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The Elusive Blue Parrot Fish; Yucab Reef, Cozumel Mexico. Paul Mila Photo (c)
Welcome to the November issue of Sea-gram, from
This month I was in Cozumel with dive buddies Joe Troiano and "Fulvio of the Deep."
                     Joe & Paul Diving Cozumel
After a Cozumel dive adventure the next Sea-gram is always Cozumel-Centric, and this issue is no exception. Every dive is packed with exciting and interesting encounters, such as this hawksbill turtle descending for a sponge lunch:
Hawksbill Turtle Snacking on a Sponge, Cozumel Mexico 
In this issue' Story Behind The Photo, check out dive operator Alison Dennis' encounter with a feisty green moray eel. 


If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue. 
This month's Featured Creature is the beautiful, rare, blue parrot fish appearing as November's headline photo above.
Watch the video before reading the story:
Blue Parrot Fish, Yucab Reef, Cozumel
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Paul J. Mila
 The Story Behind The Photo(s) . . . 
             Moray Encounter  
                                                  By Alison Dennis, Cozumel
Here is Alison's Story Behind the Photos:

It was a beautiful day in mid-November. The water was warm and the current was light. I was on a reef called Dalila and Paul was the last one up as usual. It was the end of the dive and he signaled that it was time to go. While Paul and I were doing a safety stop I looked down and saw a big green moray out swimming around. 

I handed Paul the marker buoy line, grabbed his camera, and dropped back down and took several pictures of the eel swimming around.


The moray was very frisky and it kept swimming right at me.

I wondered more than once if it would bite my fingers off. First it would swim right at me and I really wondered if it would bite me but I just couldn`t put that camera down and flee.


I held steady, pointed straight at its cute little face and pressed the shutter button again and again. She wiggled, turned, and came back at me. I swam around to get a different angle and we circled each other and danced and I took loads of photos.




Green eels are my favorite. They are so graceful and fearless.

They are also ferocious predators and they have individual personalities. This week my divers were charged on 3 different dives by a feisty green eel at Cedral Wall. She never bites anyone but it sure is fun to watch the surprised diver back away. The look on their face is priceless.

There is another sweet green eel at the same site that loves visitors. She is very placid and gentle. After looking at them day after day after day I get to know them on an individual basis and I love each and every one of them with each individualīs quirks.

Paul's SeaLife 1400 camera with digital strobe.
Editor's Note: if you've dived with the rest but would like to dive with the best, check out Alison at:  
Featured Creature . . .
  Searching for The Blue Parrot Fish
                                             By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
I've been obsessed trying to find and photograph the rare blue parrot fish, ever since diver and author Michael Ganas e-mailed me his photo of this strange looking fish several years ago.
The Blue Parrot is found throughout the Caribbean. In Cozumel it only inhabits Yucab Reef, and occasionally Tormentos Reef. So, after a first deep dive on San Francisco Wall Alison announced to the group that our shallow dive would be on Yucab so we could find my blue parrot. About ten minutes into our dive I spotted the one and only blue parrot that we would see for the entire dive.
Unlike other parrot fish species, it sports a bulbous forehead, and its mouth had migrated to the bottom of its body. If you watched the video above it appears that the fish has adapted as a bottom-feeder because of this characteristic. 
  You can see the difference from it's larger cousins below,
the dark blue midnight parrot (photo by Joe Troiano), . . .  
. . . and the colorful rainbow parrot.
The blue parrot is shy, making it difficult to photograph. So I'm still trying for that perfect front-on angle, because the location of the mouth gives the blue parrot a unique, perpetual smile.
Guess I'll have to return to Yucab and try again.
Tough life!
 SeaLife 1400 Camera, digital strobe & wide-angle lens.
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Featured Creature:

Searching for the Blue Parrot Fish


Story lower left column.


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