ongoing learning and professionalism of supervisors at any level. Working closely with the Certification Reform task force as their vision has unfolded, we came away from the November board meeting excited about the collective movement toward educational processes (for upcoming and veteran supervisors alike) that will be thorough, professional, relational and just.

International Relations Work Group

By Mark Jensen, International Relations Work Group Chair

This group has been re-imagining ways to relate to individual and institutional partners outside the U.S. Many good things are already happening, thanks to the creativity of centers, regions, and supervisors.  With the support of the Board of Representatives, we're bringing to the May meeting some proposed by-law changes that create new ways of being affiliated with ACPE as either an individual (student or teacher of pastoral care) or an institution (as a site for CPE or as a professional organization that offers CPE).  We will make changes to the ACPE website that makes connecting with us easier and collects resources for supervisors and centers creating partnerships outside of US borders. With the help of the Certification Task Force, we are exploring ways that Supervisory Education students from outside the US who complete some benchmarked training in the US might complete their certification in their home country if they so choose. Watch this space for more details in the coming months!
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Welcome Foursquare
The ACPE warmly welcomes our newest Denomination/Faith Group/Agency member! The ACPE board approved their membership application at its November 2015 meeting. 

Chaplain Will Ghere
PO Box 26902
Los Angeles, CA 90026

"Danke Schoen! Thank You! Gracias! Merci!"

By Ute Schmidt, Annual Campaign Chair

Ute Schmidt
It's December already! And, this is my last monthly contribution to the ACPE newsletter as Chair of the Annual Campaign. What an extraordinary year 2015 has been for ACPE and the Annual Campaign. To date, we have raised $52,347 from 276 donors.  And, we still have a full month left for you to make a gift to ACPE! You can do so here.
Serving as your Chair of the Annual Campaign has been an honor and a delight. As Wayne Newton beautifully puts it in his song, all I can say is "Thank you! Danke Schoen! Gracias! Merci!" for your support, your incredible generosity, your questions and your ideas. Many of you shared ACPE stories with me that reflect how passionate we are about the educational process infused by the relationships with each other and our students. One of my favorite poems, "Beginners" by Denise Levertov, comes to mind when I think of our work in ACPE and what's budding,
We have only begun
to imagine the fullness of life.
How could we tire of hope?
-so much is in bud. We have only begun to know
the power that is in us if we would join
our solitudes in the communion of struggle.
So much is unfolding that must
complete its gesture,
so much is in bud.

There is so much hope and excitement about the future of ACPE in the air:  reasons to celebrate where we have been, how far we have come and where to go from here. May you all have opportunities to enjoy this Holy Season in its' many expressions.
2016 ACPE Annual Campaign Chair: Biju Chacko

2016 ACPE Annual Campaign Chair Elect: Melissa Walker-Luckett

ACPE 2015 Regional Champions                           
East Central:                                Leslie Small Stokes
Eastern:                                       Harlan Ratmeyer  
Mid-Atlantic:                                 Biju Chacko
North Central:                              Roger Ring
Northeast:                                    Kathleen Gallivan
Pacific:                                          George Fitzgerald
South Central & Southwest:         Renita Heinzl
Southeast:                                    Stephen Robinson

Innovation Program Awards

At their November meeting, the Foundation for ACPE board of directors approved $28,500 in grant awards to support four innovative CPE projects. The committee received 15 proposals requesting a total of $411,370. The 2015 Innovative Program Award Committee consisted of Ruth Alpers, Kathleen Gallivan, Don Ledbetter and Nancy Anderson, chair.

The awarded projects are:
  1. Fairview & the University of Medical Center: "Responding to Change in Patient Care: Outpatient CPE & Interdisciplinary Research Models"
  2. Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches: "CPE in Community Justice Ministries-A Prison, a Drop-in Center for Women in the Sex Trade, and an Addiction Treatment Center"
  3. Mosaic Life Care: "Collaboration for the Advancement of ACPE Clinical Pastoral Education: Truman Medical Centers and Mosaic Life Care at Saint Joseph Medical Center"
  4. Penn State Hershey Medical Center/ CPE Center: "Using My-Gift-of-Grace Game to Support Advance Care-Planning Conversation Education for CPE Participants"
The Innovative Program Award Committee expresses appreciation to everyone who applied, and congratulates all of the awarded applicants! Please stay on the lookout for details about the 2016 Innovative Program Award cycle!

For more information, contact Jasmine Terry Okafor
Upcoming Webinar
The Mystery of the Supervisor Conference
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2015
Time: 12:00-1:00PM ET
Presenter: Dennis Kenny

Our standards ask us to evaluate the individual supervision abilities of our supervisory students, to look at the ability to build learning alliances, help set goals, and evaluate students practice.

We are asked to have a group theory and talk about how we lead groups.  I have never heard a student asked what they do in supervisory conference, why they do it and what the end goal of it is. 

Click here to Register and Learn More
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