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July 2014
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Update from President David C. Johnson

By David C. Johnson, ACPE President

David Johnson 2x3


As your board moved through the agenda during its May meeting, it realized that there important questions needing close attention by our members. Out of those discussions came several workgroups. You will find the action item from the board minutes and the membership of two of the workgroups below. We are still in the process of forming the memberships of the last two work groups, a task we trust that will be completed by the next newsletter.


Read David C. Johnson's full article here.

Funding for Innovative CPE

On behalf of ACPE, the Foundation for ACPE is now accepting requests for funding innovative CPE projects. Funding is currently limited to a percentage of the funds raised by the ACPE Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign.  The total amount available for funding 2015 projects is $30,000.  Guidelines for projects may be accessed by clicking HERE. 


Please submit a one- or two-page letter of request in PDF format via email to Nancie Smith by August 8, 2014.


Click here to read more about Funding for Innovative CPE Projects.


2014 Annual Fund Campaign
Bill Scrivener 2x3 By Bill ScrivenerAnnual Campaign Chair 

These are exciting times for ACPE. Our new Executive Director Trace Haythorn is providing strong leadership in many areas including our fundraising efforts.  At the May conference in Austin, he spoke to the Regional Champions and shared information about some of the initiatives that will be funded by the annual campaign.

The money raised in the 2014 Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work Annual Campaign will go toward funding the following:

  1. Ongoing grant program supporting innovations in CPE;
  2. Expansion of our international programs and outreach, including exploration of international reciprocity and a recognition program for international centers; and,
  3. Technological infrastructure to support our academy, which also has implications for international and distance learning, new electronic methods for supervision, and other video-conferencing learning opportunities.


In the next few days, Ute and I will be sending you a letter asking for your participation in the annual campaign. Our goal is 100% participation. Please use the envelope enclosed with that letter or donate online to support the Holy Work of ACPE.

Welcome New National Office Staff


The season of transition continues in the national office. We are delighted to welcome Joan Harris to our staff as our new Administrative Assistant. Joan and family have recently moved from California to Atlanta, and she has been working at Emory University prior to joining our  team. Joan is a graduate of Benedict College. Her first order of business is to assist in the redevelopment of our new website and the upgrade process of member software. In addition to these tasks, long term, Joan will be supporting various tasks from development to finance to communications.


We are excited to welcome Kimberly Yates to our team.  Kimberly comes to ACPE having most recently worked for the Emory Career Center. In addition to jumping right into the office and learning the ropes of the Accreditation process, Kimberly has been a wonderful addition to our team. As a Georgia native who has lived in the Atlanta area for the past 26 years, she loves to read and enjoys all outdoor activities. Outside of the office, Kimberly is married, has one son and is excited to be a part of ACPE.


Welcome Revelation 3:20 

The ACPE extends a warm welcome to our newest Seminary Member.  The ACPE Board approved Revelation 3:20, Missionary Ministry and Biblical Teachings, Inc.'s membership at its May meeting.


Revelation 3:20, Missionary Ministry and Biblical Teachings, Inc.

The Rev. Rosemarie Melendez

10678 SW 186th St

Miami, FL 33157

(305) 969-9448 


Network of Evolutionary Spirituality

By Tim Thorstenson, ACPE Supervisor   

Tim Thorstenson An ACPE Network for Evolutionary Spirituality is being formed pending 
the board's approval as a way of connecting interested supervisors, both for their own learning and growth and for building new cosmology concepts into their curricula.  The phrase "evolutionary spirituality" captures postmodern theological perspectives that integrate scientific data with conclusions about human development and the evolution of consciousness.  Reflecting the thought of Teilhard de Chardin, Ken Wilber, Brian Swimme, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Michael Dowd and many others, this "new universe story" has significance for shaping evolving insights into personal spirituality and the nature of the divine.  


Update on Jewish Study and Consultation for ACPE Supervisors

Jewish seminary students and clergy are engaging in CPE programs around the country in record numbers. While CPE programs welcome them into their groups, many supervisors have had little exposure to the texture of Jewish sources and Jewish living.


The Jewish Theological Seminary's Center for Pastoral Education just completed the first course of study and consultation with a fantastic cohort of learners.  With our Center for Pastoral Education faculty, the group learned about ways to enhance the supervision of Jewish students.
10th International Congress of Pastoral Care and Counseling (ICPCC)

As a culturally and spiritually diverse organization we continue to grow in our understanding of education and spiritual care in a global context. In 2015 we will have the unique opportunity to be part of the 10th International Congress of Pastoral Care and Counseling, ICPCC, in San Francisco, California. The congress will be from October 15-21, 2015. The North Central (NC), the Pacific (P), South Central (SC), and South West (SW) Regions of ACPE have connected their regional meetings to this congress in support of the international collaboration.


The Theme of the 10th ICPCC Congress is "Caring for One Another  ICPCC logo in OurGlobal Village."   

Hidden Heroes
By Beth Newton Watson, BCC, ACPE Clinical Pastoral Educator 


I have seen many large and small acts of courage recently. Not the extraordinary courage of risking one's own life to save another, though our hospitals have recently cared for folks who eventually died after trying to save a friend.  What is striking for me is the less dramatic kind of courage which strengthens our community and mends it at the broken places.  It can be found in our hidden heroes who are shy about others witnessing their courage. 


Announcements / Educational Opportunities
July 2014 Holy Days 

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ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

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