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Executive Director's Report to the Annual Member Meeting

May 17, 2013 - Indianapolis, IN

By Deryck Durston


Deryck Durston 2012 "You're never satisfied.  That's what life is, it's just this ongoing, never-ending vacation adventure, you see.  You can't get it wrong and you never get it done-and we recommend that you have as much fun as you can along the way."


We have just heard a Clinical Member on the board name an elephant in this room as she named the tension that arose because members were not feeling heard.  We as Supervisors are supposed to be experts at naming the elephants.  Thank you Claudia (Meyer)!  You have done it before for the board I have seen.  We need all members of ACPE in order to be healthy and do what we say we are about.  We are not the only professional organization that struggles to organize ourselves around our mission and values.  We also know the theory that our operational theology is not our formal theology.  We hope for a creative tension between the two.  Some of us - me included - tend to struggle to master this truth of the never-ending vacation adventure.  I have often worked as if I could make it all work right.  I am a one on the enneagram with a four wing.  I have tried to moderate my need to make everything work well while still not giving up the goal.  Like a frustrated chaplain I have had to stop trying and be open to the flow on many occasions.  I wish I had remembered more consciously every day that communication has many obstacles and that just because something gets clear in one arena, does not mean it filters through a large organization with nine distinct regions, networks and other membership categories than the dominant one of supervisors. And especially if each region or entity is also simultaneously thinking that a message needs to be sent to the other rather than received from the other.  Regions have personalities - sometimes described by other regions differently than the way they describe themselves.  Too often I experience someone saying one thing in a small group and another thing when they move to a larger group.  It is a miracle, I often think, that any communication happens at all, that all involved might consider accurate.  And that's when it's going well.
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President's Speech at the ACPE Presidential Dinner
May 15, 2013 - Indianapolis, IN

Robin Brown-Haithco I grew up poor in Central Virginia during the height of the Civil Rights Movement - there were many days we did not know where our next meal was coming from - but we never missed a meal.  Someone in the community seemed to always know when we were in need.  So here and there a bag of groceries would turn up on the back porch with money in the bottom of the bag.  My mom would always offer thanks to God for the gifts we received - her mantra was always, "God will provide."  Well, for most of my life God has provided - sometimes what I asked for, other times what I needed - and many times I received gifts that could only be described as "God's surprises."


I start here with the story of my beginnings because that story continues to shape and define how I see everything in my life - it is the foundation of my hope and belief - it is the reason I continue to believe in this Association that continues to evolve and transform lives.


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National Office Transition Plan


By  Robin Brown-Haithco

ACPE President


We appreciate Interim Executive Director Deryck Durston's years of service.  His final day is June 3, 2013.  The National Office Transition Plan has been established and approved by the ACPE Board.


Please reference the transition plan on the ACPE homepage to stay informed on current policies and contacts until a more permanent situation is established.


I will act as consultant and support to the national office during this transition time. I welcome your feedback via email.  Thank you!



Congratulations to all those certified during the spring 2013 meetings!


The following were certified as CPE Supervisors at their spring 2013 Regional Meetings:


Marianne Robbins - Eastern

Blake Arnall - Pacific

Allison Kestenbaum -Pacific

Richard B. Brown - Mid-Atlantic

Clarence D. Fouse III - Southeast

Charles Orme-Rogers - North Central


The following were certified at the May 2013 Indianapolis National Meeting:


Associate Supervisor

Rambhoru Brinkmann - Pacific 

Byron Vaughn Bridge - Mid-Atlantic

Wendi Steinberg - Southeast 

Douglas J. Vardell - East Central 

Gregory Nealon - Pacific

Catherine Wilcox - Eastern

Luzviminda Barela-Borst - Pacific

David Hutchinson - Southeast

Koshin Ellison - Eastern

Harry Frank Nation III - East Central

Kraig Beardemphl - Pacific



CPE Supervisor

Mary Catherine Cole - Southeast

James Pfeiffer - Mid-Atlantic

Johannes Dippenaar - Pacific

Young-ki Eun - Eastern

Melinda Holloway - Pacific

Kevin Park - Pacific

Silvia Misinova - Eastern


By Gene Robinson, Chair


The ACPE Accreditation Commission has been recognized as an accrediting body by the US Department of Education since 1969.  This is an important and prestigious recognition and is a testament to ACPE's commitment to promote and maintain quality and consistency in our clinical pastoral education programs.  ACPE is held to the same high standards as the educational bodies of our professional colleagues and peers and other professionals. For example, USDE also recognizes the Commission on Accreditation of the Association of Theological Schools, American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, American Council on Pharmaceutical Education, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, Liaison Committee on Medical Education, American Dental Association, and American Bar Association among many others.

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2013 ACPE Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work 
Annual Campaign

By Miriam A. Needham, Chair

Miriam Needham  

It's the first day back in the office and I am aware of how tired and yet how excited I am as I think back over the 2013 Annual Conference in Indianapolis.  How wonderful it always is to be with friends and colleagues that we see all too infrequentlyI want to thank all those who made gifts and/or pledges to the Annual Fund Campaign while attending the meeting in Indianapolis!


If you made a pledge or donation during the conference and your name does not appear on the following list, please notify us as soon as possible.


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ACPE Supervisor in the News

Daniel David Klipper ACPE Supervisor David Daniel Klipper, Stamford Hospital, Stamford, CT,  was featured in a May 19, 2013 article in The Wall Street Journal titled For Second Careers, A Leap of Faith: Growing numbers of people see retirement as a chance to "do good" and are turning to divinity schools and a more spiritual life.  


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ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


Visit the ACPE Academy website to learn & 
register for 




Bill DeLong June 20, 1:00 - 2:00 EDT

This seminar, presented originally at the 2013 REM Conference, considers how we integrate our theoretical understandings derived from our educational, personality and theological papers. Borrowing from the work of Dr. James Loder, and introduced in Courageous Conversations, you will learn how to move toward an understanding of "Supervisory Theory" which integrates all three. Finally, you will be introduced to an anthropology that considers how individuals learn and encounter the Holy in the work they do in Clinical Pastoral Education.



The ACPE Academy was pleased to offer four pre-conference workshop/webinars on May 15, 2013 in conjunction with the ACPE Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana.  For the first time people unable to attend in person were able to do so by video-conference.


We are equally pleased to be able to offer recordings of the workshops for purchase and download:

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Theory Papers of the Year Award from Reflective Practice

Formation and Supervision in Ministry
Reflective Practice Logo
This year's awardee is  Krister White, ACPE Associate Supervisor, at Children's Medical Center Dallas!  His papers will be published in Volume 33 (soon to be released).


The ACPE theory papers of the year are an annual competition wherein people in the ACPE supervisory certification process whose position/theory papers have been deemed satisfactory by the Certification Commission can submit their papers for consideration by a readers' panel of the journal. 
Typically all recently certified Associate Supervisors and Certified Supervisors are invited to submit their papers.  The papers are read and ranked, and the awardee has her/his papers published in the next issue of the journal.

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