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Save up to 85% with Global WT SIM
Your phone with Wireless Traveler savings! Simply insert a Micro or Nano SIM card into your unlocked iPhone or Android. Forward your regular number while abroad. Make calls for as low as  49 cents/minute  and 25 cents/minute to receive calls.

Service in over 200 countries. Free incoming text messages. No contracts or monthly fees. Only $24.95 for a SIM card with $15 free airtime. Enjoy peace of mind while traveling with low cost calling. 
Contact Wireless Traveler for more information at 1-866-700-3883 or

Unlimited* Data Abroad
Wifi Rental for $99.99
Have access to unlimited internet for emails, GPS maps, Facebook in over 100 countries. Connect as many as 5 devices at one time.  Just $99.99 per week plus shipping.

Perfect for your trip to Europe, Africa, Asia, Canadian Rockies or South America. Wifi when you need it - in the taxi, at the beach, when you are out and about with family and friends!

Rent your secure Pocket Wifi from Wireless Traveler while stocks last.

Contact Wireless Traveler for more information at 1-866-700-3883 or  Mention IRT Society for promotional discount on extended rentals.
*Subject to fair use policy

Rent a Phone Abroad
Only $25 + airtime for up to 2 weeks

Peace of Mind & Security abroad!

Just need a phone for a few calls or for the unexpected? Rent a Wireless Traveler phone for calling and texting. Easy to use and only $25 for up to 2 weeks and whatever prepaid airtime you would like.  Comes with a US telephone number to share with friends and family back home.  Smart phones available upon request.

Contact your Wireless Traveler Adviser for more information at 1-866-700-3883 or

Rates to USA France


Brenda Benson
VP Marketing & Customer Support
Wireless Traveler


Stay connected without roaming charges.

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