May 2013  
We hope May not only brings flowers, but many orders to you all! Remember to take advantage of the Turbo Batch feature when wanting to speed up the batching process. Throughout the course of last month we worked on several important projects. We have a couple of new product enhancements to introduce to everyone. 

Batching with Trailblazer/Scout

This month we have formally released Batch Flex. Get it in the latest software version. This module allows you to Defer, Switch, Pause and/or End the batching of weighed materials, when the material is in the middle of loading. Just double click the bin black display area and a pop-up menu pictured below will appear giving you added flexibility in your load.
turbo batch transparent

Never stop moving with Sysdyne's Turbo Batch. Increase productivity. Save time. Weigh up the next load BEFORE the previous load is finished. Make everything Turbo or only specific materials.    


Download the latest software HERE.


For more information contact or call us at 203.327.3649

Central Dispatching with ConcreteGO

The soon to be released enhanced Tracking and Dispatch screen. Each section can be moved/resized independently for your needs. Option touse Standard Tracking and Dispatch or Custom Tracking and Dispatch
1. At a Glance Truck Status List - Dropdown menu allows the user to select what status to display from the fleet.

2. Customize Orders To Load list - Dropdown menu allows the user to select what fields to display within the Orders window.

3. Dispatch Tracking- Same functionality as before. See the trucks statuses, orders in process and will call orders.
Tired of overpaying for IT? Tired of dealing with servers, upgrades and infrastructure? No brainer here, switch now to the industry's ONLY web based dispatching as a service available. Flexible payment plans available based on number of plants and/or yardage produced per plant. Contact us for further info.

The newest version of Sysdyne batch control software v1.31.227 is now ready to be downloaded.



Sysdyne Team