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Paul with a hawksbill turtle
Paul Swimming With A Hawksbill, Dalila Reef, Cozumel Mexico. Photo by Alison Dennis
Greetings to our Sea-gram readers. Hope you enjoy the February issue, from     
Dive Buddies Fulvio & Paul, in Cozumel
Just returned from a week of world class diving in Cozumel, featuring close encounters with turtles, rays, moray eels, lionfish, sharks, and sea horses, just to name a few creatures.
One exciting encounter happened when this nurse shark cruised by: 
Cruising Nurse Shark
Cruising Nurse Shark
This issue's Featured Creature is the Hawksbill Turtle.
Scroll down for the story, but first spend a minute watching this fascinating creature as it descends into the deep on Palancar Reef, probably searching for a juicy sponge lunch:   
Swimming with a hawksbill
Swimming with a hawksbill
This month's Conservation Corner
features an amazing story: How shark attack survivors are trying to help save sharks.
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Paul J. Mila
 Conservation Corner . . .
             Shark Attack Survivors Unite  --
    to Help Save Sharks
shark dive
Paul Mila photo, Nassau Bahamas
As worldwide shark populations continue to decline, the PEW Charitable Trust environmental organization reports that sharks have gained some unlikely allies: shark attack survivors.
Read this amazing story, and watch survivor videos below :
Featured Creature . . .
 The Hawksbill Turtle
                                     By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
On my recent trip to Cozumel Mexico we encountered hawksbill turtles on almost every dive. Below, dive buddy Fulvio cruises past me with a turtle.
  Fulvio, cruising with a Hawksbill   


Hawksbills are identifiable by their hawk-like beak and colorful carapace, or shell, which has  saw-tooth pattern along the edge. Another unique feature is that their front flippers sport two small claws. The average adult is about three to four feet in length and weighs 180-200 lbs.
Like most sea turtles, hawksbill are classified as critically endangered due to human predation. Thousands are killed annually, either as accidental by-catch, or intentionally for their meat and beautiful shell, which is made into tortoise-shell jewelry.
In addition, humans take their eggs for food, and on-shore breeding locations are being reduced due to beach front development.
Their diet consists primarily of sponges and jellyfish.
The hawksbill's calm demeanor and trusting nature makes it a great photo subject for divers:
Hawksbill Turtle photo, Paul Mila
 SeaLife 1400 Camera, Digital Strobe & Wide-angle lens.
Photo Tips:
For eye-popping color, use an external strobe.
Stay low, where the turtles hang out, to avoid shootng downward.
The wide-angle lens enables you to shoot close for great detail while capturing the entire subject in your frame.
Sea turtle resting
Hawksbill Turtle photo, Paul Mila
You need to get close for great head-on shots like the one above, so approach low and slow to avoid spooking the turtle.
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Paul J. Mila 
 Paul in Cozumel
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Carle Place, New York 11514
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Conservation Corner:

 Shark Attact Victims Unite --     to Save Sharks

Story lower left column.


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Grandson Maxwell shows fine literary taste, devouring Grandpa's latest Caribbean thriller,
Near Miss
Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Award Contest judges agree with Max.
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Judge, Writer's Digest 21st Annual Self-Published Book Awards


 "Author does a good job of opening with a jolt . . . Well done. Fascinating to learn details of scuba . . . Reader is on a global trip in this adventure . . . Ending is very satisfying; nice wrap-up, no loose ends."  Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards    


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The Sharks of Rhode Island 

Diver Adam Cohen shows that North-east divers can have fun with sharks too.

He writes, "The first two sharks showed up within fifteen minutes. It was another beautiful day..."

Check out Adam's video:

Rhode Island Blue Sharks
Rhode Island Blue Sharks



Leapin' Mantas!
Long Island diver John Hand was in
Guanacaste, Costa Rica, when he caught these two mantas breaking the surface:

Interested in diving Asia, Pacific, or Africa? Contact the experts at Scuba Dive Asia:
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Time and Tide Wait for No Man
 (Geoffrey Chaucer)
Sea-gram reader Tony D'Allesandro sent in this amazing link. Click on the link and then the photos to see amazing tidal changes around the world:
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  Dumb & Dumber
Sea-gram fan Tom Helmke sent in this story about government approved dumping in Australia's Great Barrier Reef.
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Stop The Dolphin Trade !
Last month we reported on the dolphin slaughter & capture in Japan's infamous Taiji Cove. 
Chisa Hidaka of the Dolphin Dance Project sent us this petition from Sakae Hemmi, of the Elsa Nature Conservancy.
Their goal is to halt the live dolphin trade, which is now more profitable than slaughtering dolphins for their meat.
You can help by signing the petition:
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