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2013 SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship
Recipients Announced

[Washington, DC - June 7, 2013] Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO), in collaboration with the Society for Education in Anesthesia (SEA), is pleased to announce that nine anesthesia residents have been awarded the 2013 SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship. They are:


  • David Dahl, MD (University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine)
  • Cindy Hwang, MD (Oregon Health and Science University)  
  • Heather Kaiser, MD, MPH (Johns Hopkins Medicine)
  • Annie Ko, MD, MS (Brigham and Women's Hospital)
  • Neil Masters, MD (Columbia University Medical Center)
  • Sushila Murthy, MD, MPH (Massachusetts General Hospital)
  • Amit Shah, MD (Yale-New Haven Hospital)
  • William Van Cleve, MD, MPH (University of Washington)
  • Tammy Wang, MD (Stanford University Hospital and Clinics)

    Each fellowship recipient will serve a one month assignment at an HVO anesthesia training site in Ethiopia, Malawi, or Vietnam.


    The SEA-HVO Fellowship allows senior anesthesia residents the opportunity to improve anesthesia care in developing countries by teaching and mentoring their counterparts. The SEA-HVO Fellows will be exposed to a wide range of surgical pathologies and anesthetic techniques not commonly seen in the United States. They will learn to communicate more effectively with people from different cultures and will be exposed to the realities and constraints of delivering health care in a resource scarce environment. Most importantly, SEA-HVO Fellows will serve as teachers of anesthesia and role models for the anesthesia students at the HVO program site where they serve, contributing to the future safety of patients receiving anesthesia in developing nations.


    The SEA-HVO Traveling Fellowship would not be possible without the generous support of Dr. Jo Davies, Dr. Chris and Rebecca Dobson, Dr. Lena E. Dohlman, the Feintech family, Dr. Ronald L. Katz, Dr. Gary E. Loyd, Dr. Lolanda Russo-Menna and the Pierluigi Menna Memorial Fellowship, the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research, and SEA members.


    The Society for Education in Anesthesia is a nonprofit educational organization for anesthesiology educators who desire to improve their skills in anesthesia education. For more information on the various activities of SEA, visit their website.


    Health Volunteers Overseas is a private, nonprofit organization founded in 1986 to improve global health through the education of local health care providers. In 26 years of service, HVO's training has transformed lives through the design and implementation of clinical and didactic education programs in child health, primary care, trauma and rehabilitation, essential surgical care, oral health, blood disorders and cancer, infectious disease, nursing education and wound management. In more than 25 resource-poor countries, HVO volunteers train, mentor and provide critical professional support to health care providers who care for the neediest populations in the most difficult of circumstances. For more information, visit the HVO website.



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