March 2013
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2013 Annual Conference
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April 19th. 

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May 15-18, 2013

Spring 2013 Leadership Meetings

May 11-15, 2013

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Notice of Intent to Change Bylaws
ARC Training/Orientation
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Notice of Intent to Change Bylaws

You are hereby notified that the following bylaw changes are to be voted on by members at the upcoming members' meeting in May.  Please review and ask any questions of your board members that you would like in preparation for this meeting.


The board passed these changes last year after significant and ongoing communication with the membership, and the next step for the members to vote.


Click here to review the full changes

A Message from the Annual Campaign Chair 

By Miriam Needham


Miriam Needham

It is a rainy cold Friday in Atlanta and does not promise to be a sunny weekend - as April in Atlanta often is.  And so I am looking for a way to bring some sunshine into the dreariness as I am pondering what to write to my ACPE colleagues and friends.  So let me begin with some 'sunshine' news.


I am so pleased to be able to announce to you on behalf of the FCPE Board that the Co-Chair for our ACPE Annual Campaign for this year is Bill Scrivener.  Bill will serve as co-chair with me for the balance of this year and will become the Chair in 2014.  I know that I do not need to introduce Bill to most of you.  He is a past President of the ACPE, past Chair of the ACPE Certification Commission and has given creative and dedicated service in many capacities through the years.  Bill has been for many years the Director of the Pastoral Services Department of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center in Cincinnati.  From its beginnings, Bill has been a loyal supporter of the mission of our Foundation:  to protect and grow our ACPE endowment and support our program needs and visions.  I am very grateful to have Bill's expertise as Co-Chair for the remainder of this year, and you will see our joint efforts as we move forward.  Thank you, Bill, for your willingness to join me in this worthy effort on behalf of our beloved Association of Clinical Pastoral Education.


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American Red Cross Spiritual Care Response Training/Orientation


In connection with the 2013 ACPE Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, the American Red Cross is offering a one-day training and orientation opportunity to all ACPE members.


Red Cross Logo Wednesday, May 15th

8:00am - 4:30pm

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown


Learn more & Register

ACPE Academy for Continuing Education

Rev.  Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator

  Yvonne Valeris

Please visit the ACPE Academy website to learn and register for webinars and workshops.


April 18, 1:00 to 2:00 pm ET:  Spirituality and Multiculturalism in

                                                  CPE Supervision with Yvonne Valeris

This webinar will offer a paradigm for the development of multicultural competence that keeps spirituality and multiculturalism together as a continuous process in CPE supervision.

Standard Committee Study Documents

By David Rumbold, Standards Committee Chair


The Standards Committee has three study documents that we wish to put before you and to invite discussion around.  These are documents that we are recommending for adoption. Thank you for taking time to consider these ideas and for sharing your own thoughts and concerns. You may respond to your regional Standards person or to David Rumbold, Chair of Standards.


Spiritual Care Initiative for Professional Excellence (SCIPE) Request


Have any hospitals, rehab facilities, nursing homes or similar institutions in your area (city, state, or region) recently cut back or abolished their professional spiritual care departments?


It is likely that in the near future almost all US Health Care professionals - doctors, nurses and members of the ancillary disciplines, including chaplains and CPE Supervisors - will likely be paid on the basis of the quality of their performance -P4P- by achieving evidence based best practice desired outcomes that impact institutional bottom lines positively. As a non-income-generating function, professional spiritual care is at risk of termination. 


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Announcements / Educational Opportunities
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10th Annual Jewish Spiritual Care Conference for Professionals - CALL FOR ABSTRACTS  
Call for Papers by Rev. James Ellis III

Spirituality and Health Care Institute:  Compassionate Person-Centered Care: Strengthening Interdisciplinary Collaboration

2013 Summer Institute on Theology and Disability

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Welcoming People with Disabilities in Faith Communities


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