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Sphyraenidae Barracuda -- The Great Barracuda, Paul Mila Photo; Cozumel, Mexico
Happy New Year to our Sea-gram readers, from Wishing you all the best in 2014.
Last week I attended the Long Island Divers Association (LIDA) Annual Film Festival at Hofstra University.
I met a lot of interesting people, including Juliana Flora, who purchased a copy of my latest dive adventure novel, Near Miss.
Well, we're having a blizzard, and the weatherman says another polar vortex is heading our way, so I'm shovelin' my way back down to Cozumel.
Enough already!
In this issue's Conservation Corner,
dolphin massacres are in the news -- in Japan and Peru.
Click for breaking news about this story:
As you read this, Japanese fishermen in the infamous Taiji Cove are staging one of the most brutal and largest dolphin slaughters on record, including a rare albino calf. While in Peru, 15,000 are slaughtered annually -- for shark bait!

Click on the photo for live streaming video, courtesy of Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization:
More on these stories in Conservation Corner, below.  
Story Behind The Photo, features a Cozumel barracuda adventure.   
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Paul J. Mila
 Conservation Corner . . .
             Dolphins at risk ... worldwide!
Sea-Gram readers Paul Stessel and Tish Dace sent in information about this story.
According to the 1/19/14 Hawaii Reporter,

Five separate pods of Bottlenose dolphins were driven into Taiji's infamous killing cove yesterday and held overnight. This now massive pod of more than 250 dolphins includes babies and juveniles, including a rare albino calf who has been clinging as closely as possible to his or her mother in the stress and panic of the drive hunt.


For more information and additional video, click on this CNN link:
What can you do to help?
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization is very active in this battle.
Click on this link for Japanese and American Embassies contact information, as well as contacts for other governmental and regulatory agencies.
 Dolphins Killed for Shark Bait in Peru!
As if Japan's Taiji Killer Cove wasn't terrible enough, Sea-gram fan Amanda Maguire from the UK sent us this story about thousands of dolphins killed off Peru annually -- so they can be used as bait to catch endangered sharks!
Here is the amazing story:
The Story Behind the Photo . . .
 Barracuda Frenzy!
                                             By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
    We were diving Paso Del Cedral reef in Cozumel Mexico.
At about 60 feet of depth, we noticed a commotion. A bunch of queen triggers, mutton snappers, and yellow-tail snappers were tearing one of their injured neighbors to shreds.
The hapless victim tried to flee, but two silver torpedoes barreled in from the deep and quickly finished off their victim. The attack was over in several seconds, but the 'cudas lingered.
I hunkered down near the bottom as one big boy circled over my head,eyeing me while I snapped off some shots.
 Here is a video of the attack, as I shot it:
Barracuda Feeding Frenzy
Barracuda Feeding Frenzy
 SeaLife 1000 Camera & Digital Strobe.
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Conservation Corner:

 Dolphins at Risk, Worldwide!

Story lower left column.


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Most of my diving has been Atlantic & Caribbean, but there's a whole other undersea world out there!
I recently met the folks from Scuba Dive Asia on LinkedIn.
For some exciting adventures, check out their link:  
And click on the video link below to experience their hi-octane shark dive!
Scuba Dive Asia | Fiji Beqa BIG Shark Dive | credits Doug Wood
Scuba Dive Asia | Fiji Beqa BIG Shark Dive | credits Doug Wood
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Mike Boyd writes a great blog, and I like to feature him
in Sea-gram
Here's a good one:
Pixtures (sic) and stories from
the scuba adventures of
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The face only a mother could love?
 For some interesting facts about
The Great Barracuda,
check out Mike's blog:
 And for an underwater thriller featuring a 'cuda on steroids, click on Mike Monahan's exciting book,
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Barracuda the book   
Want more barracudas?
Check out this month's
Story Behind the Photo article, Barracuda Frenzy,
lower left column.
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Fascinating New Project!
I recently came across this book project from Esri Press,
Ocean Solutions, Earth Solutions, edited by Esri Chief Scientist Dawn Wright.
The project uses story maps,
a new Esri medium, for sharing not only data, photos, videos, sounds, and maps, but for telling a specific and compelling story by way of that content
Check out their link:
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Sea-gram reader Lorraine Fico-White sent us this unusual photo story, about conjoined gray whale twins born off the coast of Baja California

 Gray Whale Twins


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