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October 2015
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Headed to San Francisco! Will you join me?
By David C Johnson, ACPE President
David Johnson 2x3

The International Congress on Pastoral Care and Counseling (ICPCC) will be held October 15-21, 2015 in San Francisco, CA. The ICPCC moves around the globe meeting every four years. It is returning to the US this year. It is being hosted by ACPE through a collaboration of four of our regions: the Pacific, Southwest, South Central and North Central. The national body has given both administrative and financial support to this wonderful opportunity. As president this is a proud moment and what I love best about ACPE. Four regions saw a need and met it. The request to come to the US came at a time when the national office could not handle providing for a conference such as this. These four regions came together and said, "Yes we can!" They believed that it was time for the ICPCC to come to the US and they wanted to make the invitation a reality. Trace Haythorn and I will be attending the conference as representatives of ACPE but the real representatives are the many members from these four regions who have worked diligently to bring this conference to fruition.
George Fitzgerald and Rod Seeger have given of themselves as the Co-Conveners of the ICPCC. George is well-known for his work internationally for many years. Rod has served ACPE in many ways and volunteered graciously to be one of the leaders who could easily put his feet on the ground since he lives in the Bay area. The Program Planning Committee of Mirjam Berger (Southwest), Janet Barriger (South Central), Janet MacLean (North Central), and Kent Schaufelberger (Pacific) invested themselves and their talents to create a program and multiple activities that promises to be informative and stimulating.

Update from Accreditation

By Marc Medwed, Program Manager

As you have been reading in previous newsletters, the Accreditation Commission is in the process of transitioning our various processes to electronic documents, electronic submissions and electronic record keeping. We embarked on a pilot project last year in which 23 centers completed their 5-Year Reviews utilizing LiveText, our online program, and it was a wonderful success.
At its meeting in May 2015, the Accreditation Commission voted to continue with the implementation of LiveText and determined that we would use LiveText for all Annual Reports and all upcoming 5-Year Reviews. Over the next year, we will be developing the process for transitioning 10-Year Accreditation Reviews to the LiveText platform, so we will continue to utilize the same process for the coming year.
Adoption and implementation of new technology and processes can be overwhelming, but the National Office is committed to making it as easy and user-friendly as possible. Watch your email inbox for a special News You Can Use edition on October 15, 2015 where we will have detailed instructions, a schedule of live Q & A sessions and everything you will need to know to prepare your center's annual report or 5-Year Review in 2016.

Student Unit Database Update

October 15th Deadline to Register Summer Units

The first phase of the new Student Unit Database roll out is well underway. As of today, over 1,200 students have successfully enrolled for their fall units since September 1st. Please ensure all of your students, including SESs, are enrolled by the end of their orientation.

In mid-October, we will send out further instructions for ACPE Supervisors to register completion of units at the end of fall units for their enrolled students.

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Standards Approved Changes

By The Standards Committeeupdate

The 2016 Standards and Manuals are published on the ACPE website and will be effective January 1, 2016. The Standards Committee is providing rational for the substantive changes to help clarify their reasoning. 

To share a comment or seek further clarification go to

Please click here to see the full article of changes

Upcoming Webinars

Topic: Behavioral Outcomes of Supervisory CPE
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
12:00PM - 1:00PM EST
Presenter: Judith R. Ragsdale, M.Div., Ph.D.

Friday, October 23, 2015
12:00PM-1:00PM EDT
Presenter: Lex Tartaglia and George Fitchett
Click here to register by 10/16 (maximum of 50 participants)
Listening Generously and Giving Extravagantly
By Ute Schmidt, 2015 Annual Campaign Chair
Ute Schmidt

Recently a generous gift to the Foundation was made honoring my work as chaplain and educator, as "someone who listens generously" and welcoming me into the family of my new husband. I was incredibly moved and beyond words of appreciation. This single gesture is an example of what Peter Karoff, founder of The Philanthropic Initiative, calls "the poetry of philanthropy which begins with the creative imaginative surge that we feel when we are deeply moved. It requires an internal readiness in your personal process, a willingness to attempt what hasn't been done before. The soil has to be fertile, you can feed it and nurture it, but cannot make it happen without finding those moments in time when there is a real readiness to make a leap." You and all CPE Supervisors and Chaplains are "generous listeners." Are you moved enough to make that leap of faith and begin giving extravagantly to the Foundation - just like my new step-daughter did?

