November 2012
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Certification Commission

Congratulations to all those certified at the 

fall 2012 meetings:


Certified CPE Supervisors

Daniel B. Miles (MA) 


Certified Associate Supervisors

Samuel K. Mathew (E)
Sandra Chmielewski (NC)
Greta Wagner (E)
Robert Leathers (SW)
Angela Janssen Keenan (MA)
Margaret C. Matacale (EC)
Diane Tugel (NC)
Jeffrey Holman (MA)
Caroline Eustis (NC)
Nancy Piggott (P)
Timothy Shipe (P)
Karen Hutt (NC)
Robert Renix (MA)
Marsha Collins (NC)
Sean Doll O'Mahoney (P) 

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Board of Representatives

By Robin Brown-Haithco   Robin Brown-Haithco

ACPE President


The ACPE Board of Representatives met during the fall leadership meeting in Atlanta, GA from November 15-17, 2012.  It was a productive business meeting.  The Board also participated in a half-day training with the Accreditation Commission.


Attached is a summary of the issues and actions considered by the Board.


Download the Board Meeting Summary

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REM 2013bright sankofa

FEBRUARY 7-9, 2013 

(February 6 - Peer Reviews and Consultation)


Visioning: Reclaiming Our Purpose, Offering Our Best, Embracing Race, Ethnicity, and Culture


Atlanta, Georgia

Embassy Suites

Centennial Olympic Park

267 Marietta Street

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ACPE members may register online in the  Members Only section of the association's website. Non-members must submit a completed registration form by mail, fax, or email.
2012 ACPE Program Grants

ACPE's foundation raised $16,000 for program grants as part of its 2011 annual campaign.  The ACPE issued a call for proposals over the past summer.  It received twelve requests totaling about $98,000.  The ACPE Board of Representatives selected four proposals at its fall 2012 meeting.  No recipient received the entire amount they requested.  The recommended nominees all indicated partial funding would still be beneficial.

  • Alegent Health - $5,000
  • The NY Great Lakes ACPE Supervisory Education Consortium - $4,000
  • Servants of the Sick Training Centre for Healthcare Ministry in Nairobi, Kenya - $4,000
  • University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. - $3,000
A Message from the FCPE Board President 

FCPE Logo without Flame 


We are pleased that $16,000 of funds raised in the 2011 Annual Campaign has been awarded to four CPE programs.  While that is good news, the ACPE Board of Representatives had the difficult task of selecting those four from twelve worthy program requests totaling almost $98,000.


As we continue the Sowing Seeds for Our Holy Work 2012 Annual ACPE/FCPE Campaign through the end of the year, we hope to be able to fund more ACPE grant awards to pioneering Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) programs in 2013.


Thank you to so many who have already given to the campaign.  Generous support from you and others in our communities helps pay costs not covered by dues or fees, including educational programming at the Annual Conference, and funding ACPE Program Grants.


Please feel free to contact Len Al Haas at lenal@acpe.edu or Nancie Smith nancie@acpe.edu with questions or comments about the FCPE.



Gregory A. Stoddard, D.Min

FCPE Board President


The Foundation for Clinical Pastoral Education (FCPE) is ACPE's fundraising entity, responsible for development of resources, management of the endowment and safeguarding of ACPE assets.  FCPE exists to support the work of ACPE.

New in Print

Announcing a New Biography Robert Lantz

The story of Robert Lantz is an inspirational one, and one that resonates deeply with countless people who were touched by his genius for innovative and compassionate counseling. It is also a shining example of one man who made a difference in our world.  Read more.


Available for purchase on Amazon

Academy for Continuing Education 

Gary Sartain, Academy Coordinator


The ACPE Academy for Continuing Education is organized to meet the following educational needs of the ACPE membership:

  • The Leadership Forum - for ACPE leadership, board, commission, committee members
  • The Center for Management Studies - for pastoral leaders and ACPE Supervisors serving as department heads, program managers, senior staff
  • The Center for the Teaching and Supervisory Arts - for Supervisory Education Students, ACPE Supervisors, Field Educators, Pastors, and Pastoral Theologians


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