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June 2015
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Trace Haythorn, Executive Dir/CEO

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2015 Annual Conference Highlights

Thank you to all of the attendees of the 2015 Annual Conference in partnership with the Racial, Ethnic, Multicultural (REM) Network! We have heard many positive reviews of the event but we want to hear from you formally - please let us know what you thought of the conference to help improve future meetings.


Want to download pictures from the event? Looking for PowerPoint presentations? Want to purchase a recording?
Visit the ACPE website for all the details.
Board of Representatives
Meeting Highlights

The ACPE Board of Representatives met in Atlanta, GA, May 3-5, 2015 prior to the annual conference and meeting. Below are highlights of their discussion and decisions.


Click here to review the highlights.


Contact your board representative with comments or questions.

Congratulations to the Newly Certified!

ACPE Supervisor

Kraig Beardemphl (P)

Rambhoru Brinkmann (P)

Marsha Collins (NC)

Rhonda Daniels (NC)

Lauren Frazier-McGuin (SW)

Vaughan Grant (SE)

Roy Myers (SE)

Harry Franklin Nation III (EC)

Christopher Okoli (E)

Jodi Simmons (MA)

Debra Slade (E)

Jennie Thomas (SW)

Stan Yancey (MA)


Associate Supervisor

Tahara Akmal (MA)

John Allen (SC)

Maurice Appelbaum (E)

Mollie Cantor (E)

Caroline Cupp (E)

Penny Driediger (MA)

Ardella Gibson (SW)

Jennie Gould (NE)

John Stuart Harrell (MA)

Rebekah Ramsey (MA)

Va'Nechia Rayford (P)

Thomas Rogers (MA)

Emmanuel Saidi (MA)

Louis Serio (SC)

Yael Shmilovitz (E)


Contact your Accreditation Commissioner with questions or comments about this report.


The May meeting of the Accreditation Commission was a very productive one. In addition to the usual work of approving the regular reviews of centers, the Commission spent significant time reviewing the upcoming manuals and changes that will be included. The commission's actions are posted online.


Commission Action Reports have been mailed from the National Office. All centers should be receiving a CAR for their Annual Report and centers who were on the Commission's agenda for ten year reviews or other issues of compliance will receive a CAR indicating the actions taken. If you have not receive your CAR, please email


Click here to read the entire report.

A New Title: Executive Director/CEO

By David C. Johnson, ACPE President

David Johnson 2x3 

For some a title is important, for others it is descriptive, and for others it is a burden.  It is my hope that the new title that was created by the ACPE Board at its meeting earlier this month will be important and descriptive and certainly not a burden.  As far back as 2012, there was a realization that a new platform for the leadership of ACPE needed to be built.  The world of non-profit membership organizations was changing, and ACPE needed to change if it were to remain relevant and vibrant.  The position of Executive Director (ED) was vacant and discussions began on what type of organizational structure the administrative position should embrace.


Click here to read the entire article.

Tenacity for Goodness and Gratitude

By Ute Schmidt, 2015 Annual Campaign Chair

Ute Schmidt



These days like many of you I am getting ready for the summer unit. In preparing my didactic material I am thinking about how I would like to talk to the students about ACPE and our history. What better way than to share my recent experience at the annual meeting in Atlanta? The positive energy in Atlanta generated by all of you - CPE supervisors, residents, chaplains and other friends - is still very much alive in my heart and mind. I am reminded of Krista Tippett's words: "mystery is a common experience for humans" and it is "that in the presence of which we feel more alive." The ACPE community is a place in which I feel more alive. It was palpable in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Thank you all for making ACPE a lively, generous and vibrant place to be.


Many of you visited the Annual Campaign's table. In doing so, you connected with the Annual Campaign, your Regional Champions, with Jasmine and with the fascinating innovative CPE projects that have benefited from our gifts. To date, almost 100 of you have donated $17,000 to our Annual Campaign, and we are excited by our association's generosity! Making connections in ACPE means to grow "a tenacity of taking goodness and gratitude seriously" (Krista again). I can find no better way to express this gratitude than inviting you to participate in our Annual Campaign!

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Funding for Innovative CPE Projects

ACPE is now accepting proposals for funding innovative CPE projects. Funding is currently limited to a percentage of the funds raised by the ACPE Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign. The total amount available for funding 2015 projects is $29,560. Guidelines for projects may be accessed by clicking HERE.


Please submit a complete application and proposal (5 page maximum) in PDF format via email to Jasmine T. Okafor by August 7, 2015.


Please include the following information in your proposal materials:

  1. A completed application form with two signatures, one of the principal officer of the governing board, and one of the person who will administer the program/project.
  2. A concise description of the program/purpose for which the grant would be used.
  3. A definite plan and timetable for beginning and completing (if applicable) the program/project.
  4. A fully-allocated, itemized budget of expenses and revenue related to the total cost of the project.  

If a proposal does not meet the funding criteria (see Guidelines), the applicant will be notified immediately. Eligible applicants may be asked for additional information that will be due September 11.


At its November 2015 meeting, the Foundation Board will approve funding based on the Program Award Committee recommendations. Award recipient(s) will be notified no later than December 1, 2015, and funds will be disbursed in the first quarter of 2016.

Organizational Design Work Group
Survey Results

By Trace Haythorn, Executive Director/CEO


org-design-graphic The results of the survey conducted by the Organizational Design Work Group[1] in April 2015 are listed below along with the introductory paragraph and question. (Comments have not been included because the assumption of many survey respondents was that these would be confidential, i.e. for work group eyes only.)  The Work Group will use these results in conversation with our consultant, Donna Dunn, of Tecker International as we plan for fall regional meetings and the 2016 National Conference in Denver.

[1] Formerly known as the Governance Task Force; renamed by the Board to reflect the work and scope of the group.


 Click here to read the entire article.
2014 Year-in-Review

The ACPE has much to celebrate from past year:

        • We increased our number of accredited centers; 
        • We conducted more certification sub-committees than ever before;
        • We increased completed student units by more than 5%;
        • We opened a new national office;
        • We increased the participation rate of our annual campaign;

Our association is thriving - learn more in the 2014 Year in Review!

Reflective Practice
Reflective Practice Logo

Volume 35 of Reflective Practice has just been published.

This volume has four sections to it. 1. The Theme - The Narrative Perspective in Supervision and Formation. 2. Part II of the discussion about whether training for chaplains needs to change. 3. Global perspectives - Read about chaplains in Israel, Muslim countries, South Korea and Australia. 4. Book Reviews - 12 books are reviewed.


There are two ways to access Volume 35. First, is FREE online! Go to for free access to all volumes of Reflective Practice. Second, you may purchase a hard copy of Volume 35 by visiting our web site 
Announcements / Educational Opportunities
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Teaching Health Care Providers to Provide Spiritual Care: A Pilot Study

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