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Dear Friends,
Welcome to my Winter Newsletter!  Watching yet another snowstorm in New England, I am reminded of the soft beauty of newly fallen snow.  Home early today, I could lament about the cancelled appointments, and the disruption of the day due to this weather, but I am feeling grateful for the beauty outside of my window and the chance to be home writing with my cats lazily lying next to me.  I am also filled with gratitude as I have the opportunity to create programs, write my book and to let you know about the new and exciting changes happening in my business.  I hope there is something for everyone in this Newsletter and that wherever you are, you are experiencing joy, love and growth in your life.


Warmest Regards,
Lynne Rothstein
Pathways to Change
Energy Psychology Sessions on Skype!
tapping points
I have used Energy Psychology aka Emotional Freedom Technique for seven years in my private practice.  One could hardly call me old fashioned given the modalities I use for healing in my business, but I have resisted offering these sessions on Skype.  I was trained to have face to face time with clients and that is what I have always done. I have had requests from many clients that I have met at workshops that do not live in my state asking to work with me using EFT.    I have seen the light and now am scheduling sessions utilizing EFT around the country using the miracles of the computer and Skype.  Energy Psychology is short of miraculous in many cases helping clients to release anxiety, phobias, decreasing depression, and healing from trauma.  By simply tapping on acupoints on the face and body while brining up a memory that has caused interference or pain in your life, people are healing and using this modality everyday to overcome obstacles. You deserve to feel healthy and joyful!
To schedule a session please email or call my office@
Hold the Dates!
March 27, April 10th and 16th.
Three Session Workshop for Women!
How Did I Get Here?
Are You:
1.  In a relationship that feels toxic and hurtful? 
2.  Always choosing the wrong partner?
3.  Feeling stuck in your love life?
4.  Ready to make positive changes at last?
This workshop series will help you understand and learn effective energy shifting techniques, affirmations, inspirational stories and meditation to transform your love life into a healthier and more loving partnership. 
Based on my book in process:
Here I Go Again!
Six steps to changing old relationship patterns to finding the love of your life.
Details Coming Soon!
About Lynne:

I have been passionate about helping people heal probably my entire life, long before I became a licensed clinician and practiced professionally. I've always known that this was my path. I have been a practicing psychotherapist for over 20 years and I love my work. In the past seven years, I began to explore other healing modalities and became excited over the prospect of learning and working with subtle energy in the body. Initially trained in Emotional Freedom Technique, I then pursued the path to becoming a certified Eden Energy Medicine Clinical Practitioner. Using these Energy Medicine techniques as been greatly beneficial and powerful to my clients. When my clients learn these tools, they are able to use them whenever they are needed. Essentially they are able to heal themselves. I now combine traditional psychotherapy with these and other energy medicine modalities to promote health and happiness in my client's lives.

Our bodies know how to heal, but many of us have learned old embedded patterns that helped us to cope and manage. Unfortunately, these old patterns stop working at some time in our lives, leaving us feeling sad, anxious, depressed or in poor relationships asking ourselves how we got here. So let's thank the brilliance of our body, mind and spirit for these old coping mechanisms and change the old patterns into healthier patterns which will enable us to live more joyful and fulfilling lives. These modalities can actually change the wiring in our brains that keep us feeling stuck.

I have facilitated many workshops on health and healing as well as been a guest speaker in many venues. Helping people in their healing journey is an honor and one of the many things I am grateful for.






An Afternoon of Healing: Body and Soul



Do You Wish You Could Find A More Natural Way To Achieve Better Health?


Learn how Energy Medicine utilizes the body's natural healing abilities by stimulating, thumping or massaging specific acupoints on the body to create balance.   Meet Lynne Rothstein and let her introduce you to how you can begin to balance the energy in your body to allow you to enjoy optimal health and joy.


What Happens To Our Soul After We Die?


It's not every day that you can meet someone who has survived a near-death experience and recovered with an awareness of the "afterlife." After almost dying from an illness,  David Cohen discovered that he had the ability to connect with his loved ones and others who had passed away. Join David for a discussion about questions such as: "Where do you go after you pass away?" and "Are our loved ones still with us?" Will your loved one come through with a message?


Sunday, April 13, 2014

3:00 - 5:30

North Chelmsford Community Center

Donation $35

Email [email protected]

or call 978.256.2048 for tickets

Space is limited


All proceeds donated to Team Challenge/Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America


All proceeds donated to Team Challenge/Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America

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How Energy Psychology Works!

Eight years ago, I had the opportunity to learn a healing modality that claimed to dissolve anxiety, phobias, effectively reduced symptoms of Post Traumatic Srtess Disorder, physical symptoms and a host of other issues.  I was traditionally trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy, so this  modality appeared to good to be true and frankly a little weird.  Even so, I was compelled to learn and train in this exciting method.  Eight years later, I continue to consider this method to be the most effective way to help clients achieve their goals of functioning and feeling better. Clients are able to recover from trauma, anxiety, depression in far less time, sometimes in only one or two sessions.


The roots of Energy Psychology begin in the ancient science of acupuncture.  By tapping specific energy or meridian points while recalling an emotionally charged memory, sends the brain a new way to respond to the memory by diluting the arousal around that emotion.  In recent years this modality has been simplified and refined to make it extremely easy to do.  There are thousands of people who now have learned and use this remarkable modality.  Recently the American Psychological Association has approved Continuing Education Units for mental health professionals who want to be trained in this protocol. 


It is clear that EFT is an evidence based treatment that can take clients from a place of discomfort to feeling functional and happier in just a few sessions for most cases.


For more information go to:


For a free copy of the Energy Psychology Tapping protocol!