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September 2014
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Trace Haythorn, Executive Director

Clark Goss Pearson, Assistant Editor 

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1984 to now

On September 16, 1984, the National Office moved into the 1549 Clairmont Road office. Just 14 days shy of the 30th Anniversary of moving into these offices, the ACPE National Office is moving to downtown Decatur. From typewriters to laptops, we have come a long way in thirty years at this office. As many of you know this is a long anticipated move, and we are very excited to cultivate a stronger team dynamic in the new open space. The old offices have served us well for so many years, but we cannot wait to see all of the new possibilities in the office space with larger meeting rooms, including a classroom and a board room. We wanted to take this opportunity to reminisce about the last thirty years with pictures from the Open House in 1984 when 150 people gathered for singing and a celebration service.

Carlos Q&A
By Carlos Bell, ACPE Presidential Candidate 
Carlos Bell

With the ACPE Presidential Election coming up in September, we are taking the next few months to highlight the unopposed candidate Carlos Bell. We will be featuring a series of questions and answers in each newsletter. We hope that this gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about Carlos.

A Wonderful Profession
By David C. Johnson, ACPE President

David Johnson 2x3
Well it is that time a year for many of us - most of us are at an end of some type of program. It may be a CPE resident year, a summer intensive CPE unit, an extended unit of CPE or maybe even an end to an SES unit. Next week I am facing writing evaluations. As I get ready to write mine, I hope to be able to complete the five I have due by the end of next week before the next group of residents shows up and supervision begins with a new group. To accomplish that feat I am going to have to find some peace and quiet in my office at work or at home. I am sure that you can join me in the same wish. If your life has been like mine lately, peace and quiet is not much of a reality. Stress is a reality of our  profession. Chaplaincy gets stressed with each new stressor that health care and other settings face.
Call for Workshops 
Deadline September 12

The theme of the conference is "Making Your Connection: Connecting through Diversity, Change, and Advanced Training and Leadership." It will be held in Atlanta, GA, May 6 - 9, 2015.

We hope that you will consider the opportunity of sharing your experience, expertise and gifts in presenting a workshop at this conference. Our selection committee will be looking for presentations that exhibit the use of connections - whether connecting the dots within our own histories, connecting with people, entities, cultures, and so on - in supervision, leadership, creative and innovative ideas in CPE curriculum, use of technology in CPE, or research in which you may be involved.

2014 Annual Campaign
By Bill Scrivener, Annual Campaign ChairBill Scrivener 2x3

Summer is flying by and fall will soon be upon us. That's when a lot of regional meetings take place and when you'll have a chance to hear from your Regional Champions.  For the record they are

Northeast Region: Kathleen Gallivan

Eastern Region: Harlan Ratmeyer

Mid-Atlantic Region: Biju Chacko

Southeast Region: Peter Keese (Stephen Robinson, Champion-elect)

East Central Region: Bill Foster

North Central Region: Roger Ring

South Central Region: Sheila Hammond (Jenny Lannom, Champion-elect)

Southwest Region: Mary Stuart Hall

Pacific Region: Jim Corrigan


You will be hearing from them, if you haven't already. In the meantime, I encourage you to make a donation to the Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign. Our goal remains 100% participation, and I absolutely believe that is an attainable goal.

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Tell Us Why It Matters

As summer draws to a close, we would love to hear from students about their CPE experiences. What will stay with you? What is one important memory, story or encounter that will continue to shape your sense of vocation? Let us know! Send up to 250 words to John Roch ( We will post the stories in our "members only" section of our website. We also hope to share portions of stories in our efforts to build the Association. Please submit all stories by September 20. If you're a student, a candidate or an SES, we would love to hear from you! If you're a supervisor, please invite your students to share their experience!

Creativity and Claiming New Space
By Trace Haythorn, ACPE Executive Director


Your national staff enjoyed a wonderful day of creativity, a good meal and exploring our strengths as individuals and as a team on August 21. We began our day at a local pottery and art store called "All Fired Up," where each of us tried out our artistic skills (and best efforts). If you come by our new offices, we'll be happy to show you our creations. After a great lunch at a local restaurant called "Big Tex," we gathered on the floor in our new office space (as we had no furniture at that point). Prior to the retreat, each of us had read Strengthfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath and completed the online assessment instrument. Sitting in a circle with our backs against the walls of what will be the new boardroom, we took time to look at the strengths of our team, to develop an appreciation for both the breadth and depth of strengths within our team, and to think together about how we can build on these strengths to better serve the association. While we enjoyed a great deal of laughter, we also recognize the importance of our work and the critical period our association is entering as we prepare for the next 50 years of our work. While we know there will be mistakes and miscommunication, we shared a strong commitment as a team to be all that the membership needs us to be even as we push for more efficient and effective ways of serving you. Overall, we came to a deeper appreciation of the remarkable people who choose to serve ACPE and the privilege we enjoy in participating in this work. We're grateful to the association for the opportunity!


From left to right: Tonya Beasley, Terry Izaguirre, John Roch, Nancie Smith, Joan Harris, Clark Pearson, Tobey Willis, Kimberly Yates, Sheilah Hawk, Trace Haythorn, Marc Medwed, Len Al Haas
Making Change: New Financial Accounting Support for ACPE & FCPE

Gordon and Ellis McIntyre of Heritage Accounting have faithfully served our

association as our accountants and, more recently, our CFOs. In late 2013, they began their transition to retirement, moving to the mountains of North Carolina. It is hard to describe how essential their work has been to the vitality of ACPE. We are incredibly grateful for all they have done over the last 19 years, and we wish them every good return as they begin this new chapter in their lives. 


We are delighted to welcome Laura Heller of Jones & Kolb as our new accounting support. Laura will work with us over the coming year to help integrate our financial software with our membership database, help train staff to enable us to perform a number of functions that we previously required of Heritage, and help us review and assess all of our policies. Jones & Kolb is known for their outstanding work with nonprofits throughout metropolitan Atlanta, and Laura is already off to a great start with our team.
New on my Desk

By Trace Haythorn, ACPE Executive Director

Trace Haythorn


The religious diversity within ACPE seems to grow every year. Few of us have formal education in how to cultivate an interreligious educational setting. For those looking for resources, the Religious Education  Association has just published the first in their new "Horizon" series, titled God Beyond Borders: Interreligious Learning Among Faith Communities. The first chapter is available at this link.

What do you do when your last Supervisor is gone?

By William Killian, BCC/APC


Written in honor of my four CPE Supervisors (Kentucky State Hospital, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Elgin State Hospital, and Rockford Memorial Hospital)


I had four Chaplain Supervisors

in my training to become a hospital chaplain -

Jack Shepard, Harold Nelson, Charles Sullivan, Frank Moyer.

These four men helped me define selfhood in ministry.


Last Wednesday, July 30, 2014,

two days after his 84th birthday,

Frank Moyer died.


Click here to read the full poem
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