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November, 2012



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Alison & the Anchor     

          Dive operator Alison Dennis ( swims over a

          large anchor from the Cozumel mystery wreck featured in Near Miss  

Near Miss cover Image

Spies, treasure hunters, and Cozumel divers collide in a Caribbean thriller

Welcome to the November issue of Sea-gram, the monthly newsletter from 

Major news on a personal front is the upcoming December release of my fourth novel,
Near Miss.
Husband and wife diving duo Terry and Joe Manetta return in another adventure, with a rogues' gallery
cast of new characters. 
After Cozumel diver Dayle Standish photographs a secret  encounter inside a deep underwater cave,
Terry Manetta's dive customers start getting murdered.
But Dalye is determined not to become the next victim, keeping one step ahead of a relentless
assassin pursuing her across the Atlantic and
back to the Mexican Caribbean.
You can pre-order a signed copy of Near Miss at a discounted price of $10.00 + $3.00 shipping & handling, by sending an email with your name and mailing address to
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This month's Story Behind The Photo features some great photos from father & son Tony and Cody Gartner, diving in Thailand.
If you have a good photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue. 
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 In Conservation Corner this month, it's time to SAVE THOSE WHALES . . . Again! 
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I hope you enjoy Sea-gram !
 Paul J. Mila
 Story Behind The Photo(s)
                 Thailand Diving
                       By Tony Gartner, Los Angeles, Ca.
I met Tony & Cody Gartner diving in Cozumel.
Recently Tony & Cody took a dive trip to Thailand, and they sent back some great photos.
Divers sure do get around!
Here is Tony's Story Behind The Photos . . .
Wanted to share some photos from our trip to Thailand this past Summer.....The diving in Thailand was EPIC!

Clear warm water.....Unbelievable sea life...and beautiful scenery. Thailand is one of those unique locations where the scenery both under water, and at the surface is equally amazing!

We did 7 dives over 3 days around the Islands off the South East Coast of Phuket, including Racha Yai, and the small islands around Phi Phi Island.
We also did a wreck dive at "King Cruiser", and an open water dive at Shark Point.

Both Cody and I were amazed by the bright and colorful reefs, and the abundant, wide variety of sea life. There was a lot to see, and something for everybody!!
The guys we dove with were top notch, had lots of experience diving in the area, and were a lot of fun.

Attached are a few photos of some of the amazing beauty we experienced....
Sea Horse - Thailand
Seahorse photo taken at "Shark Point"
Photo by our dive leader Ian Russell.©


Cuttlefish - Thailand 
Cuttle Fish - That's me (Tony) with the Cuttle Fish at Koh Bidah Nai (Near Phi Phi Island).
- Photo by Ian Russell. ©
Razor fish - Thailand 
Razor Fish at Racha Yai - Photo by Cody Gartner. ©

I highly recommend a dive trip to Thailand. If anyone on your mailing list has questions about diving in Thailand, I'd be happy to answer their questions.
Note: if you want to contact Tony about diving in Thailand, his email address is:
Conservation Corner . . .

Humpback Dive  

Diving Humpback; Paul Mila photo, Tonga, South Pacific© 


It's that time of year when the Sea Shepherd  Conservation Organization volunteers board their ships and head to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to confront Japanese whalers.


They've dubbed this year's campaign OPERATION ZERO TOLERANCE. The Sea Shepherd's ambitious goal is 100% whales saved -- no kills.


Their fleet, known as Neptune's Navy, has now grown to four vessels:

The SSS Steve Irwin is at sea and the SSS Brigitte Bardot has departed from Los Angeles. The SSS Bob Barker is preparing for departure from Sydney and the SSS Sam Simon with Captain Paul Watson remain in an undisclosed location.


The world's only factory whale processing ship, the Japanese whaler Nisshin Maru (AKA the Cetacean Death Star), remains in dry dock in Hiroshima. This is great news for the whales!   


In Captain Paul Watson's words, "I intend to demonstrate that passion trumps money and my crews are more passionate about defending the whales than the whalers are about killing them, because we are driven by compassion, whereas they are driven by greed."


To read about this year's campaign, and to learn how you can help, click below:

Sea Shepherd's Update

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Korea Intends Killing  Endangered Whales
Sea-gram reader Tish Dace sent us this Action Alert, from the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), about
the Republic of Korea's announced  intention to begin killing endangered North Pacific minke whales.
For the complete story, and to send a petition to stop the program, click:
* * * * * * * * *
Japan Forcing Mercury-laden Whale Meat on
School Children
Tish Dace also sent us this story about Japan's plans to prop up it's
near-bankrupt whaling industry by putting whale meat into school lunches. Read more:
 * * * * * * * * *
 Shark Diving 


A couple of months ago we posted some news about shark cage diving in Montauk, Long Island.
Diver Alex Lipsky recently posted some incredible video from his shark diving adventure.
Take a look at his YouTube video:
Lipsky Shark Dive!!!
Lipsky Shark Dive!!!
* * * * * * * * *


Wild & Whacky Dept.
Elephant Plays In The Surf
We came across this great video of a young elephant enjoying a day at the beach. Take a look:
(a 30-second commercial may precede the video; sorry!)
* * * * * * * * *
Hurricane Sandy
For Sea-gram readers around the world who may not have seen the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the U.S. Northeast coast, take a look at these photos, sent in by Sea-gram fan Terry Gallogly:
* * * * * * * * *
In a related Hurricane Sandy story, Sea-gram reader Martha Weisberg sent in this story about the effects on aquatic residents of the New York Aquarium:
To see how Mitik the baby walrus,  the newest addition to the NY aquarium, is doing, click below:
Mitik the Walrus Calf Settles in at New York
Mitik the Walrus Calf Settles in at New York
* * * * * * * * *
Dancing With Dolphins
Last month we included a story about
the mission of  the Dolphin Dance Project, "to ensure that a wide audience can be moved by the experience of co-creating a dance with wild dolphins.
  "Help us inspire people around the world to respect and protect dolphins and their habitats."


We're running the story about this worth-while project one more time, with some new video:


In this dolphin video and interview, project director Chisa Hidaka explains the project's goals: presents: Director Interview - Contact Improvisation with Wild Dolphins presents: Director Interview - Contact Improvisation with Wild Dolphins




To learn more, visit: 
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A fun dive site, where you can rent a beach front condo, view great dive photos, and more!



Depth Magazine

For the past several months we've been telling you about DEPTH, a new, quarterly online magazine devoted to diving.
Each issue of Depth magazine features stunning photography and informative articles pertaining to both the travel and the practical aspects of diving.
For a preview of the upcoming, premier December issue,  
click below and flip some pages:



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