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August 2014
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Trace Haythorn, Executive Director

Clark Goss Pearson, Assistant Editor 

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The ACPE National Office is moving!

As of September 2, 2014 you can find us at One West Court Square, Suite 325, Decatur, GA 30030. Our phone, fax, website, and emails will remain the same.


We look forward to welcoming you to our new home! If you have any questions regarding the move please call us at (404) 320-1472 or visit us at

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Funding for Innovative CPE
Deadline August 8, 2014 
On behalf of ACPE, the Foundation for ACPE is now accepting requests for funding innovative CPE projects. Funding is currently limited to a percentage of the funds raised by the ACPE Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign. The total amount available for funding 2015 projects is $30,000.  Guidelines for projects may be accessed by clicking HERE.
Please submit a one- or two-page letter of request in PDF format via email to Nancie Smith by August 8, 2014

Please include the following information in the letter: 
  1. The full legal name of the organization/person requesting funding. 
  2. A concise description of the program/purpose for which the grant would be used. 
  3. The total cost of the project and/or the specific amount of money requested.
  4. A definite plan and timetable for beginning and completing (if applicable) the program/project. 
  5. Two signatures: one of the principal officer of the governing board, and one of the person who will administer the program/project.

If a proposal does not meet the funding criteria (see Guidelines), the applicant will be notified immediately. Eligible applicants may be asked for additional information that will be due September 12, 2014. 

At its November 2014 meeting, the Foundation for ACPE Board will approve funding based on Program Award Committee recommendations. Award recipient(s) will be notified no later than December 1, 2014, and funds will be disbursed in the first quarter of 2015.

2014 Annual Campaign
Bill Scrivener 2x3By Bill Scrivener, Annual Campaign Chair 


I am happy to report that we are already receiving a good response to the letter from Ute Schmidt and me asking for your participation in the annual campaign. Thank you to all who have already donated.


For those who have not yet responded with a donation, please remember that the money raised in the 2014 Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign will go toward funding the following:

  1. Ongoing grant program supporting innovations in CPE;
  2. Expansion of our international programs and outreach, including exploration of international reciprocity and a recognition program for international centers; and,
  3. Technological infrastructure to support our academy, which also has implications for international and distance learning, new electronic methods for supervision, and other video-conferencing learning opportunities.

We ask your support for these critical goals. Please use the envelope enclosed with that letter or donate online to support the Holy Work of ACPE.

Q&A with Carlos Bell
By Carlos Bell, ACPE Presidential Candidate 
Carlos Bell

With the ACPE Presidential Election coming up in September, we are taking the next few months to highlight the unopposed candidate Carlos Bell. We will be featuring a series of questions and answers in each newsletter. We hope that this gives everyone the opportunity to learn more about Carlos.

Call for Workshops 

The theme of the conference is "Making Your Connection: Connecting through Diversity, Change, and Advanced Training and Leadership." It will be held in Atlanta, GA, May 6 - 9, 2015.

We hope that you will consider the opportunity of sharing your experience, expertise and gifts in presenting a workshop at this conference. Our selection committee will be looking for presentations that exhibit the use of connections - whether connecting the dots within our own histories, connecting with people, entities, cultures, and so on - in supervision, leadership, creative and innovative ideas in CPE curriculum, use of technology in CPE, or research in which you may be involved.

From the Hea(r)t of Summer

By Trace Haythorn, ACPE Executive Director 


Trace Haythorn

Within the world of CPE, the notion of the "lazy days of summer" has never rung true. While the heat may try to slow our pace, our hearts are beating with the dreams and expectations of the future.

I expect many of you are in the middle of summer programs, busily making preparations for students coming in the fall, and hopefully looking towards a few vacation days. Our Association is busy as well.  Included in this newsletter are Carlos Bell's responses to questions from leaders in the Association as he prepares for his role as the next president of ACPE. With experience in a wide variety of areas, Carlos brings both the knowledge and the passion for our work that we need as we make our way into the future. I look forward to working with him over the next few years. 


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Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Effective June 30, 2014, members of ACPE will no longer have access to The Journal of Pastoral Care & Counseling as a member benefit of ACPE.  ACPE has withdrawn its membership from JPCP Inc.


ACPE members may subscribe individually at JPC&C at  The cost is $40US a year. ACPE members who subscribe by September 15, 2014 will receive access for the balance of 2014 through to the end of 2015 (i.e. an 18 month subscription for the cost of a 12-month subscription).


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