June 2013               
Good luck as this summer season starts stepping into high gear. Remember to take necessary precautions with fireworks over your July 4th festivities. We have a couple of new product enhancements to introduce to everyone. 
Jog Table: Speeding up weighing process, Reducing wear & tear

This month we have formally released a Jog Table. Get it in the latest software version. This function allows you to make the batch more accurate with even less jogs. Setup your jog table without guessing. The built in Jog table tester helps to setup your jog tables by testing material weights at different gate open duration times. 

By enabling jog table for specific materials, the batch process gets smoother and quicker. It looks up the jog time for the material target weight and shoots the target with at most a couple of jogs. This is especially beneficial when you batch a one or two yards load. It would avoid the slow loading process caused by too many jogs or over weighing at the start. 

You can even enable the option that the program can learn from the historic jog data and improve the jog table automatically. This significantly reduces the number of jogs realized by your gates, increasing the life expectancy of your equipment. Contact us today so we can reduce the wear & tear of cylinders, gates and solenoids for your plant (s) and speed up your batching.
Only Jog on last drop

In a scenario that you have multiple drops of one truck load, the only jog on last drop option can speed up the load without losing the accuracy. It will take whatever cut off targets it gets on all the drops before the last drop without jogging. Then, it calculates the actual weights and compensates on the last drop to make the whole load batched within tolerance. 
Turbo-Batch: Getting trucks out even faster     

Never stop moving with Sysdyne's Turbo Batch. Increase productivity. turbo batch transparent Save time. Weight up the next load BEFORE the previous load is finished. Make everything Turbo or only specific matericals.



Batch-Flex: the most flexible batching tool


Last month we have formally released Batch Flex. Get it in the latest software version. This module allows you to Defer, Switch, Pause and/or End the batching of weighed materials, when the material is in the middle of loading. Just double click the bin black display area and a pop-up menu pictured below will appear giving you added flexibility in your load.

Cloud based central dispatch
Tired of overpaying for IT? Tired of dealing with servers, upgrades and infrastructure? No brainer here, switch now to the industry's ONLY web based dispatching as a service available. Flexible payment plans available based on number of plants and/or yardage produced per plant. Contact us for further info.  
The newest version of Sysdyne batch control software v1.31.231 is now ready to be downloaded. Please cilck HERE.



Sysdyne Team