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Mediterranean Moray

Amorous Mediterranean Morays in the Paris Aquarium; Paul Mila photo, Paris, France 


Greetings from Paris, and welcome to the November issue of Sea-gram from
We were looking for the Eiffel Tower and spotted this sign, not mentioned in the guide books:
So what should a beached scuba diver do?
   Follow the sign, of course!
It took some hunting, but we found the aquarium, only several hundred yards from the Eiffel Tower. 
It was an interesting place. For example, we learned that the Mediterranean morays pictured above are also called Roman eels because they were prized delicacies back in the days of ancient Rome. Cool stuff!

We changed this issue's
Story Behind the Photo 
to a Story Behind the Video to give snorkelers a chance to experience what Cozumel has to offer. 
Check out this short, but very interesting video.
If you have a photo with an interesting story or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at, and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue.
In this month's Conservation Corner, we take a look at Japan's decision to resume their illegal whale hunt in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

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  The Story Behind The Video . . . 
               A Great Day of Snorkeling!
                                By Mark Davenport, Denver Colorado   
If you have a desire to experience Cozumel's underwater wonders but currently confine yourself to the top ten or twenty feet of the sea, here is a taste of what you can still enjoy.

Mark Davenport sent us this short video, about his amazing day of snorkeling:
Snorkeling Video
Snorkeling Video
Here is Mark's Story Behind the Video:

"We went to Columbia, Palancar, and Cielo reefs with Marisol and Denise.  
It was a typical Cozumel day - clear skies with a few clouds.  
The visibility was outstanding. A turtle, nurse shark, and even an eagle ray graced us with their presence on the trip.  Super day!"
Photo Equipment:
"I took the video on a GoPro 3 Back Edition, shooting at 2.7K 24fps."

Anyone interested in booking a great snorkel trip can contact Pancho, at Reef Life Cozumel, at this website:
  Conservation Corner        
Just When You Thought 
                                                               Whales Were Safe . . .    

Japan announced plans to resume whaling operation in the Southern Ocean whale sanctuary.
Example of Japanese Whale Research
Whale Research, Japanese Style

Despite an International Court ruling earlier this year that Japan's "Whale Research" program violated international law and must be abolished, Japan announced plans to resume their whale hunt. 

Japan could not answer the Court's questions about why it was necessary to kill so many whales for research. However, 
a close study of Japan's "research program" reveals the true goal of their "research" was just to prove that enough whales exist to allow resumption of commercial whaling.

Read the stories:

For a good look at Japanese whale research, click the video:
Stop Bloody Whaling - Part 2
Stop Bloody Whaling - Part 2
This means that we need to continue supporting conservation organizations such as Sea Shepherd and Greenpeace.
See the Sea Shepherd Update, right column.

                  Whales As We Like To See Them
Whales Without Japanese Research,
Paul Mila photo, Tonga South Pacific
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Conservation Corner:

    Just when you thought whales were safe . . .

                           Story lower left column.

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Basking Shark Scotland
For something different check out this Youtube video, taken by Shane Wasik, owner of Basking Shark Scotland
 featuring fascinating creatures, including one we seldom see: basking sharks. 
Basking Shark Scotland - Epic Season 2014 HD
Basking Shark Scotland - Epic Season 2014 HD

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 Tiger Shark Facts
Sea-gram reader Paul Stessel sent in this interesting story, about the latest findings indicating that Hawaiian tiger sharks are more territorial than we knew:


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 Sea Shepherd

Conservation Update


The folks at Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization are always active in sea mammal conservation.

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Sea Shepherd Update 


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