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Caribbean Lobsters & Reef Crab, Competitors Hangin' Out Together.

Colombia Shallows, Cozumel Mexico. Paul Mila Photo

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Holidays!

Wishing all our Sea-gram readers a very
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all the best for a great Holiday Season!
Ocean creatures can be as funny and unpredictable as they are awesome and beautiful. Check out Pilfering Pancho, a sea lion with a taste for a free meal, sent in by Sea-gram fan Russ Chiappetta:
Sea Lion stealing Monster fish!!
Sea Lion Steals Monster Fish!
In this issue' Story Behind The Photo, check out Cavi's (pseudonym for this "shy" diver) story about his hammerhead shark encounter at Punta Maria, a dive site off Cocos Island.
If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, contact me at: and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue. 
Video Year in Review: As we close out the year we're taking a break from Conservation Corner
to show you some of the most interesting video encounters of 2013, featuring barracudas, turtles, moray eels, whales, etc., as well as a few favorites from past years.
Check out the Favorite Videos section, below.
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 The Story Behind The Photo . . . 
             Swarming Hammerheads
            By Cavi, (the alias for his outdoor adventures)
Here is Cavi's Story Behind the Photo:

I took the photo two years ago at a dive site called Punta Maria off Cocos Island. One of my last photos underwater, using film and Nikonos V, before I retired from underwater photography rather than buy all new digital gear.


The dive that day required an unusually rapid descent. The current was so brisk that the buoy marking the site was underwater, and it was not possible to descend on the line.

Fortunately, our entire group of 8 was able to get down quickly enough to find shelter in the lee behind large boulders. From there we made our way with a little hand over hand on rocks to the cleaning station where we sat tight. The cleaning station consisted, as is the case in those waters, of a type of butterfly fish called "barberfish."

In less than 5 minutes the hammerheads started cruising in and buzzed around, very close, for about 15 minutes, affording many good photo-ops.

Interestingly, the previous year that same site was a cleaning station for Galapagos sharks with very similar action taking place.

Favorite Videos of 2013, plus some oldies but goodies . . .
                                         By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
Eagle Ray Flyover
Eagle Ray Flyover
Turtle Diving in Cozumel
Turtle Diving in Cozumel
Moray Eel Swimming With Us In Cozumel
Moray Eel Swimming With Us
Barracuda Feeding Frenzy
Barracuda Feeding Frenzy
Gray Whales of the Baja, Scammon's Lagoon
Gray Whales of the Baja
Stingray and Bar jack hunt together
Stingray & Bar Jack Hunting
Drift Diving With a Hawksbill Turtle
Drift Diving With a Hawksbill
Eagle Ray Flyby
Eagle Ray Flyby
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Favorite Videos of 2013:


Story lower left column.


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Sea-gram readers Seth Baer & Tom Helmke sent in this story about a group of unsuspecting tourists not realizing that rare southern right whales were hiding beneath their skiff:

Whales Beneath Boat




 Sea Shepherd Update


Check out Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization's latest initiatives, and how you can help with a year-end donation:

 Sea Shepherd News



Paul Stessel sent in this story about an environmentalist law suit to stop the Navy from sonar testing in Hawaiian waters populated by whales

Navy vs. Whales




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 Devolution, Not Evolution!

 Sea-gram reader Jeff Reed sent in this story about the consequences of oceanic destruction.

Very sobering, but perhaps some young Sea-gram readers will figure a way to solve these problems:

Devolution of the Seas


Trouble in Paradise!

The protected waters of the Bonaire Marine Park are under assault from private developers.

Check out this story sent in by Bonaire resident and diver Tish Dace, and become informed.

If you love diving in Bonaire and want to see its waters and sea life protected, consider donating to the cause:

Save the Bonaire Marine Park



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 Dolphin Killer Virus

Worse Than Usual

Dolphins up and down the East Coast have been dying in record numbers.

Scientists may have found the answer:

Dolphin Deaths Solved?



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