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Hey Doc, I have a toothache!

Long Island NY Dentist Jeff Rein Diving at "The Mixing Bowl" Little Cayman

Ken Abell (Ohio) Photo

Welcome to the October Sea-gram,
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Paul on the dock
Waitin' on the Dock, Cozumel Mexico
In case you're wondering if you missed September's Sea-gram,
you didn't. Due to technical issues with Constant Contact I was unable to publish it before the end of September.
The headline photo above shows my dentist, Jeff Rein, getting ready to help out a grouper with a tooth ache.
Below, Jeff, with his trusty dental pick & mirror in hand, examines his underwater patient:
Why We Dive!
If you're not a scuba diver and ever wondered why we divers dive, watch this beautiful video sent in by Ann Aurelio, of the Sierra Club, Long Island Group. It's been around for a while but always a treat to watch:  
Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga
Dakuwaqa's Garden - Underwater footage from Fiji & Tonga
If you're a whale fan (who isn't?) take a look at this short video of a rare white humpback whale, sent in by Sea-gram reader Tom Helmke:
Migaloo was first spotted back in the 90's off Australia, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization dedicated one of their anti-whaling campaigns to keep Migaloo safe from Japanese whalers' deadly harpoons.
Another Migaloo Video:
Migaloo the white whale returns
Migaloo the white whale returns
In Story Behind The Photo, enjoy diver Karl Kelso's interesting tale about an elusive sea horse he photographed while diving in Curacao. 
If you have a photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue. 
In this month's Conservation Corner read an update about the continuing Lionfish invasion.
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I hope you enjoy Sea-gram !
 Paul J. Mila
 The Story Behind The Photo . . . 
             Riding The Range!
                                                  By Karl Kelso
Here is Karl's Story Behind the Photo:
"It was actually difficult just getting to the dive site to get this shot. After carefully planning the only single dive during this cruise that I was allowed to take, all my plans fell apart on the day the cruise ship docked in Curacao. So, I booked a beach trip to a place called Sea Aquarium through the ship.
"We had just started our dive and were in very shallow water of only about 15ft, when the dive master swims over to me making a 'riding a stick horse' sign. Yea, sure, we discussed that sign pre-dive.
"Even though it was a two to three inches in length, I still couldn't find the thing even after the instructor got so close to point it out he thought it might swim away. Fortunately the seahorse turned and then I saw him. I had gently settled in for a couple of shots when he turned away from me. I slowly crawled around trying to position myself as close as I dared without spooking him.
"That's when I got this shot of my first seahorse. It is my favorite as I managed to capture the strobe light reflecting in his eye.
"Back onboard the ship, other divers that I had made friends with asked me what was the predominant fish I saw. I replied that I really didn't know as I was busy riding horses all day."

Olympus e-620 DSLR with multiple strobes.
Conservation Corner . . .
  Lionfish -- the Invasion Continues
Layle StantonDiver/Blogger/Roatan Art Gallery Owner, sent us one of the best updates we've read about the Lionfish invasion in the Caribbean.
The story includes an interesting video: a lionfish autopsy, showing a recent meal consumed by this voracious predator -- a fish almost the size of the lionfish itself!
FYI, for information about Layle's new Caribbean art gallery, click on her logo:
is your home for exciting dive adventure novels,
and YouTube videos featuring ocean creatures.
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The Story Behind The Photo:Riding the Range
Conservation Corner: Lionfish Invasion Continues

Conservation Corner

Featured Article:

Lionfish -- The Invasion Continues


Story lower left column.


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In Memoriam
Sad to announce that Pirata, the hero dog in my latest novel, Near Miss, passed away last month. 
A final message from Pirata: 
"Thank you so very much for everything....I have left this world now but plan to come back in another lifetime. I hope to see you again."
Pirata. R.I.P. September 29, 2013
Pirata and Cozumel Kelly
share a private moment
on the beach
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  Octopus, Master of Camouflage

Sea-gram fans Rusty Chiappetta and Seth Baer sent us this amazing story about a scientist's encounter with a deceptive octopus:

Where's The Octopus?
Where's The Octopus?


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Congratulations, Jean Beasley, 

2013 Ocean Hero Award Winner! 


For rescuing and releasing over 300 sea turtles over the past 16 years, Oceana declared Jean Beasley the winner in their Ocean Hero Award voting. A great story:

Oceana 2013 Ocean Hero Award


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 Save The Bluefin

Bonaire-based diver and author Tish Dace sent us this message from the Center for Biological Diversity, to save the Bluefin Tuna from overfishing:  

 Save The Bluefin Tuna


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 Sea Shepherd Update


Check out the latest news from the

Sea Shepherd Conservation Organization:

 Sea Shepherd News


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SCUBAVERSE, a great new diving website was recently launched.
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Check out this new website, for the online dive community:


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