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Paul on the dock
Waitin' on the Dock, Cozumel Mexico
As the headline illustration above suggests, dolphins are extremely intelligent -- even more so than many people realize.
This short video provides a glimpse into a dolphin's ability to appreciate and interact with its surroundings: 
Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh
Girl Makes Dolphin Laugh
In this month's Conservation Corner we'll take a brief look at these amazing aquatic beings and the threats they face, from both humans and Nature.
In Story Behind The Photo(s), Dive, Dive!, learn what it feels like to be next to a giant humpback whale plunging into the deep.
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 Paul J. Mila
 The Story Behind The Photos . . . 
             Dive, Dive!
                                                  By Paul Mila

We were free-diving with giant humpback whales in Tonga, South Pacific, aboard the NAI'A (which translates into Dolphin in Fijian.
These whales were bus-size adults, 40 to 50 feet long, weighting abut one-ton per foot.
One whale surprised me as it surfaced and cruised along right next to me. I looked into its eye -- the eye of a whale! That was a life altering moment!
I could hear it breathing as it recharged its car-sized lungs. I swam along side, trying to keep up as best I could. Suddenly the whale arched its back and dived.
I took a breath, ducked below the waves and descended as far as I could, not even twenty feet.
NAI'A owner Rob Barrell took this shot of me getting ready to photograph the whale.
paul & humpback 
  I took this photo as the humpback spread it's long pectoral fins and made a straight vertical dive, descending out of sight more than 100 feet below me. WOW; that's a view you don't see from the deck of a whale watching boat!  
Humpback Diving
Dive, Dive !
When photographing large marine mammals use a wide angle lens to capture your entire subject.
When your subject is more than four-to-six feet away set your camera to use ambient light, non-flash mode.
SeaLife camera with wide-angle lens. 
Conservation Corner . . .
  Dolphins -- the more we learn the more they fascinate us.
Dolphin Dancers

The Dolphin Dance Project; Michelle Hall Photo.


This photo shows free divers "dancing" with wild Atlantic spinner dolphins in an underwater ballet.
Their goal is to raise awareness and respect for dolphins and their environment.
Click the video link to watch the dolphin dancers and learn more:
Sea-gram fan Petya Mattys sent us this interesting story about dolphins' long memories:
Scientists have discovered that dolphins identity each other with distinct call signs, essentially their personal name. This was though to be a uniquely human attribute:
The health of marine life, especially marine mammals, is a good barometer for the health of the oceans. When a species experiences a significant die-off, it's a warning sign that there is an environmental  problem, usually man-made.    
This dramatic series of still photos is a good example of  wild nature -- and a graphic reminder that orcas are not meant to be confined in large fish tanks.
is your home for exciting dive adventure novels,
and YouTube videos featuring ocean creatures.
Latest blog review for Near Miss:
Elizabeth McKenna, author and reviewer,
recently posted this review:
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The Story Behind The Photo: Hawksbill & Friends
Conservation Corner: Lionfish Invasion Continues

Conservation Corner

Featured Article:

Dolphins and Their Fascinating World


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Near Miss Booksigning
in North Carolina 
NC book club
Paul meets the Greylyn Book Club Members
In July I had the pleasure to visit the Greylyn Book Club and Union County Library Book Club in the Charlotte area.
The members had read my latest adventure novel, Near Miss, and we enjoyed a spirited discussion about the book.
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    Near Miss cover Image    
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They're Never Too Young
To Learn!
Ava and Tammy Turtle
My Grand Daughter Ava, Reading
Tammy Turtle
During my recent North Carolina visit, my editor Lorraine Fico-White of
gave me several ocean-themed conservation books for my grand children, written by author Suzanne Tate and beautifully illustrated by James Melvin. 
As the cover jacket says, "Suzanne and James give our children the gift of understanding and respect for their environment."
Check out Suzanne's books at:
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Whale News 


Whales Almost Swallow Divers


Divers were swimming through a bait-ball of tiny fish -- not a good idea when humpback whales are in the area.

 Watch what happens . . .

 Divers Are Almost Whale Food


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Sea Shepherd



Sea Shepherd E-vite:

"Spend A Day On theOcean With Us, For the Ocean."

On September 15th, Sea-Shepherd is sponsoring a Day On The Ocean, in Cape May, New Jersey.

Click the link for details:

Whale & Dolphin Watching




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Think Keeping Whales in Captivity is a Good Idea?

Check out this story about the new documentary, Blackfish:

Sea World's Captive Whales


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Help Save Whales From Deadly Entanglements


Sea-gram reader Tish Dace sent in this story about how you can help prevent whales from dying in fishing nets:

Help Save Whales!


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   A fun dive site, where you can rent a beachfront condo, view great dive photos, and more!



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  New Scuba Site Just Launched
SCUBAVERSE, a great new diving website was just launched.
Check it out:
Where Do You Want to Dive?
Check out this new website, for the online dive community:


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Great Cozumel
Information Resource
Whether you want to advertise a service, or just find out what's going down on the island, check out Laura Wilkinson's fabulous local newsletter:
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