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May 2014
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Trace Haythorn, Executive Director

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Austin Here We Come!!
2014 Annual Conf Logo

By David C. Johnson, ACPE President



My bags are packed; I'm ready to go,

I'm standing' here outside my door

I'm wondering if I will see you on the conference floor.


'Cause I'm going to leave on a jet plane

Don't know if I'll see you again

You know, I sure hope so!!


OK, so I murdered the song but you get the point.  Time is running out to get your bags packed!  Next week, ACPE will be "Wired and Weird" in Austin, Texas.  Will you?  I hope you have made your registration for our national conference to be held at the Hyatt Regency Austin May 7th - 10th.  Our focus will be "Leading with Identity, Innovation and Improvisation in a time of change!"


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ACPE Nominations - A Call to Service and Leadership
Ellen Swinford By Ellen Swinford, Representing & Nominating Committee Chair (RANC) 

The ACPE will hold a Presidential Nominating Convention at the 2014 ACPE Member Meeting in the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Austin, TX on May 10, 2014.  We will hold an election for Secretary and Treasurer at that meeting as well.  This is a time for each of us to take thought to our leadership and to ensure the ongoing work of our association. 

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Wired and Weird Just Got Wireless or more Weird, depending on how you look at it!!!

wireless tower Can't get to Austin in person?  The ACPE Academy and your Conference Planning Committee are glad to announce that ACPE 2014 will be streamed over the web.


For one low package price of $250.00 per computer terminal, registrants will have live access to all plenary sessions, the Newly Certified recognition ceremony, the Presidential Dinner and Installation, the ACPE Memorial Service, two Friday afternoon workshops that build on the Friday morning plenary session, and the ACPE Annual Members Meeting.

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Notice of Intent to Change Bylaws at the May 2014 Member Meeting

You are hereby notified that the following bylaw changes are to be voted on by members at the upcoming members' meeting in May 2014.  Review and ask any questions of your board members that you would like in preparation for this meeting.


There are NO policy, procedural, or governance changes.  The revisions are edits provided by ACPE attorneys for consistency and legal reasons.


Review Bylaws Revisions

ACPE launches App!

smartphone Did you know you can access full conference details from the ACPE app? 


Hotel and travel info, local maps, schedule changes / notifications.  From your ACPE app, tap "Event Guide Lookup," then download the "Austin 2014" guide.


To download the app, from your Apple or Android device, simply search in the Apple App Store or Google Play Marketplace for "ACPE."


Or select a version that matches your phone specifically:  

Send your feedback to John Roch in the national office.
"ACPE Conferences are......."
Conference Structure Initiative (CSI)
Begins Work

By John B. Pumphrey, CSI Lead


generic conference attendees ACPE members report high ratings for annual conferences. Thirty-eight (38%) say the overall quality is excellent while another thirty-six (36%) indicate it is good. When combining both excellent and good ratings seventy-three (73%) are pleased with plenary speakers. Reasons for attending conference align with findings from other professional associations and business conference attendees: educational content being at the top and conducting the business of the Association next with networking following. Business and association studies of conference attendees' expectations show that learning is primary; learning that is hands on, participative, experiential and fun! Sharing, networking or making connections along with peer learning rank close to the top. Today conference goers also want to be "players," to own part of the process, that is, to be involved before, during and after. More and more expect to use their wired devices as part of active engagement in the conference itself. There is a greater expectation that speaker knows the organization and actively engages, participates with conference attendees.  A close look at the feedback received from ACPE members shows a similar pattern of expectations. The ACPE Conference Structure Initiative (CSI) Task Group discovered that while there is concern about costs, a growing one for attendees, it has not yet risen to the point of being prohibitive - except of course for those for whom it is! 


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2014 Annual Fund Campaign
Bill Scrivener 2x3 By Bill ScrivenerAnnual Campaign Chair 


The FCPE Board has been hard at work and there are encouraging developments on our fund-raising efforts. The success of these efforts will depend in part on the support of the membership. There is no greater indicator of support, as far as outside donors are concerned, than full participation by the membership. The regional Champions met by conference call a short while ago and discussed strategies for encouraging giving at the regional level. You will be hearing from your Champions soon, if you have not already.  We will be inviting our regional leaders to join with the national leaders to make a gift. 


If you have already made a gift, we thank you.  Please encourage your friends and colleagues in ACPE to do the same. As before, our overall goal is to achieve 100% participation and the size of the gift matters less than the level of our participation. 


You will be hearing more about FCPE initiatives from Greg Stoddard and the Board at our annual conference in Austin. Meanwhile, I encourage you to contribute to support the Holy work of ACPE.


Please make a donation today.

Help us understand ACPE's objective 309.5 "to develop students' skills in providing intensive and extensive pastoral care and counseling to persons"?

By Misti M. Johnson-Arce, ACPE Supervisor


Help us understand ACPE's objective 309.5 "to develop students' skills in providing intensive and extensive pastoral care and counseling to persons?"  This was the question I was recently asked by the Director of a new Master of Divinity program that just opened at an institution of higher education in our local area.  We have been developing a relationship over the last several months in hopes of having our CPE program become an option for their students to consider in order to fulfill their practicum placement requirements. The Director was hoping that my response would create an opportunity for him to defend Clinical Pastoral Education against a faculty member who is not in favor of having students participate in this "action reflection model of learning" and professed that we taught "no counseling skills."


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10th International Congress of Pastoral Care and Counseling (ICPCC)

As a culturally and spiritually diverse organization we continue to grow in our understanding of education and spiritual care in a global context. In 2015 we will have the unique opportunity to be part of the 10th International Congress of Pastoral Care and Counseling, ICPCC, in San Francisco, California. The congress will be from October 15-21, 2015. The North Central (NC), the Pacific (P), South Central (SC), and South West (SW) Regions of ACPE have connected their regional meetings to this congress in support of the international collaboration.


The Theme of the 10th ICPCC Congress is "Caring for One Another in Our ICPCC logo Global Village." 

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Announcements / Educational Opportunities
May 2014 Holy Days

Chaplain Distance Learning: Board Certification Preparation Course   

Encountering the Edge: What People Told Me Before They Died 
by Hospice Chaplain Karen B. Kaplan 

2014 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability - June 16-20, 2014

ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

Association of Professional Chaplains (APC) Education

National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) Webinars