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 Pair of Queen Angels     

Queen Angels; Cozumel, Mexico; Paul Mila photo©.
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Paul on the dock
Waitin' for the Dive Boat in Cozumel
This month we're taking a break from Conservation Corner to look at some Featured Creatures -- the Queen, French, and Gray Angels of Cozumel.  
This month's Story Behind The Photo section features my friend, Cayman Island dive buddy Frank Kaufman, who shot a photo that I call,
Taking a Moray to the Cleaners.
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 Paul J. Mila
The Story Behind The Photos . . . 
     Taking A Moray to the Cleaners   
                        By Frank Kaufman
Diver Frank Kaufman was diving in the Caymans when he happened across this scene.
In Frank's words:
"Our first dive of the morning, Sunday, February 17 was a dive site on the south side of Grand Cayman called Bulwinkle West.
 I was surprised to drop down upon a green moray eel in a little open area at about 45 feet. The moray eel was curled up and looked quite relaxed despite all the descending divers who were all staring at it and taking pictures.
The green moray eel had a cleaning shrimp up on its back, close to it's head.
Green Moray and shrimp 
 I approached the eel very slowly and started taking  pictures. The eel stayed slightly curled up and just stared at me. I came in very slowly and got to within a foot away from the eel. I used a SeaLife 800 camera with strobe, and adjusted the setting for a close up shot. I was able to capture a very clear shot and even was able to get the picture of the eel with the cleaning shrimp moving up and down its's back.  
Closeup moray & shrimp 
This is known as a symbiotic relationship between the eel and the shrimp. The shrimp knows it is safe to clean the eel at this particular time, and the eel has no intention of ingesting the shrimp, which is doing the eel a favor. This type of relationship exists among many larger fish and smaller fish at certain times of the day. It was a unique encounter for me, and I was glad to capture it in a picture."
 * * * * *
Featured Creatures . . .
             The Angels of Cozumel
By Paul Mila
Grey Angel
Gray Angel
 Cozumel, like most Caribbean dive destinations, hosts a variety of angel fish, notably the colorful blue and yellow queen angels, the french angels, resplendent in their striking black and gold pattern, and the formally attired gray angels.   
Queen Angel with coral
A queen angel swimming around a coral head
The main difference between Cozumel and other locations is that in Cozumel angel fish are large -- bigger than dinner plates -- and very plentiful.
It is rare to see a solitary fish. The norm is either a couple swimming together,  . . . .

Pair of french angel fish
Pair of French Angels Swimming together
 . . . or keeping a hawksbill sea turtle company.
Turtle & angel fish forage  
In fact, the best way to spot a sea turtle is to look for a school of angel fish. You will usually find a turtle in the middle of the angel fish school, enjoying a tasty sponge lunch.
Photo Tips:
Follow the first rule of underwater photography:
Get close, closer, and then even closer.
I took these photos with a SeaLife 1000 with strobe and wide angel lens. 
The turtle and french angel, two photos above, was taken without a strobe, using the Underwater No Flash setting.
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Thanks for visiting. In July we're heading back to Cozumel. So we should have some great photos, videos, and interesting tales from Margaritaville for you next month!
Paul J. Mila 
 Paul in Cozumel
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The Angels of Cozumel

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Still Need Your Help
These stories below highlight the need for us
to keep vigilant about
threats to whales,
and how you can help.
Sea-gram reader Karen Sunde sent us this article about an arrogant tycoon who plans to kill whales for dog food.
Click on:
 Iceland, At It Again!
Several years ago Iceland canceled their whale hunt in response to public pressure. The whales need your help again!
 U.S. Arctic Drilling Threatens Whales
Audubon Society member Joyce Bryk sent us this story about how U.S. plans to start Arctic drilling will endanger whales and other sea mammals:
* * * * * * * * *
  Good News for Sharks 
 Interesting story from the PEW Environmental Group abut how shark eco tourism could double in the next two decades. That means shark  protection from countries that will benefit from tourism:
If you've never seen shark tourism in action, check out this video of divers on a shark feed in Nassau, Bahamas:
Paul Mila, Bahamian Shark Feed
Paul Mila, Bahamian Shark Feed
* * * * * * * *
How Low Can You Go?  
Sea-gram reader Sara Helmke sent in this sad story about Chinese tourists posing with a dying dolphin.
* * * * * * * *
 Good News For A Change!
Sea-gram reader Fred Chiappetta sent us this story about the comeback of the California Gray Whales
A couple of years ago I visited the California Grays with Judy & Jon Hemenway in Mexico's Baja, where we enjoyed this
high-octane encounter! 


Gray Whales of the Baja, Scammon's Lagoon
Gray Whales of the Baja, Scammon's Lagoon


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