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Spiny Lobster & Trumpet Fish, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles, Paul Mila Photo
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Sharing the BTS book signing booth with Dr. Eugenie Clark
It was a great honor to share the book signing booth at this year's Beneath The Sea show with diving legend
Dr. Eugenie Clark, renowned shark researcher, who was signing her book,The Lady and the Sharks. 
BTS volunteer Tabatha Constantino also joined us for booth duty.
Dr. Clark, now in her 90's, has dive trips planned for the Red Sea and Solomon Islands, later this year.
She is truly an inspiration for all divers!
This month's Featured Creature is the
Caribbean Spiny Lobster, appearing in this issue's cover photo with a trumpet fish buddy.
Scroll down for the story, but first spend a minute watching these two lobsters duke it out for prime space. Notice the speed of the loser bolting away.
Caribbean Lobsters Fight for Space on a Coral Wall in Cozumel
Caribbean Lobsters Fight for Space on a Coral Wall in Cozumel
This month's Story Behind The Photo,
features one of Cozumel's more interesting characters, FOTD, otherwise known as Fulvio Of The Deep, celebrating a great eagle ray encounter.  
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Paul J. Mila
 Story Behind The Photo . . .
             Celebrating the Eagle Rays
Fulvio Of The Deep (FOTD) and a dive group, including dive buddy David Robertson, otherwise know as DOTS (David Of The Shallows), were diving Cozumel's northern reefs, were the eagle rays are known to congregate in impressive schools.
After a great ray encounter, David took this photo.
Celebrating the Eagle Rays
Here is David's Story Behind The Photo:
We were diving up north at Barracuda Reef, looking for the eagle rays. They did not disappoint us. We saw saw 17 in two groups - a group of nine followed by a group of eight. That called for The very best Château LeSand champagne in my book. 
The Schooling Eagle Rays of Cozumel
In Fulvio's words: 

"I can drink AND dive, and see a squadron of eagle rays at the same time.The Chateau Lesand was a very good year."


Editor's Note: Of course, as responsible divers, we do not endorse drinking and diving.

Featured Creature . . .
 The Caribbean Spiny Lobster
                                     By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
When most of us in the Northeast think of lobsters, we picture our North-Atlantic Maine variety, with large tails and two juicy claws.
Their Caribbean cousins also have tasty tails, but lack the two claws, pincer and crusher claws, of the northern heavy-weights.
Lobsters prefer to remain under rocky outcroppings and inside small caves during daylight hours and venture out at night or sunset to feed. But you can occasionally spot one outside for a daytime stroll:
Lobster out for a walk © Paul Mila photo
 They are always on the alert for predators, such as nurse sharks, stingrays, and grouper. Having good eyesight, they retreat when they see danger, such as this diver approaching:
Diver approaching a lobster © Paul Mila photo
Despite lacking claws Caribbean lobsters are not defenseless. When diver Fulvio gets too close, the lobster curls its tail and uses its two whip-like spiny antennae as an effective defense.
Sorry Fulvio, no lobster dinner for you tonight!
Lobster Fends Off Diver Fulvio © Paul Mila photo
They are primarily scavengers like this one, dragging an already dead fish back to its lair for a "lobster dinner."    
Lobster Dinner
A "Lobster Dinner" Paul Mila photo



 SeaLife 1400 Camera, Digital Strobe & Wide-angle lens.
Photo Tips:
For eye-popping color, such as photos 2 & 3, use an external strobe.
When using ambient light, photos 1 & 4, set the camera to the automatic non-strobe setting, in dive mode.
You'll still get good detail, but less color.
Using the wide-angle lens enables you to shoot very close, 1-to 4-feet, for great detail and color, while still capturing the entire subject in your frame.
Want to learn simple techniques for taking great underwater photos like the ones above using your camera's automtic settings?
Visit and order a copy of Basic Underwater Photography. 
Your home for exciting dive adventure novels,
and YouTube videos featuring ocean creature encounters.
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Creature Feature:

 The Caribbean Spiny Lobster


Story lower left column.


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Updates & Miscellaneous Features
Of course mermaids are real!
Mermaid "Tiffany" stopped by at this year's Beneath The Sea show, to fin around and say hello.
Her visit sure livened things up!
Mermaid Visits BTS

Better in Bali?


Sea-gram reader Andy Guiliano sent us this fascinating Youtube clip about Bali diving, posted by Nick Hope.


Bali Diving HD
Bali Diving HD





Whale News


Sea Shepherd Update


March was a great month for the whales!

As reported in Sea Shepherd's newsletter, on March 31st, the largest whale hunt in the world was just shut down by the highest court on the planet, when the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled that the Japanese whaling operations in the Antarctic are not for scientific research purposes and revoked the whalers' permits!


Click below for the full story:

Sea Shepherd Whale Update


* * * * * * *


But While a Battle Has Been Won,

The Whale Wars Are Not Over!


 Japan Vows to Continue Whaling 


No sooner had the ink dried on the International Court of Justice ruling than Japan announced plans to resume whaling in 2015.

Click below for the full story:

Japan Vows to Continue Whaling


Click below to see what "scientific" whaling looks like, Japanese style:

"Scientific" Whaling 



Amazing Humpback Whale Feeding Behavior
Check out this Nat Geo video, featuring a critter-cam mounted on a humpback whale's back capturing a never-before seen feeding behavior:
Orcas Attack Blue Whale
This amazing video, shot off the California coast, shows killer whales in pursuit of a giant blue whale
Killer Whales Attack Blue Whales!
Killer Whales Attack Blue Whales!
Great White Shark
Crosses the Atlantic
Click on the link below for the story and video about a Great White shark named Lydia, the first shark tagged and monitored crossing the Atlantic
* * * * * * * * *
Giant Great White Tagged
in Australia
Sea-gram reader Fred Chiappetta sent us this story about "Joan of Shark," a real life JAWS chasing swimmers out of the water in Australia:
Tour The Great Barrier Reef
If seeing Australia's Great Barrier Reef is on your bucket list, here's a good way to do it. Check out the video: 

   A fun dive site, where you can rent a beachfront condo, view great dive photos, and more!


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Great Cozumel
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