February 2013
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2013 Annual Conference

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May 15-18, 2013

Spring 2013 Leadership Meetings

May 11-15, 2013

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Executive Director Search Process
ARC Training/Orientation
Standards Committee
REM Invitational
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Executive Director Search Process

By Robin Brown-Haithco, ACPE President


Robin Brown-Haithco I am pleased to say we are now ready to begin the Executive Director Search Process.  I want to thank the Personnel Committee in consultation with Richard Thorne, President of Thorne Consulting, a Leadership Placement & Development in Health & Spiritual Care consulting firm, for its work on the Executive Director Job Description which has been vetted by the Emory University Human Resources Department.  As many of you may know, our staff in the National Office fall under the HR Department at Emory as a part of our affiliate agreement with the University.


The search committee will be comprised of the following persons:

  • David Johnson, ACPE President-Elect, Chair
  • Pat McCoy, Northeast Region Director and member of Personnel Committee
  • Marla Coulter-McDonald, East Central Region Board Rep and member of REM
  • Carlos Bell, Southwest Region ACPE Supervisor
  • Robert Hartmann, BCC and ACPE Clinical Member
  • Russell Curry, community member (has served as a PAG member and Board Chair for one of our ACPE CPE centers and also works with non-profit boards in Atlanta)
  • Heather Infantry, community member (has served as an ED of a non-profit and also as a fund developer for one of our urban ACPE CPE centers)

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March 5th is the deadline to declare intent to meet the Certification Commission in Indianapolis in May.

American Red Cross Spiritual Care Response Training/Orientation


In connection with the 2013 ACPE Annual Conference in Indianapolis, IN, the American Red Cross is offering a one-day training and orientation opportunity to all ACPE members.


Red Cross Logo Wednesday, May 15th

8:00am - 4:30pm

Indianapolis Marriott Downtown


Learn more & Register

A Message from the Annual Campaign Chair 

By Miriam Needham


Miriam Needham I confess to you that I am still a bit unsettled by the fact that I have been the Annual Campaign Chair for 2012 and that I have agreed to do the same in 2013.  I would never have imagined this role for myself during the years when our Foundation was just beginning.  Perhaps like some of you, I have had my doubts and my disappointments in the journey with this new entity called the Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education.


Also perhaps like many of you, I began this journey with hopes that the FCPE would be a permanent and growing resource for our endowment and would provide future support for our ongoing and creative visions for maintaining and growing CPE programs.  I have been disappointed and angry when it seemed that we just couldn't get it off the ground, and I wondered if we had made a huge mistake.  As I look back on those beginning years of 2007-2010 I am called to remember that basic premise so true for pastoral educators - mistakes are only failures when we refuse to learn from them and grow wiser as a result.


It is my abiding and growing impression that we have learned and we are wiser...   

Standard Committee Study Documents

By David Rumbold, Standards Committee Chair


The Standards Committee has three study documents that we wish to put before you and to invite discussion around.  These are documents that we are recommending for adoption. Thank you for taking time to consider these ideas and for sharing your own thoughts and concerns. You may respond to your regional Standards person or to David Rumbold, Chair of Standards.


Racial, Ethnic, Multicultural (REM) Invitational
bright sankofa
Sankofa Bird - Conference Logo
Thank you!

Thank you for attending REM's 26th Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia!  



We invite you to submit a one-page reflection and/or pictures.  Please provide picture captions.  Submit materials to John Roch.  Reflections and pictures will be published in the ACPE newsletter and archived on the REM webpage of the ACPE website.



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We look forward to seeing you at next year's Invitational!

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