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March 2015
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2015 Annual Conference
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Certification Commission

By Osofo Kwesi Atta, Certification Commission Chair


Greetings!  I am Osofo Kwesi Atta, Chair of the Certification Commission of ACPE.  Our regional certification committees have already begun their work for 2015.  At our November meeting, the commission decided that it needed additional planning time outside of when candidates are met.


A workgroup met in early February to examine our process and determine our best practices.  Our work from that meeting will be shared with the commission for decided action.  Affirmed accountabilities from that meeting were as follows:

  • Our role as commissioners is to preserve the professionalism and integrity of our certification process, to educate, to validate the work of our students, and determine supervisor competence.
  • We continue the focus and understand our authority, develop procedures and enact best practices.
  • Our task is to decide a process that correlates with standards and present certification policy.
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Spring 2015 Certification Meeting Dates

Deadline to Declare: March 10, 2015

Postmark materials by: March 30, 2015

Review Dates: May 2-5, 2015


Visit the ACPE website for more information regarding the Upcoming Certification Meetings, the Certification Commission,  Meetings and Conferences, etc.


If you are meeting a regional or national committee for any reason, i.e. - Readiness, Candidacy, Extension, Associate, CPE Supervisor, Competency Review - it is required that a new, signed Appendix 9-Attestation of Good Standing, be included with your postmarked materials for each committee meeting. Complete and submit your form online or email it to at least two weeks before your materials are to be postmarked. Contact  Sheilah Hawk at (678) 636-6226 with any questions.


Preparing my Lawn for the Summer
David Johnson 2x3

By David C. Johnson, ACPE President


The focus of my thoughts this month is to encourage each of you to consider giving to the Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign. I was thinking about it this past weekend as I was outside on a mild day, after a period of extensive cold, working to prepare my lawn for the summer. In the fall I reseeded my lawn in hopes that the bare spots will be covered. Now it is time to spread some fertilizer and weed deterrent in hopes for a lush green lawn come May.


So it is with our Annual Campaign. We are sowing seeds for our holy work. Our "Holy Work" is not running an association office, accreditation centers, or certifying supervisors. That is our business. We do that to survive. Our "Holy Work" is to spread the good news, tell the story, reach out to others, and give when we may not get anything in return. Our "Holy Work" is to sow seed, spread fertilizer and weed deterrent in places where there are no CPE centers or there are populations underserved. Our dues and fees pay for our infrastructure but donations help expand our work.


"CPE is the Work of our Hearts and Souls"

By Ute Schmidt, Annual Campaign Chair

Ute Schmidt


February is the month when we honor and celebrate African American History.  When the richness of this culture is integrated in the CPE process by our African American colleagues and other diverse communities, ACPE is enhanced and students are inspired across the globe to participate in the CPE learning process. Like you, I am often amazed and moved by my CPE students and their transformations, this quote from a CPE student  taken from our annual report captures the holiness of our work: "Caring... is about listening, reflecting, kindness, compassion and open mindedness to people of all faiths and no faith at all."


During this month dedicated to love and remembering, I encourage you to honor a colleague or a student who has touched your heart and soul by making a donation of any amount to the foundation.


May the vibrant community of ACPE grow stronger every month! 

Thank You Len Al & Nancie!
For the last three years Len Al Haas and Nancie Smith, of Haas Consulting, staffed and managed the Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education (FCPE). Their three year contract expires in March 2015. ACPE will hire a Development Specialist to lead our fundraising efforts in the future.

Len Al and Nancie have been integral with transitioning the foundation offices to Decatur,

GA from San Antonio, TX; streamlining and organizing our development efforts; and 

building trust between the foundation and

association. They provided our newly formed foundation with integrity and professionalism.

Len Al and Nancie were more than development consultants. They enthusiastically assisted with other ACPE projects from conference planning and staffing to computer networking. They truly became part of the ACPE team.

Thank you Len AL and Nancie! You will be missed.

What should we call ourselves?
Standards Survey Reminder

What's in a name? A rose is a rose is a rose; right? We are presently known as CPE Supervisor. Is this how you like to be known? Are there problems with this identifier? Is there a name that you think might fit better? Wear better? Reveal a more accurate truth about the one who bears it?


The Standards Committee wants to know. We have set up a simple questionnaire. Please follow the link below and tell us what you would like as an identifier - identity - title. The second, of only two parts, wants to know if there are important considerations supporting your suggestion. Please share your comments and rationale especially if it is something that needs to be taken into consideration as we explore this question. 


Take the survey


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The Association of Hong Kong Hospital Christian Chaplaincy Ministry Annual Report

The Association of Hong Kong Hospital Christian Chaplaincy Ministry has been an ACPE International Affiliate since 1999. In our almost 20 year relationship , several CPE Supervisors have to gone to Hong Kong to conduct CPE units and consult. ACPE Supervisor  The Rev. Van Wai-Chuen Lo  has been the Associate General Secretary of AHKHCCM since 2011.  He also served as convener of the 30th Anniversary Organizing Committee.  Click here to read their Professional Chaplaincy Development and Pastoral Education Annual Report 2014, 30th Anniversary Special Edition.


Read the Annual Report

Reflective Practice Article

The editorial board of Reflective Practice, Formation and Supervision in Ministry 

is very pleased to announce  that RP Vol. 35 should be available for you to read and order this coming June.  This was hardly a "done deal" as we had to find a replacement for the incomparable editorship provided by Herbert Anderson since RP 27.  Prior to RP, Herbert, George Fitchett and others  were instrumental in ensuring the publications of the Journal of Supervision and Training in Ministry since 1977.


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Announcements / Educational Opportunities
March 2015 Holy Days 

David B. Larson Fellowship in Health and Spirituality

DMin now allowing transfer of Supervisory CPE units as equivalent

National Collaborative on Faith and Disability Webinar Series

Transforming Lives, Transforming the World: What Howard Thurman Has to Say to 21st-Century Pilgrims

Houston Methodist Hospital's Bioethics Course

Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Education

National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) Webinars