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Donate Today!
New Horizons for Foundation for ACPE
By Stu Plummer, President, Foundation

Greetings ACPE Colleagues!

2015 has been a year full of positive transitions for the Foundation, and we are paying close attention to how we manage the Association's assets.  Here are a few highlights:
  • We have been busy updating our data and donor management system. Also, with a working case statement in hand we are identifying funding opportunities for key ACPE priorities, including digitally outfitting our new classroom, expanding our multi-faith initiatives, and expanding CPE into international settings.
  • Despite a somewhat volatile market, the ACPE Endowment remains strong at close to $1.9 million, thanks to careful financial stewardship.
  • Our 542 Church Street property is currently under contract and the buyer has until December 31, 2015 to close.  We are hopeful that the deal will go through, and that we will realize a significant profit from the sale. 
  • The Innovative Program Awards committee received 15 proposals for creative CPE projects. We have $29,560 available for grants, and look forward to announcing awarded projects after the fall leadership meeting in November.
  • The 2015 Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work campaign has raised over $31,000 to date, and we hope to end the year with 100% member giving participation!
I am energized by our accomplishments so far, and look forward to new horizons!
HIPPA Compliance
In recent conversations with our colleagues at the  Association of Professional Chaplains (APC), it came to our attention that there has been an increase in HIPAA violations by BCCI certification candidates. While these violations are not intentional, HIPAA is the law and there are consequences for candidates in the process.
We are sharing this with you, ACPE Supervisors, as it is important to know about areas of concern or that need additional focus in our programs to better support our students as well as to maintain legal and ethical compliance within our programs.
Click here for a link to an article that APC recently published on this topic. For additional resources/information, click here to visit the US Department of Health and Human Services website.
Transforming Chaplaincy Project Launched

This summer marked the beginning of the Transforming Chaplaincy: Promoting Research Literacy for Improved Patient Outcomes project. The project, funded by the John Templeton Foundation, with support from the APC, NACC, NAJC and ACPE, aims to equip healthcare chaplains to use research to guide, evaluate, and advocate for the daily spiritual care they provide patients, family members and colleagues. Transforming Chaplaincy has three exciting initiatives. The project will provide:
1) Research Chaplain Fellowships to pay for 16 board-certified chaplains to complete a two-year, research-focused master's degree;
2) Curriculum DevelopmentGrants to 70 CPE programs to support incorporation of research literacy education in their residency curricula; and
3) a free Online Continuing Education course, Religion, Spirituality and Health: An Introduction to Research for members of the supporting organizations.
You'll find details about these three initiatives, including application information and timelines, on the project website ( Check the Calendar page of the website for important information about activities we have organized to provide additional information about the Fellowships and CPE Grants. These include an ACPE-supported webinar entitled Teaching Research Literacy in CPE, upcoming informational conference calls, and conferences and ACPE regional events where a Transforming Chaplaincy representative will be on hand to answer questions. Sign up on the website to be on the email list to receive updates on applications and project-related events.You are also welcome to contact the project coordinator, Kathryn Lyndes, PhD, (312)942-0247 for further information.
ICPCC 2015
San Francisco
October 15-21, 2015
San Francisco, CA
For only the second time in its history, the International Congress on Pastoral Care & Counseling will meet in the USA. The International Congress is comprised of spiritual care, counseling and education associations as well as educators and practitioners from around the globe. It works to bring together diverse religious traditions, styles of spiritual care practice and cultural understandings that broaden the thinking and work of spiritual care workers everywhere. 

Save the Date: REM 2016

Save the Date for REM 2016! REM 2016 will be meeting February 3-6, 2016 in Albuerque, New Mexico. The meeting will be at Embassy Suites (505) 245-7100.
Tell Us Why It Matters!
When you complete your summer units, we would love to hear from students about their CPE experiences. What will stay with you? What is one important memory, story or encounter that will continue to shape your sense of vocation? Let us know! Send up to 500 words to John Roch. We will post the stories in our "members only" section of our website. We also hope to share portions of stories in our efforts to build the association. 
If you're a student, a candidate or an SES, we would love to hear from you! If you're a supervisor, please invite your students to share their experience!
Announcements / Educational Opportunities
October 2015 Holy Days 

Integrative Chaplain Certificate Course

International Congress on Pastoral Care and Counseling

Teaching Health Care Providers to Provide Spiritual Care: A Pilot Study

Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Education

National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) Webinars